Chapter 27: Royal Bloodline

Magnificent houses built atop large ancient trees could be seen, these trees towered the earth penetrating far and wide into the sky easily reaching the clouds.

This place seemed ancient and timeless as if it has existed for thousands of years its existence a pure and hidden experience from the outside world.

Deep within this secluded area, in a small hut, three figures could be seen standing outside, their eyes shone with a brilliance as star-shaped patterns could be seen within their eyes.

It was Du Min, Du Yan and Du Lei worry covered their face an expression of hopelessness could be seen.

With fist gripped tightly Du Lei voice could be heard, hints of worry and anger reflected within it.

“The elf healer must heal young master if anything happened to him while visiting the elven territory the consequences would be catastrophic” Du Lei voice shook as finished his last sentence, his fist gripped tightly.

Inside the small hut, an elderly elf could be seen, his hands constantly shaking he seemed so old as if he would fall over and die at any moment, his eyes laid sealed closed as if the energy of opening it proving too much for him.

Even though this elder seemed so old his vitality was boundless his vigor comparable to young cultivators, for this to happen at his age one could tell this elderly elf cultivation rank was immensely deep.

In this very small hut, a body laid on a bed of leaves, this person seemed serene, his eyes covered by bondages of leaves.

His long flowing black hair reaching his waist, his snow-white clothes contrasting, his face seemed handsomely incomparable with jade white skin pure of any scars or blemishes.

Complicated runes flowed from the elderly elf hands, covering Fang Tien, these runes seemed like ancient relics as they slowly populate Fang Tien’s body.

Sweat could be seen flowing from this elderly Elf face “it is not good, nothing is working Lord” the elderly elf could be seen talking to a hidden figure.

“It’s not working because his wound isn’t external but internal, something at the level of the Divine pond would only affect the soul” The hidden figure replied

This figure could only be described as Incomparably Mysterious, appearing akin to an illusion as it seemed to have been beside the elderly Elf this whole time!

It was as if without his reply one wouldn’t even realize he was there.

This figure seemed peerlessly handsome as if he was without equal in this world, his expression solemn as he looked at Fang Tien, hints of anger, disgust and regret could be seen.

The Elderly elf said worryingly “Lord Fang, he seems to be beyond my help I’ve tried everything”

A smile could be seen on Lord Fangs face it was as if the world bloomed with vitality at this moment

“You need not worry, I can feel that he’s in no danger, rather it seems to be a blessing as his cultivation is increasing”

“Lord is it that?!”

With a shake of his head, Lord Fang replied ” His bloodline is still dormant but his hybrid body still flows our Antique Elven bloodline, I can feel that his bloodline is calm and dormant without any signs of danger”

A sharp gleam appeared in Lord Fang’s eyes ” get this thing out of our territory, the Du clan should be satisfied and that fake immortal tree of theirs.”

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