Chapter 26: Sacred Beastly Egg

Within the perpetual Flow of time, the Divine Pond could be seen rushing against the currents of years, its Sacred brilliance shining through the years.

As it rushed through the years who could tell how many lucky cultivators saw its Divine light? how many Sacred Beast have drunk from its angelic waters?

“Roar!!!” Fang Tien Eyes blurred as a majestic Roar resounded within his soul, it seemed to come from his very core, this roar seemed deep and void of any emotion.

Fang Tien thoughts grew blurry as he dozed off, his eyelids heavily closing his vision turning to darkness.

Within an open space void of any signs of life, even the laws of the universe seem to avoid this space.

Deep within this space floated an eyeball, surrounded by heavenly bodies and chained by stars! Primal chaos qi filled the air

This Eye seemed so large that it could contain the entire universe, the stars that chained it appeared tiny in comparison as if they were flies orbiting the moon.

The pupil periodically emitted divine light, that seemed to shine upon all.

The pressure emitted from this light seemed like it could cut an immortal and grant true death! under such radiance all law seemed invalid, any dao or divine ability turned meaningless as if such a blaze could devour a world!

“Bang!” as if life was brought to this deathly still void the chain made of stars shook as the sound resounded unceasingly within this space.

Archaic Light flowed off this huge Eye as the Void began twisting continuously.

The Heavenly bodies surrounding it seem to spiral unceasingly as the light shone brightly, Illuminating the limitless void!

Inside the perpetual flow of time, Fang Tien’s soul could be seen unconscious, his soul still being Dragged by the Divine pond as the fragments of time rotated unceasingly.

Within a Fragment, a dark golden eye could be seen staring at Fang Tiej, its expression of hope and fear.

Behind Fang Tien, a colossal projection of an eye could be seen. This eye looked illusionary in nature as it floated within the Rivers of time.

An Eye, surrounded by Heavenly bodies and chained by the stars seemed to radiate an Emperor’s pressure as if its vision was the mandate of heaven.

Archaic pressure filled the rivers of time, this aura seemed to be the genesis of all as if it existed before time and space before the first ray of sunlight graced the earth.

Deep inside the Fragments of time, a Divine dragon could be seen, its sacred egg being nourished unceasingly by its warmth.

Dark golden eyes with sadness and unwillingness reflected inside a fragment of time, the Divine dragon as if parting forever stared at the sacred egg, this moment appeared to be frozen in time as it tried to etch every being of it into its memory.


Within the fragment of time, the divine Pond appeared, its brilliance radiating through the ages.

With a nod, the egg rolled forward falling into the deep eternal waters of the Divine pond.

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