Chapter 28: Demon Monkey’s Drop Of Blood

“Wu Yu, that’s Situ Minglang.” Qing Mang feared this person. She shivered and hid behind Wu Yu when Situ Minglang appeared.

Wu Yu noticed his arrival. And the other side also knew he was nearby..

During the last year, Situ Minglang was the most popular person in the Blue Surge Mountain Range. He became the disciple of Lan Huayun. Even many core disciples, who were far more powerful than him, admired him very much, fawning over him and trying to draw him over to their side.

His appearance caused a sensation in the Treasure Valley. Many people turned their heads to see him, admiring and envying this young fiend. They talked about his prospect in secret.

“I believe someday Situ Minglang will become a Jindan, take over the position of Sect Protector or even the Sect Leader.

“Considering his shocking talent, it’s possible.”

Under the focus of everyone, this young man was in high and vigorous spirits, composed, and arrogant. He indeed had an exceptional aura. He did not care about the others gazes, and just said a word to the disciple. Then, that disciple quickly took out the Monkeyhead fruit and gave it to him.

Wu Yu narrowed his eyes. This time, he seemed to see a small animal bite mark on the fruit. It was this bite mark that appealed to his Indestructible Vajra Body.

After Situ Minglang got the Monkeyhead fruit, he sneered. Looking around with pale blue eyes.  “Wu Yu, I know you are here. This is what you want, right? If so, show up.”

Everyone was holding their breath, looking around, and thinking that there will be some good drama to see before these two fought for the ‘Celestial Kingdom Supervisor’.

“Wu Yu, don’t walk into his trap. He is going to humiliate you….” Qing Mang wanted to stop him, but Wu Yu was quicker than her. He stepped out, walking into the position which was five zhang (zhang, a unit of length = 3 1/3 metres) away from Situ Minglang. Everyone was watching him. Qing Mang, biting her lips, had to gather her courage to follow him.

“It’s been one year. I finally saw you today.” Situ Minglang’s eyes were gleaming with an ice-cold light. To Wu Yu’s surprise, his eyes did not show intense hatred now, just a faint killing intent. It looked like Situ Minglang grew more restrained.

Although everyone liked to compare Situ Minglang and Wu Yu, he actually only treated Wu Yu as game.

“They say you want this Monkeyhead fruit?” Situ Minglang held up the celestial fruit, looking at Wu Yu with a false smile, which should not belong to a fourteen-year-old teenager.

“That’s right.”

“Then I will give it to you.” Wu Yu had not expected Situ Minglang saying that. But he found out why very quickly. As Situ Minglang suddenly crushed the Monkeyhead fruit, threw it to the ground and stamped on it a few times. The crushed fruit was mixed with the soil and animal waste

“Feel free to take it.” Situ Minglang stepped backward, slightly smiled, and beckoned Wu Yu.


His action made the crowd of lookers exclaim. It was so cruel. Not only did he destroy the thing Wu Yu desired, but also teased him bitterly. If Wu Yu didn’t do something, his momentum would be completely suppressed.

It was not good for the upcoming fight, either.

After all, momentum was also an important factor for competitions.

At that moment, everyone was curious how Wu Yu would react. Normally, if he didn’t defeat Situ Minglang, he would be definitely humiliated.

“Let’s leave!” Qing Mang came over, pulled Wu Yu’s arm and wanted to leave with him. She was angry, but she knew this was not the right time to fight Situ Minglang. They had to swallow this humiliation today.

But Wu Yu didn’t listen and took out his long and slim fingers, walked to less than two steps away from Situ Ming. In this position, he could almost feel Situ Mingslang’s surging celestial strength, which felt like needles piercing his face.


Surprisingly, Wu Yu, bent down, wrapped the soil-mixed residue well with a white cloth, and held it tightly in his arms. He did not have any facial expressions when he was doing that. He was not even fearful being so close to Situ Minglang. When he finished, he smiled thinly, saying, “Thank you Junior Situ for being generous. But this thing will be the very reason that you will be defeated. You will regret this. At that time, don’t cry.”

After that, Wu Yu grinned manly, a sharp contrast to Situ Minglang’s feminine tenderness. He did not want to stay there, or at least, not in front of Situ Minglang. He turned back, steadily walked to Qing Mang, and left with her without glancing back.

Qing Mang was so frightened that her heart jumped up her throat. She turned around frequently, worrying about Situ Minglang chasing and killing them. But every time she turned round, Situ Minglang hadn’t moved. His blue eyes thundering faintly. Qing Mang could even hear the thunderstorm rolling, which creeped her out.

