Chapter 25: Immortal Physique

This female appeared peerlessly beautiful as if her face was carved by deities, her deep blue eyes showed her unmatchable spirit, the only downside seemed to be her expression! as if frozen on her face her look was cold and indifferent as she started at the Du clan first ancestor, blood seeping from the corners of her mouth.

This female seemed to be perfect as if a deity reappeared in the world, even though her peerless beauty and cold indifferent expressions should give one a lasting impression her elusive makings made one hard to remember her facial features, it was as if she was some fairy from the heavens.

Her body shone as complicated archaic Runes covered her whole, rhythmic drums and trumpets could be heard behind her as she stood up proudly, the void around her breaking apart and repairing unceasingly, as her jade-white fingers gripped her sword she pressed forward with a single step and a slash!

“Clank, clank!” Sword cries resonated as waves of sword Qi bombarded towards the Du Clan first ancestor, this sword Qi seems to be even stronger than before, piercing through everything in its path.

This Sword Qi raged forward, piercing through the threads of karma, space and time, it pierced through all!

It was as if even if you were separated by the flow of time this sword qi would surmount a thousand years to pierce its target!


Explosions rang out as the sword qi penetrated the life and death principles, cracks appearing on the enormous Eye projected behind the Du Clan First ancestor as blood dripped from his eyes, the rebound of energy damaging him.

Suddenly a deathly aura mixed with boundless vitality covered Fang Tien’s soul, The Du clan first ancestor Eyes started at him, Fang Tien was confused if it was just a coincidence or if he truly was Perceiving his existents!


Fang Tien’s soul shook as his vision faded to black, dizzily his blurry vision slowly returned, as the world cleared around him He was once again in the rivers of time being pulled along with the Divine pond, Fragments of time circled it falling like rain, each fragment reflecting a different point in the past and future!

“ROAR!” A startling roar could be heard, the sound like a large thunderclap resonated within Fang Tien soul his hearing replaced by a loud and constant buzzing noise, this roar seemed so powerful it shook Fang Tien to his core, his soul felt as if it would disperse at any moment.

within a Fragment of time, Fang Tien saw a familiar form a Divine Dragon!, its wings seem to cover the world as each movement caused a rhythmic beat to resonate, its golden scales shone with a divine brilliance seeming invincible and impossible to penetrate.

Its Large Talons seemed as if they could penetrate space and time as it shone with a murderous aura a stench smell of dried blood invaded Fang Tien senses, a simple look at these talons and one would get the impressions that you’ve entered a world of vast bloodshed, undeniably these talons have killed countless supreme beings.

Its dark Golden eyes seem to penetrate the Fragment of time as it started at Fang Tien, its expression of one in pain as blood dripping from its scales, it seemed wounded!

“Roar!” Glaring angerly it seemed as if it was protecting something, looking closer Fang Tien could see a large Golden Egg below it, bathing in the warmth of this Divine Dragon.

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