Chapter 26: Zhongyuan Daoist Sect

“Senior sister Su, I want to be the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor of East Yue Wu Kingdom.” Wu Yu clarified the situation, knowing that Hao Tian Shangxian would leave after he took up the position. So he was determined.

But Su Yanli shook her head, and said, “I am afraid you cannot. According to the rules, only Core Disciples at Qi Condensing Phase can be Celestial Kingdom Supervisors. Basically, all of the competitors are those who just finished the process of Qi condensing. You have not condensed your Qi yet, which makes you ineligible.”

Wu Yu did not care about the rules. He briefly told her his history in East Yue Wu, and said seriously, “Senior sister Su, this is extremely important to me. If I succeed, I will remember this great favor deeply in my heart.”

Su Yanli was a disciple of the Sect Leader. Although these were the rules, Wu Yu believed that this was easy for her as she had a high status.

Su Yanli understood that Wu Yu was determined and had a blood feud. She said, “The organizer for the competition of the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor will be Elder Mu Ge, he is loyal to my Master and we have a good relationship. As long as you have the strength to compete with those of  Qi Condensation Phase, you are qualified to compete. But, I need to make two points clear.”

“Please, senior sister Su.” This was a big issue, so Wu Yu listened attentively.

“First: Situ Minglang will attend the competition too. If he knows you are there, he will pull strings to arrange a fight between you and him. At that time fights are cruel, even if he kills you at the stage he has an excuse. If you have decided to compete, you need to prepare for this life-and-death battle between you and him. Only one of you can be the ‘Celestial Kingdom Supervisor’.”

Wu Yu was not surprised, for this would not stop him from going back to East Yue Wu kingdom.

Su Yanli became more serious. She said very slowly, “The second is more important. Once you become the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor of East Yue Wu, and arrive at East Yue Wu’s capital, the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor of ‘Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect’ will provoke you. This is not new. Each ten-year-shift will cause conflicts in resource competition. But since you are going back for revenge, you need to keep in mind to never let others know that you killed him. After all, you are going there on behalf of ‘Sword to Heaven Sect’, while he represents ‘Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect’. Once ‘Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect’ finds that our disciple killed their disciple, this will turn into a sect-to-sect conflict. Once the conflict becomes serious, we will have to sacrifice you for our whole sect. Do you understand?”

Wu Yu was born in the royal court, he knew these kinds of conflicts very well. What Su Yanli said made sense. If he went back as a disciple of ‘Sword to Heaven Sect’, he will never kill Hao Tian Shangxian in public, lest he causes conflict between the two sects.

Wu Yu had read the Atlas of Dongsheng Divine Continent, which wrote most about the nearby ‘Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect’, the biggest competitor of ‘Sword to Heaven Sect’. These two sects were incompatible. Compared to ‘Sword to Heaven Sect’, ‘Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect’ was more ‘orthodox’. In the people’s eyes, they became known as those that follow the path of justice, while the ‘Sword to Heaven Sect’ had become a crooked and evil sect.

Wu Yu did not expect Hao Tian Shangxian to have such a background, it was really annoying.

“Are you sure you’ll take part in the competition?” Su Yanli had made the disadvantages clear, Wu Yu needed some serious consideration. But, no matter how difficult it was, going back to East Yue Wu kingdom was the thing he wanted most.

“I am sure.”

“Alright, I will take you to the Celestial Battle Podium. You take care of your own life and death.”

Celestial Battle Podium was beyond the Celestial Ascendance Podium. It was a much more superb and bigger place, it was where disciples from ‘Sword to Heaven Sect’ would fight.


Wu Yu’s eyes were raging with fire for the upcoming battles.

While he was still thinking about the things that had happened in East Yue Wu, Su Yanli, in her white dress, drifted away. Celestial Cranes were dancing in the sky as her tender figure left a beautiful trajectory and soon disappeared.

“Senior sister Su hoped I could stay in the Blue Surge Mountain Range and develop myself safely. But since I choose this struggling road, I need to make it to the end.”

Sometimes she was serious, sometimes stiff and even indifferent. Nevertheless, Wu Yu remembered the many times she helped him. She recognized his potential and personality.


“Fifth Brother, the names of the candidates for the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor position have been released. This year is different, six kingdoms and twelve candidates. Therefore,  the rule is simple: six groups with each two people, two-man showdown, the winner will be the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor.” That day, a disciple of Lan Hua Yun came to the Proud Thunder Peak.

“Twelve? It was earlier said to be eleven people?” Situ Minglang walked quickly from the cultivating room. There seemed to be wind and thunder in his movements, which allowed him to walk at a rapid speed. A single step could take him far away, he walked a distance of a hundred steps in just a second.

That disciple laughed, saying, “Interestingly, Wu Yu is on the list. Everyone was talking about it, After all, he has not condensed his Qi yet. Why was he qualified? He was following the Sect Leader. Normally, we should stand out to oppose that. But I  think you won’t do that, will you?”

