Chapter 27: Celestial Monkey Transformation

In the Treasure Valley, a relatively big valley in Blue Surge Mountain Range, there were many shops forming a trading center, which was as prosperous as the streets in East Yue Wu, the items that were sold here were all celestial treasures. Those who could afford to buy them are mostly core disciples, outer sect disciples like Wu Yu could only afford to buy common items.

It was said that the Treasure Valley was connected with rich mortal businessmen, disciples of the Sword to Heaven Sect cooperated with those businessmen. They supplied while the disciples distributes. Among those shops, especially the larger ones were even connected with elders from the sect. Resources were the priority for cultivators. The more resources they have, the more powerful they become. For instance, Ye Guyu almost killed Wu Yu by using her Golden Flame Spell.

It was also the Golden Flame Spell that helped Wu Yu to accomplish the ‘Wise Stone Body’ technique.

Things such as the Demon Suppressing Sword and Qi Condensing Pill were all resources.

It’s worth saying that at the moment Wu Yu only had the Demon Suppressing Sword and the Qi Condensing Pill. Apart from these, he does not even have half a liang (1 liang = 50 grams) of gold. Things that were given by the sect to normal disciples monthly were useless, they were consumed quickly.

It seemed that the sect focused only on training and developing the core disciples.

Important people’s disciples like Situ Minglang or Su Yanli were granted much more resources by their Masters.

As for Wu Yu, he was poor and blank right now.

“I am not going, I don’t have any money.”

The mortal celestial kingdoms used silver and gold for trading, while in the Sword to Heaven Sect they only used gold, no one wanted silver. Some celestials used gold for trading with mortal businessmen and asked them to do favours. It was also said that core disciples at higher stages even used Qi Condensing Pills for trading, a Qi Condensing Pill could exchange up to 500 kilograms of golds!

Or even more than 1000 kilograms.

They counted gold in kilograms.

“I have money. Whatever you want, I will buy it for you as long as I can afford it.”

Qing Mang was very generous. In this Heaven Gazing Mountain, Wu Yu concentrated only on cultivation. Therefore, Qing Mang was his only friend.

Wu Yu knew her intention was to give him a chance to win, hence he did not reject.

They rode their celestial cranes. Flying across half the Blue Surge Mountain Range, through several celestial areas and finally arrived at the Treasure Valley.

Wu Yu also flew over the Heavenly and Snow Glazing Mountains! For now he was not qualified to enter these forbidden areas.

Looking down from the heavens, the Treasure Valley was prosperous with brilliant lights blazing everywhere.  Plenty of treasures were available for trading every day, so this was the favourite place for many disciples. Even if they didn’t have money in their pockets, they would visit just to see these treasures.

A few small shops were managed by servants while other important ones were managed by the core disciples, It was said that even elders of the sect were here to maintain stability. If someone planned to steal or rob, they would end up losing their lives.

“So many treasures! I want to buy them all!” Qing Mang landed, gave the celestial crane to the servant, and wandered around the Treasure Valley with Wu Yu. A wide range of beautiful treasures were gleaming everywhere.

All kinds of martial arts, even the best of the best are seem to be ordinary here. There were Daoist techniques sold in the larger-sized shops in exchange for money. Plus, plenty of weapons, even magic weapons, Celestial Spirit Herbs that were grown in Celestial Mountains, precious heavenly stones nurtured in the earth, and spells drawn by powerful Daoist cultivators. The Treasure Valley had everything that one expected to find.

Besides these, there were a lot of marvelous items that even sellers didn’t know how to name them, but they were allowed to be sold. After all, in this vast Dongsheng Divine Continent, there were countless things that people didn’t know yet.

Qing Mang opened her eyes wide lest she miss a single piece of treasure. She did not buy anything, but she encouraged Wu Yu to look around. In fact, Wu Yu had been here a few times. However, he did not stay long and had to leave soon because of his empty pocket.

At this time, Qing Mang saw a long sword. A highest grade weapon which costed 500 jin (1 Jin = 1/2 kilogram) of gold, she hesitated for a while but finally gave up.

Because it was too expensive, Qing Mang had to bring back more gold if she wanted to buy it.

“This weapon was almost as powerful as the Demon Suppressing Sword, but only costs 500 jin of gold. If it was sold in mortal markets, it must have been auctioned for a price of over 10,000 jin of gold. As for the Qi Condensing Pill, it was not useful for mortals. Therefore, it was worthless.”

After all celestials and mortals really do value different things.

“Qing Mang, why don’t you buy it?” After all, she really liked this ‘Blue Wandering Sword’.

“No, it’s too ugly.” Said Qing Mang looking at the ‘Blue Wandering Sword’ reluctantly. Wu Yu knew she could not afford to buy it, so he just chose to walk around with her. He  came with her just to get some fresh air.

“That man, is Wu Yu.”

“The arrangement of the ‘Celestial Kingdom Supervisor’ competition has come out, he is going to fight with Situ Minglang. Not surprising at all.”

“Why is he so special to get the favor of the master?”

When Wu Yu was walking, there were actually many people watching him and talking about him.

This was not the first time. In fact, every time Wu Yu went out, there was someone wanting to challenge him. But for those outer sect disciples under Qi Condensing stage, none of them was able to take a single strike from Wu Yu.

