Chapter 25: Celestial Kingdom Supervisor

Several rivers went through the Blue Surge Mountain Range.

In the rivers, there were fishes, prawns and demon beasts. All servant disciples from the Sword to Heaven Sect caught fishes and prawns, and fed Celestial Cranes, and other spiritual beasts in the rivers.

In the night, Wu Yu came to the bank of the billowing rivers. In the dim light of the night, he threw a black thing into the river. Until next dawn, it would have already left the Blue Surge Mountain Range along with the rapids. More likely, it would be eaten by the fishes and prawns.

“Even a beautiful face and white bones can not escape death.”

That black thing was Ye Guyu.

“I spared your life, but you still wanted me to die. I am done with utmost patience and magnanimity.”

Ye Guyu brought her own destruction. Otherwise, Wu Yu would not kill people easily.

“Yan Li Mountain is so big. Big Sister Su seems to be in closed door cultivation. I guess no one knows where she is.”

In fact, in this large Sword to Heaven Sect, disciples competed with each other and died in revenge. There were countless bodies in the rivers.

Under the cover of darkness, Wu Yu quickly returned to the Heaven Gazing Mountain, and went back to the cultivating room. He locked the room, stayed there, tore off his clothes and finally saw that the fire of Golden Flame Spell was still burning inside his body. His internal organs, vessels, meridians, blood and flesh were in raging flames. He had to suppress his pain for a slim chance of survival.

“Indestructible Vajra Body is the iron body, and the flame body. It is integrated with gold and fire. If it was not the Golden Flame Spell, but Cold Ice Spell, Storm Spell, Thunder Spell or any other spells, I must have died within three breaths. My indestructible iron body was refined by sun and earthly fire, this flame was less lethal to me.”

This was why he could survive today.

But, the the Golden Flame Spell’s aggressive power was still burning inside his body. If he did not remove it, he would be burnt into smoke someday.

There were flaming raging all over his body. Even when he sat on the ground, the stone was blackened. He was not able to wear clothes.

“What should I do?”

His initial thought was to ask Su Yanli for help, maybe she could help him.

But if he was able to solve this by himself, then he did not want to bother others.

“The 8th layer of the first stage of the Indestructible Vajra Body, ‘Tuotai’(previously mentioned as tuotai), is [Wise Stone Body]. For the [Wise Stone Body], I need to cultivate in fire for 49 days, endure burning pain, and integrate the previously refined body, meridians, tendons, bones and organs. I will be reborn with a new body and reach the ‘Wise Stone Body!”

Now, Wu Yu had a bold idea.

“I was wondering where to find a fire that is able to burn me for 49 days. This Golden Flame Spell is like maggots on my bones, burning my body. This is a chance to cultivate the [Wise Stone Body]!”

He was determined, and then calmed down to ponder the 8th layer of the Indestructible Vajra Body. He had almost achieved enlightenment of the first thousand words. Once he cultivated Wise Stone Body, he had only ‘Xianbian’ and ‘Tongshen’ left.

After he tried, he found that the Golden Flame Spell could really work.

“Situ Minglang, you put in a lot of effort to kill me with this precious Golden Flame Spell. But you didn’t imagine that  it could help me in reaching a higher level!”

Wu Yu calmed down, focused his mind, and started to refine according to the ‘Wise Stone Body’ technique , integrating every part of his body, and burning ragingly from the head to the toes.

This progress was not world-shaking, but there was long burning pain day after day. Compared to previous stages, this stage needed more willpower. It became harder each day. Wu Yu had to Visualise the Monkey in the Heart, and calm down his soul and mind. This made him feel better.

This lonely and painful process lasted for 49 days. Wu Yu completed every part of the ‘Wise Stone Body’, and finally absorbed the flames of the Golden Flames Spell. At this time, his body was reborn, achieving the ‘Wise Stone Body’!

Every corner of the cultivating room was filled with filthy air. On the ground, there were a lot of dirty things excreted from Wu Yu’s body, which were toxins and waste from food for over ten years. Now, he had a spotless pure golden body. Only with this newborn body, can he set foot on the Celestial Dao

When he left the cultivation room, the sunlight streamed over his newborn skin, shining with a pale golden dazzling light, which made the ‘卍’ on his back glisten even more. Although it had been only 49 days, his hair and brows were grown again. This was the result of his body being reborn. His new hairs looked soft and tender, but they were as tough as iron and not easy to be burn.

Bathing under the sunlight, this young man yelled loudly at the heaven and earth, shaking numerous mountains and forests! A surge of masculinity burst out and spread far far away.


After achieving the ‘Wise Stone Body’, his power was stronger! When Wu Yu clenched his fists, he could feel power surging all over his body. He realized his progress was at an incredible stage.

“The normal 10th Heavenly Stage cultivator has the strength of 2000 horses. But I am only at 8th stage of ‘Tuotai’, I already have the strength of 3000 horses. My power is equal to thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. I guess, I can fight with masters at Qi Condensing Phase soon.”