Situ Minglang laughed out, saying, “Fuck opposing, we will one hundred percent support it. Now that he comes willingly for death, why do we bother to kick him out? I was wondering when I would have the chance to kill him before I left the sect. After all, he was hiding in the Heaven Gazing Mountain, being a coward. When we are in the Celestial Battle Podium, he has no chance to escape. Third Brother, I need to find Master and ask her to put Wu Yu and me in the same group.

“Don’t worry, I told Master this before. She has arranged it already.”

“Great.” Situ Minglang smiled a bit, he was eager to cultivate. Recently, he sent Ye Guyu to kill Wu Yu but it turned out that Ye Guyu didn’t come back. Wu Yu was hiding all the time, no one knew what had happened to her. He also had not found a chance to finish Wu Yu.

This was a thorn in his heart, which kept annoying him and affecting his cultivation. Now, killing and competition merged into one, which released his mind so he could finally concentrate on his cultivation.

“That is a good thing, but also a bit odd. You said that he seems to have killed Ye Guyu? His speed is a little bit scary.” That disciple puzzlingly said.

“I heard he had some improvements. He is quite good at the Body Forging Phase. But this is a battle at Qi Condensing Phase, who cares about body strength?” Situ Minglang sneered. He seemed to know Wu Yu very well. So he understood his boldness as well as his weakness.

Dao skills, were the overpowering nightmare for Wu Yu.

“I don’t want your cheap blood polluting my sword. However,  you made me unable to focus;  I will not hesitate to kill you now. A polluted sword should be washed clean in several days.”

Looking at the direction of the ‘Celestial Battle Podium’, Situ Minglang looked forward to the battle.

The list of candidates’ names did cause some dissatisfactions in the ‘Sword to Heaven Sect’. Although Wu Yu had big fame, people felt sick when they saw a rule broken for the second time.

The first time, he killed five people and was only imprisoned.

Therefore,  these days many core disciples, outer disciples and even servants were discussing about Wu Yu. They were wondering who this Wu Yu was. But Wu Yu had been cultivating in the Heaven Gazing Mountain and never showed up.

In fact, Wu Yu knew he was not an opponent for Situ Minglang. Thus, in the last few days before the competition, he wanted to reach the 9th stage of Mortal Body Forging —Xianbian.

The corresponding technique of the Indestructible Vajra Body was called the Celestial Monkey Change. Once he finished cultivating it, his body would become like the Celestial Monkey’s holy body, which was more powerful in strength, speed, defense, and recovery, compared to mortal bodies. However, it would cost more strength.

It was not easy to cultivate Celestial Monkey Change. Wu Yu had been pondering for a while, but he did not make any progress so far. He realized that something important was missing, but it was not mentioned in the Indestructible Vajra Body technique.

His body was mortal, Celestial Monkey Change required the blood of monkeys to cultivate. Therefore,  he was wondering whether he needed monkey’s blood or other treasures to allow him to reach that stage.

This question had taken him quite a while of pondering. The battle date for the position of Celestial Kingdom Supervisor was getting closer, but he did not figure it out yet. He would definitely lose the competition, which made him totally upset.

“If I fail, I don’t know when I can find a chance to kill Hao Tian Shangxian.”

Once he returned to the Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect, I will not have a chance for revenge.

The time running out, layers of stress, and boredom during cultivation gave him impulses to destroy the place.

“I forced myself on this road to ruin. I was overconfident of myself. Leading to today’s temper, frustration, and the inability of any improvement. If I go to fight with Situ Minglang in this condition, It will be no different from committing suicide.”

Bang! Bang!

He clenched his fists, hitting the ground of the cultivating room. The ground was broken by him.

“Cultivating the Celestial Dao with this urgency, the fierce pressure is overwhelming. I underestimated the Celestial Dao, so I feel so stressed out now. From the past till now, there was no one that became a celestial in one step.”

On one hand, he had an urgent need.

On the other, he was hindered by reality.

Both had annoyed him heavily.

“Wu Yu, what are you doing!” Suddenly, Qing Mang’s clear voice appeared from the outside. Wu Yu was making too much noise, she was disturbed it.

“Qing Mang.” Wu Yu struggled a little bit in his heart, the flames in his eyes faded away. He tidied up his clothes and went outside. Qing Mang was looking at him while complaining, “You are so noisy, I can’t fall asleep.”

“Sorry.” Wu Yu felt helpless.

“Do you still have no idea? Only several days left. If you don’t make any progress, then…” Qing Mang saw him being helpless and stopped being mad at him.

“Yeah.” It looks like Wu Yu had to fight with Situ Minglang with his current strength and see if he could get an edge.

“Do you need some treasures? Let’s go to the ‘Treasure Valley’. We can afford to buy something there.” Qing Ming advised.

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