Chapter 27: Reasonable Lu Ping

This whole scene was very amusing from the perspectives of Xi Fan and Mo Lin.

Whether it’s an invitation, a summon, or anything else, if it’s from the city master and is within the Xia Feng region, then perhaps there truly isn’t a single person who would decline so curtly. Even Godou or Baliyan would decline an invitation from the city master in a very polite manner. While confronting a summon from the city master that didn’t look like too much of a polite invitation, these two individuals were expected to have disregarded all of their current matters and go to see the city master as soon as possible.

However Lu Ping only said one line: “ Not going.” He didn’t even ask why.

This child is insane!

At the side, the coachman had his eyes opened wide. At this moment, although he himself was out of trouble, but he was somewhat worried for this child. City Master wants to see him, can’t this be rather a good thing? How can this child decline so directly?

However, Xi Fan and Mo Lin didn’t think in this way. Before travelling on this road, they might have done so, but now, they definitely won’t.

Because, Lu Ping is possibly a Heaven Awakener, a Heaven Awakener with six souls at that.

What did this represent? This represented the possibility to bring about the peak of the era’s strongest individuals. For such a strong individual, a trifling City Master truly didn’t count as anything.

To tell the truth, being the peak of the strongest, Lu Ping’s bearing could already be considered as very gentle and harmonious. Him being able to endure his temper and intending to leave, minding his own business, was clearly due to the fact that he didn’t wish to create troubles, just wishing that the other people would also not create trouble for him.

If Lu Ping was to be replaced with Leng Xiutan, one of the six strongest Linked Ones with five of their souls linked who is also called as Insane Dog behind his back, then this guard would have lost his head the very moment he’d blocked the cart. Even taking his anger out on the poor Coachman afterwards would have been entirely possible.

Even this leader of guards tried to push the blame on the poor Coachman.

Looking at Lu Ping again, he is much more well-behaved!

The cart was stopped by some people; He just silently came down and intended to leave silently on his own.

The ones who fail to appreciate somebody’s kindness are you people……

Both Mo Lin and Xi Fan were occupied with such thoughts. Mo Lin was purely watching the excitement and didn’t mind the matter growing, whereas Xi Fan was taking many other things into consideration.

” Halt!” Hearing the shout of that guard, as the other guards obtained the indication and were about to block Lu Ping, Xi Fan turned the direction of his wheelchair by himself and arrived beside that guard.

” Elder Brother, Why does City Master wants to see Lu Ping?”

Lu Ping couldn’t be bothered with asking this question, so Xi Fan was helping him.

” How should I know that? City Master only said that he wants to see him. We have to bring him back to the City Master Mansion within the time limit.” The guard leader was not in a good mood. Although he didn’t wish to have a conflict with Zhai Feng students, but he also didn’t need to be submissive, and this was the case even more so because he’d city master’s instructions to back him. Even if implementing these instructions leads to a direct conflict, he would still carry them out without the slightest hesitation.

Being able to determine a person’s thoughts through his speech and movements, Xi Fan was well aware of the other man’s such intentions.

” However, we are also occupied at the moment, can we delay it for some time and visit later?” Xi Fan was trying to act as a cushion which would be good from the perspectives of both Lu Ping and the Institute. In his opinion, such a head-on clash is completely illogical. Of course, Lu Ping is strong up to an extent that he doesn’t care about it at all, but he is not like Mo Lin who would only watch the commotion from the sidelines.

” Within half an hour, City Master wants to see the man. At the moment, seventeen minutes are left.” The leader said and waved his left hand. He couldn’t delay anymore. Even at this moment, they would have to make the most out of every moment in order to make it back to the City Master Mansion within seventeen minutes. The importance attached to efficiency by the City Master, they all knew it only too well.

” Stop him.” The guard issued out directions, and at the same time, he was also looking towards Mo Lin and Xi Fan in what seemed like a cautious manner. If these students, about whom he couldn’t make out anything regarding their realms, were to truly cause trouble for him, then perhaps this tiny squadron of his will truly be in a terrible shape.

Should I call assistance?

As the guard leader was having such thoughts, the figures of the men before his eyes suddenly swayed. The two soldiers of his squadron were already sent flying and were coming towards him…..


Their cries had already made its way into his ears. The leader immediately raised his hands, hoping to catch the two men. How could he have known that the strength transmitted as soon as his hand made contact with the lower bodies of two men was absolutely not something that he could cope with. He didn’t even have the time to be astonished before he was sent flying together with the other two.

” Argh..!” Xi Fan let out a sigh. Two guards along with the leader who was talking with him just a moment ago almost whistled past from above his head. However, he didn’t seem to be flustered at all, just regretful that things had developed as such so quickly.

He’d been directed against Lu Ping for three years. Naturally, he was very clear on Lu Ping’s way of dealing with things. For the things he doesn’t want to do, no one could force him. He would comply with some rules and would also agree to some requests, however, the prerequisite is; he has to be willing.

At this moment, Xi Fan was very glad that he is actually a very reasonable person. For the past three years, he’d been trying to find reasonable grounds and never used his strength to suppress people. He now knew that Lu Ping doesn’t have any thoughts of concealing his strength. During these three years, Zhai Feng has remained calm and peaceful only because no one had truly threatened Lu Ping, and as for those cold words and mockery, he didn’t care at all, or rather should say, didn’t deem it as necessary to care.

Because he is strong.

Strength gives basis; Strength gives confidence. He wasn’t required to use violence against those cruel words just to prove himself. Only an inferior person, when questioned, would stomp about in anxiety.