In fact, everyone was anxious just now. Until Wu Yu left, Situ Minglang was filled with vengeance. All the onlookers stood gazing at one another, being at a loss.

“Situ Minglang did humiliate him. But he bowed his neck to accept the alms. This is just too….”

“But, since he dares to be so close to the enemy, he is really bold. It does make sense. If he is not bold, how could he dare to kill five people of the Heaven’s Cry Peak.

“He was really shameless. Picking up the alms degradingly. What’s the difference between him and a dog? He really has no dignity!”

Although Wu Yu felt peaceful, others who had witnessed the scene just now believed that he had accepted Situ Minglang’s humiliation.

Probably only Situ Minglang himself did not feel even the slightest comfort of humiliating him. Instead, he felt gloomier. He felt a knot in his heart. He began to think that he didn’t want  to mess with a lowly servant like Wu Yu anymore. As long as Wu Yu goes away, he could continue to pursue the Dao.

After all, there was a big gap between their statuses and talents.

However, every time he saw Wu Yu, rage and frenzy engulfed his reason. This time, he realized that his Dao pursuing heart was unstable. He still hated Wu Yu bitterly. He could not treat Wu Yu as an ant. Now he felt regretful that he hadn’t killed Wu Yu immediately, when he was released from prison.

Now, he had only one chance to kill him, at the Celestial Battle Podium.

“Meditation and contemplation. Master told me that my real opponent in the future must be a super talent of the Dongsheng Divine Continent. My pursuit of the dao will be hindered, if I go tit for a tat with an ant.

Situ Minglang had to repeat this in his mind to hypnotize himself.

When he finally cooled down, Wu Yu had already left. The Treasure Valley became lively again. A lot of people came to fawn over him, flattering him. Some, who wanted him to pull strings, would personally present treasures to Situ Minglang.

Wu Yu had returned to the cultivation room.

“What a disgrace for you. I…” Qing Mang’s face was red with anger. She believed that a cultivator can be killed but not humiliated. She could not understand why Wu Yu picked up the crushed Monkeyhead fruit.

“Qing Mang, no one is born as the number one in the world. I am a man among men. If I cannot swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load, I will not go far in this long celestial road.” What happened today was a small case for Wu Yu. Actually he did find out that Situ Minglang was indeed young through his core. His temper and heart went through few hardships. Although he was beyond ordinary, he got enraged easily when provoked by Wu Yu.

“The fight at the Celestial Battle Podium, I don’t want to you to fail.” Qing Mang was a little emotional and spoke out her thoughts. This little girl recognized Wu Yu completely. The way she was being emotional somehow looked cute.


Wu Yu said no more. He sent Qing Mang out with an excuse of closed-door cultivation.

He went back to the cultivation room as swift as the wind. After he isolated the cultivation room completely, he took out the white cloth, placed it on the ground carefully, flattened it out, and then opened it. The crushed fruit mixed with soil appeared.

“My ‘Celestial Monkey Transformation’ lacked an opportunity, a starting point. I thought there was no hope in the Blue Surge Mountain Range. But it turns out that it was Situ Minglang who gave this sacred thing to me in person.

At the Treasure Valley, Wu Yu did not feel any humiliation at all, but surprise and expectation. In his eyes, Situ Minglang was just a child whose madness knew no bounds.

Wu Yu picked out the fruit, put it on his palm, his started glowing with a hint of gold, and very small orifices appeared in his palm. Under his control, the palm became very red and then engulfed the fruit aggressively with golden flames, burning it.

“Fzzz, fzzz.”

In the golden flames, the fruit was quickly completely burned, becoming smoke, floating in the cultivation room with a faint fragrance. But what interested Wu Yu was a microscopic and hard-to-find drop of blood.

The mysterious drop of blood was like a living creature, running like a scalded cat in his palm. Occasionally, it became a wicked and wild monkey.

“This must be a demon monkey. Very powerful. Somehow it left a drop of blood in that bite mark. With fortune, I found it!”

Wu Yu was excited. This was very rare. He was extremely lucky to obtain the drop of blood after all what happened before!

“I must accomplish the Celestial Monkey Transformation with this drop of blood!”

“At that time, how will Situ Minglang feel, if he finds out that it was him who helped me to accomplish the Celestial Monkey Transformation?”

It wasn’t difficult to guess what happened next, after some period where he suppressed his desires, Wu Yu started his closed-door cultivation.

And all the disciples in the Blue Surge Mountain Range seemed to wait for the upcoming match on the Celestial Battle Podium.

They said that the last battle was arranged to be Wu Yu vs Situ Minglang.

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