“Qi condensing means moving on to the Celestial Dao, reaching the sky in a single jump. They say Wu Yu was strong in mortal cultivations, but when it comes to the Dao, I am afraid he is not able to survive from even a single strike.”

“Wait and see, Situ Minglang is impressive. Wu Yu killed his two senior brothers, he was lucky to live until now. They say his participation is a plot. After all, if he wanted to live for a little longer, he had to sign for the competition so that Situ Minglang didn’t kill him before they fought for the position of the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor. In this way, he will live for a little longer. When the competition starts, he can just surrender. Situ Minglang then has to leave the sect for some time, at that time he has no chance to kill Wu Yu.”

“No wonder, I was thinking where he got the courage to fight with Situ Minglang. It turns out that he was stalling for time to live, really smart!”

“He is smart, But this makes me sick.”

Listening to these whispers, Wu Yu had to admire their imagination. They came up with plots that didn’t even exist.

Treasure Valley was too big. They walked around for half a day, but didn’t explore even one tenth of it.

Wu Yu became the focus wherever he went, he became quite annoyed by all that undesired attention.

“Wu Yu, shall we go back?”

Qing Mang found there was nothing to buy, she did not want Wu Yu to face so much ridicule and contempt.


They turned back. When they were walking, Wu Yu was still pondering about the ‘Celestial Monkey Transformation’. Suddenly, he was attracted by an item on a carpet sold by an outer sect disciple.

“What’s this?” Wu Yu pointed at it, it was a fruit with a light fragrance. Apparently, it was celestial, but not of good grade, never mind a Spirit grade. Its peculiar appearance was like a monkey’s head, with nose and eyes like shapes.

“This is Monkey-head fruit, can nourish the body, can help accelerate the recovery after injuries and it is a tonic to the flesh. But it is more beneficial to monkeys than to humans. Plus, there are only few Monkey-head fruits. It is rare to see them on sale. The price, as far as I can recall, is not very expensive, 30 jin at most.”

Somehow, Wu Yu felt like he needed this ordinary-looking Monkey-head fruit. Not because it could heal the body after injuries, but the underlying relation between monkeys and this fruit that ordinary people were not able to sense.

This fruit grew in the shape of a monkey head, it must be quirky.

“Can you buy it for me?” Wu Yu wanted to bring it back and take a look.

“Of course!” Qing Mang was delighted. No matter if it helps or not, at least she could do something for Wu Yu. She was taking some money out while asking the disciple about the price. He was an outer sect disciple, tall and strong. Although he was sitting, he looked as tall as Qing Mang standing.

“1000 jin of gold.”

The outer sect disciple looked up at Qing Mang with a false smile.

Qing Mang was shocked, almost dropped her gold down to the ground. 30 jin of gold was enough, she did not take much gold out.

“Excuse me? It is just a Monkey-head fruit, it costs 30 jin of gold at most. Why do you want 1000 jin?” Qing Mang was annoyed.

“I said it is worth 1000 jin.” That disciple took a tough stance, while looking at Wu Yu and Qing Mang with a hint of hostility in his eyes.

Qing Mang was driven mad. She felt he was teasing her, she wanted to ask others to judge. Wu Yu told her to calm down, asking, “Are you from Heaven’s Cry Peak?”

The disciple was surprised, saying, “How did you know?”

Wu Yu’s eyes were glowing, saying, “I killed people from Heaven’s Cry Peak of course I know.”

That disciple was from Heaven’s Cry Peak and he knew Wu Yu. Since Wu Yu wanted to buy something from him, he would not sell. He was teasing them that’s why he set the price at 1000 jin of gold.”

Honestly, Wu Yu really wanted that Monkey-head fruit in his heart. However, the problem was that the disciple was provoking them. This was troublesome, if the other side knew Wu Yu desired the fruit so much they would become even more presumptuous.

Treasure Valley had its rules, Wu Yu could not take things by force.

“Qing Mang, can we find another Monkey-head fruit somewhere else in the Treasure Valley?”

“It is rare, but we can try!”

Since it was possible to find it somewhere else, Wu Yu did not want to tangle. He took Qing Mang back to the Treasure Valley, they looked around for half a day. They found over ten Monkey-head fruits, but it was strange, he did not get the same feeling as he did with the first one. Obviously, these Monkey-head fruits would not help him much.

“Only the first one was special?” Qing Mang was upset.

They went back to the tall and strong disciple. He saw them, he put on a grim face and sneered, “So? You have 1000 jin of gold?”

Qing Mang of course did not have this amount, and she did not want to give him so much gold either.

They had to leave first. Qing Mang said, “How about I ask someone to buy it.”


Qing Mang had other friends, but not from the Heaven Gazing Mountain. After half a day, the friend came. He went to buy the fruit but soon returned in frustration. He said, “The disciple took away the Monkey-head fruit, he did not want to sell it at all. He is smart, he must have found out the fruit is important to you.”

“We are in trouble now.”

The smarter he was, the more troublesome the situation was. He must have known the fruit was special when he first got it.

“I have to take it by force.”

That disciple has to be absent sometimes.

Wu Yu was watching him from secret places, but the disciple was there all the time. The deadly fight was coming soon, he could not waste time here anymore.

At this point unexpectedly, Situ Minglang showed up beside the disciple who was from Heaven’s Cry Peak.

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