Then again, Xi Fan also felt that maybe all that mockery and ridicule actually felt reasonable to Lu Ping. This was because his conduct in Zhai Feng institute was not that of someone strong, but rather that of an incompetent rogue who just wished to be coiled around the thighs of Su Tang.

Insulting and looking down on this kind of a man, was there anything wrong with it?

Therefore, in this sense, Xi Fan felt that Lu Ping is also an extremely logical person.

Since he himself didn’t explain anything to the others in the first place, he didn’t mind silently bearing the misunderstanding produced due to it.

Carefully thinking about these three years, if I had been careful enough in my analysis, then I might have discovered that Lu Ping had already revealed quite a few abilities. For an instance, consider the most recent occurring; When Lu Ping exposed Wei Bao’s fake testimony which claimed that he’d seen Lu Ping going to the Garden no. 18, Lu Ping had mentioned the distance between lips and face being 1.7 centimeters. I’m afraid it was more than just a casually blurted out teasing remark. His Infusion’s Soul had an effect similar to that of the first level ability “Measurement” produced after the Linking of Infusion’s soul.

Xi Fan had always completely ignored such things.

However, these pathetic guards were not ignorant but rather absolutely unaware of these things. Originally, the leader of this small guard squadron was worried about an interference from Xi Fan or Mo Lin, however, how could he have anticipated that Lu Ping, whom he was supposed to bring back, himself was the most tyrannical among them.

He was looking towards Lu Ping in an inconceivable manner as he was standing up from the ground.

These guards who had gone through vigorous training, this youngster without a shred of soul’s power had sent them flying? Moreover had sent them flying with such a strength that I was unable to resist it?

My Soul’s Power is already in the realm of fourth Heavenly Layer. What the hell happened just now?

No other choice, I can only call more people.

A whistling arrow was shot up in the sky. The soldiers of the city guard squadron didn’t dare move forward, they only arranged themselves in an encirclement around Lu Ping, though the encirclement itself was moving forward in accordance with the footsteps of Lu Ping.

Several City Guard squadrons saw the Whistling arrow’s signal and began to rapidly converge towards the source. Moreover, some people had already conveyed the information about everything that had occurred to the City Master’s Mansion. The reason being, everybody is aware that City Master wants everything under his control, he not only cared whether he would be able to see Lu Ping after half an hour or not, he also cared about everything that would occur within this duration of half an hour.

However, the information received from ahead was not to his satisfaction at all.

” Refused? Reason!” Wei Zhong.

” There is no reason, he only said: Not Going.” Due to the habits of City Master, the received information had all the details. The man who was reporting was ready to answer any questions City Master might have.

” Interesting.” City Master Wei Zhong, however, smiled:

” In that case, send men once again and invite him to come. Tell him I wish to meet him.”

He passed on his instructions once again, however, this time, his instructions were not: bring him, but rather: invite him to come.

Although he still didn’t know this youngster’s depth, but during these few minutes, he’d already heard about the injuries of Yuan Yi and Bi Ge, the two Linked Ones of Xia Feng institute. Capable of inflicting injuries upon these two up to such an extent, just by this portion of strength that he’d shown, this youngster is worthy of receiving the ‘invite’ word.

” Clear.”

The new instructions were quickly passed on. However, on the streets of Xia Feng city, Lu Ping and Su Tang had already been surrounded. While being inside the encirclement of four squadrons of the city guards, Lu Ping’s expression was still the same, and he still continued to walk forward.

The four squadron leaders were about to give orders of commencing the operation. However, just at this moment, they respectively received the new instructions, and the person who brought the instructions had already opened up a path in their encirclement. He was wearing the clothing of the City Master Mansion, but his age was not much, seemingly a sixteen or seventeen years old youngster. He was wearing a smiling expression as he made his way straight towards Lu Ping.

” City Master invites you to have a seat in City Master’s Mansion.” The bite of the word ‘invite’ was very heavy, being the most important point of the revised orders.

Lu Ping was still walking forward, his encirclement being much more open now. As he heard that this youngster had specially come to replace the previous orders with the ‘invite’ word, he sighed, but kept walking without saying anything.

The youngster trailed behind Lu Ping, and as he looked at the direction in which Lu Ping had been moving all along, the smiling expression on his face suddenly became much more brilliant.

‘In the end, he turned out to be a sensible person’. The youngster was thinking. ‘However, daring to display such a play in front of City Master, this guy can also be considered as bold.’

” Ok, everybody, disperse. Thanks for the trouble.” The youngster said towards the soldiers of the four City Guard Squadrons.

Looking at the youngster, he looked cheerful and seemed to be radiating positive energy, however, whenever these adult soldiers looked at him, their faces will turn a little stiff. As soon as the youngster said disperse, it looked like as if a huge burden had been lifted off from their shoulders, and they immediately left.

The youngster didn’t pay them any more attention, rather he strolled to Xi Fan and Mo Lin.

” You two, are you classmates of Lu Ping?” He said.

” That’s right.” Mo Lin was also smiling, unexpectedly he’d quite a favourable impression of this youngster.

” We don’t seem to differ much in age.” Mo Lin said.

” I am seventeen years old, and you?” Mo Lin said.

” But it’s quite regrettable, city master doesn’t want to see you. Therefore, if there is an opportunity in future, I will look for you two to play.” The youngster didn’t seem to have heard anything said by Mo Lin, he just kept on speaking as if only thinking about himself.

” City Master also didn’t say that he want to see Su Tang, though.” Mo Lin said while pointing towards the direction of Lu Ping and Su Tang.

” I will let that pass.” Youngster was smiling as he turned around and calmly followed after Lu Ping.

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