This progress was scary even to himself.

“Others already find it unbelievable that I defeated Yu Huaishan. I don’t know whether they know that I killed that woman at the 10th Heavenly Stage Martial Artist.”

Actually, the fact that Wu Yu had been cultivating for 49 days without being disturbed had shown that no one cared about her death.

One year ago, Wu Yu dared not imagine having the strength of 3000 horses. The higher the cultivation, the more incredible the Indestructible Vajra Body was.

He calmed down his mind. In the next days, he would focus on the ‘Golden Flames Dragon Slaying Technique’, trying his best to increase his strength. Wu Yu dreamed of Wu You sometimes at night.  He wanted to return as soon as possible. He thought, if he completed the first stage of the Indestructible Vajra Body, he could go back.

One day, Su Yanli came to visit him when Wu Yu was practicing his sword skills. She watched him for quite a while and found his eyes were filled with Spiritual Qi. She did not say any word until Wu Yu stopped his practice. She said, “You really rose from the ashes. Although you are older than Situ Minglang, but you have made much more progress than he did. No doubt that Master will surely accept you as his student.”

Wu Yu did not expect that Su Yanli, who had a very high status in the Sword to Heaven Sect, would speak so highly of him.

“Am I able to defeat Situ Minglang?” Wu Yu was not sure how strong he would be after he condensed his Qi.

But Su Yanli shook her head, saying, “Using horses to calculate strength is the rule of Mortals. When you move on to the the Celestial Dao, the rules are different. After all the Daoist’s power is uncomparable to the mortals’. But, Situ Minglang just condensed his Qi. He has about 5000 horse strength, two times of yours.”

Wu Yu became clear now. Situ Minglang had learned Daoism. Wu Yu was not his opponent yet. He would definitely lose in the battle.

“I think I need to achieve one more stage so that I can fight with him.” Wu Yu thought.

“Wu Yu, since you are still mortal, you cannot be too prideful at the Mortal Body Forging Phase. Because the key to Celestial Cultivation is not your body, but your Spiritual Power. When you reach the Qi Condensing Phase, your power will depend on your Spiritual Power.”

Wu Yu nodded. He would’ve been overly prideful if Su Yanli had not reminded him. Daoists concentrated mostly on Spiritual Power, while body strength was valued by mortal cultivators.

“But, the entire Indestructible Vajra Body has 10,000 words. It will be extremely powerful after I achieve it.”

Next, Su Yanli gave him some advice, broadening his horizons. He really appreciated Su Yanli. She cherished talents so she cared for him so much.

“I heard a disciple named Ye Guyu is missing. She was close to Situ Minglang. Did you kill her?” After talking, Su Yanli stared at Wu Yu with her beautiful and bright eyes. She was at a high realm. Wu Yu was not able to lie in front of her.


Su Yanli nodded, but did not criticize him. She had seen many conflicts among celestial disciples.

“She is gone. No one will care about her. But Situ Minglang did not come for you, not because he forgot his resentment, but because he is preparing for the selection of ‘Celestial Kingdom Supervisor’. After he wins the selection, you will still be in danger.”

Wu Yu knew that Su Yanli would not protect him from Situ Minglang. He wanted to become the student of the Master with his own ability. Situ Minglang, however, was just a test for him. If he defeated Situ Minglang, he would win. If not, he would die. There were numerous disciples in the Sword to Heaven Sect. The Master would never favor him without reason.

Wu Yu was actually interested in the title of Celestial Kingdom Supervisor. Su Yanli told him some duties of this position.

“Us disciples of the Sword to Heaven Sect cannot leave the Blue Surge Mountain Range without the elders’ permission. Becoming an Imperial Protector Shangxian in the mortal kingdoms is probably the only chance to leave.” Su Yanli said in indifference.

Imperial Protector Shangxian!

This news was a bomb for Wu Yu!

Hao Tian Shangxian was a ‘Celestial Kingdom Supervisor’, for a long time.

“Big Sister Su, I wonder whether East Yue Wu is included in these kingdoms?” Wu Yu was anxious.

The fact is, the Sword to Heaven Sect has an agreement with the nearby ‘Zhongyuan Daoist Sect’ that each of them would supervise a few kingdoms for ten years. In the last ten years, it was the ‘Zhongyuan Daoist Sect’ who supervised these mortal kingdoms. During the supervising period, all output from these kingdoms belonged to the ‘Zhongyuan Daoist Sect’.

Now ten years had passed. It was the Sword to Heaven Sect turn to send their disciples to supervise these kingdoms.

‘South Mountain Zhao Kingdom, and East Yue Wu, a total of six kingdoms will be supervised by our Sword to Heaven Sect.” Su Yanli did not know about Wu Yu’s past. She did not care about his mortal history.

But this was important to Wu Yu. Hao Tian Shangxian was probably going back to his Sect. The only chance for Wu Yu to meet Hao Tian Shangxian was to become the new Imperial Protector Shangxian of East Yue Wu.

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