Chapter 28: This Is Merely Passing By

“You seem to know that person?” Mo Lin, whose favourable impression towards that youngster only remained for three seconds, felt that Xi Fan knew something after he looked at the former’s expression.

“His name is Wei Yang. City Master’s Mansion has twelve Family Guardians, and he is one of them. It is said that he began perceiving at the age of fourteen, and just at the age of sixteen, he had already attained the Linking; An absolute genius!”

“Genius? Are you trying to make me laugh?” Mo Lin said.

“If it was before today, could you have laughed?”

Of course not. Regardless of whether it was Zhai Feng or Xia Feng, the students who were able to attain the realm of Linking of Souls within the four years of being inside the institute combined could be counted on your fingers. Mo Lin origins from a clan, compared to a student of an institute, he’d started to cultivate the Soul’s Power a bit early, and at present, his highest Pivot’s soul was only at the sixth Heavenly Layer; being unsuccessful in achieving the Linking to this day.

Starting from scratch and breaking through into the realm of Linking of Souls within two years, referring to such a person as a genius isn’t excessive at all. However, now with a Heaven Awakener with six souls linked walking right in front of him, everything else only seemed as ‘drifting clouds’(superficial) to Mo Lin.

“Move on!” Within a short duration, the rest of them had already walked far away from Mo Lin and Xi Fan. Upon hearing these words, Mo Lin once again began to push Xi Fan, and once again with a rumbling sound of wheels rolling, Mo Lin and Xi Fan began to follow them.

Since Mo Lin didn’t have a good opinion of Wei Yang, he didn’t push Xi Fan fast enough to catch up to Wei Yang, and Wei Yang himself also didn’t seem to be in a hurry to overtake Lu Ping, maintaining a distance that was neither too close nor too far from Lu Ping. He was walking calmly and unhurriedly. Though, once in awhile, he would turn his head and distantly smile towards Xi Fan and Mo Lin.

Three sides maintained this kind of separation while walking forward in the same direction. Gradually, they left behind the city’s clamor and stepped upon a huge and peaceful pathway. On this pathway, although there were people quickly walking past by, there were not any peddlers on either side of the road. The road was clean yet cold and gloomy.

The City Master’s Mansion was just located on streets. Neither was its surface area big nor were its insides luxurious, but its entrance gate was very eye-catching. Because the City Master Wei Zhong believes that entrance of the City Master’s Mansion can’t be low-profile, because he believed that if the people who wish to visit here due to their issues are not able to spot the Mansion with a single glance, then that would truly be a waste of efficiency.

Outside the gate of the mansion were two guards. They were standing extremely upright and keeping a close eye on every single individual who was walking past the City Master’s Mansion.

Lu Ping carrying Su Tang walked up to here. Not too far behind them, Wei Yang suddenly stopped at this moment; He turned around and looked towards Mo Lin and Xi Fan who were similarly not too far away from him, saying:

“Why are you two still following?” Although his words were accompanied by a smile like before, but implication behind his word was ‘You two can’t be here’.

Xi Fan also smiled as he replied back: “In order to go back to the Zhai Feng institute, this is the road.”

“So it turned out like this. In that case, please go on!” Wei Yang no longer paid any attention to the two, and was preparing to catch up to Lu Ping. It was about time to ask Lu Ping to let go of that girl, the City Master wants to see him, him alone.

At this moment, the expressions of Mo Lin and Xi Fan turned extremely bright. At first, they also hadn’t realized this point. Although they were travelling as a group, they hadn’t talked with each other at all and were travelling with extreme tact. However, during this journey, Mo Lin and Xi Fan had already realised something, and now was the moment of truth.

Lu Ping carrying Su Tang had arrived in front of City Master’s Mansion.

The guards were closely observing him, but he didn’t look towards the guard at all, his vision was only focused on the road ahead. One step, two step… and the entrance of the City Master’s Mansion………………..was left behind by him.

Just as expected!

Xi Fan and Mo Lin suddenly burst out in laughter, adding some colours to this usually peaceful and gloomy road.

Originally, they’d also thought that Lu Ping was moved due to the ‘invite’ word. Because Wei Yang with his whole face written in smiles can easily give birth to a favourable feeling in people’s heart. However, during this silent yet tacit journey, they’d come to realise that there actually might be some sort of misunderstanding.

And at present, it seemed like this truly was the case.

Go to the City Master’s Mansion?

Lu Ping said not going, ha! You think, just by covering your whole face in smiles and acting humble, you can cause him to change his mind? Not gonna happen!

He is going in this direction because Zhai Feng, his destination, is coincidentally also in this very direction; He has crossed the Mansion’s entrance, because, it is in the way.

Meanwhile, Wei Yang who was planning to catch up with Lu Ping and then ask him to let go of Su Tang, blankly stared as Lu Ping passed by the City Master’s Mansion without a single pause. The sounds of laughs coming from his back caused his ever-smiling expression to distort a little.

He realised that he’d been played with; In more precise terms, his good will has been ignored!

Lu Ping had completely ignored him. He was still walking in the direction where he’d originally wanted to. City Master’s Mansion? That was just passing by, and he Wei Yang, had thought a bit too much.

Thereupon, his body leapt forward. Originally, they were still several steps apart, however, this leap was enough for him to catch up with Lu Ping. His expression was still smiling as he pulled out one his hand and placed at the front of Lu Ping.

“You’re going the wrong way.” He said.

Lu Ping glanced ahead and said: “It’s not wrong.”

“The City Master has invited you.” With the hand that was blocking Lu Ping just now, Wei Yang pointed towards the entrance of City Master’s Mansion and made a gesture of invitation.

“I’ve already said: Not. Going.” Lu Ping said.

“So, you are not sensible as I’d thought you would be.” Wei Yang’s smile once again began to become more brilliant.

“Why are you smiling?” Lu Ping was feeling a little strange, according to normal logic, a declined person shouldn’t be this enthusiastic.

“I am smiling at you.” As Wei Yang spoke, his hand that had been blocking Lu Ping suddenly dashed out towards Lu Ping.

Lu Ping’s body shifted horizontally, he still hadn’t attacked. However, Su Tang, who was on his back, suddenly waved out her fist.

This sudden action of Su Tang was out of everybody’s expectations, Wei Yang whose whole face was plastered with smiles had absolutely no chance to defend, and was firmly struck on his forehead.

“I am leaving….” Watching this scene, Mo Lin’s whole face was covered with an expression as if he couldn’t bear to directly watch this. Xi Fan, who was sitting in the wheelchair, also couldn’t help but shrink his body, as if he’d personally experienced what this fist would be like.

“Ah! Strength’s soul sixth Heavenly Layer.” Xi Fan said.

“Right! Will it leave behind a hole in his face?” Mo Lin said.

Su Tang withdrew her clenched fist. Lu Ping turned his neck and gave her a glance, though he didn’t say anything. Following which, the two of them simultaneously looked towards the one who’d suffered this fist, Wei Yang.

“You didn’t use full strength?”

“No. I can’t make entire strength come out.” Su Tang.

“That explains why can he still stand so steadily.” Lu Ping said.

A fist of Strength’s soul sixth Heavenly Layer, firmly hitting the target, but the target’s figure didn’t seem to be swaying at all; even if the target was a Linked One, it shouldn’t be this way. That’s why Lu Ping’s determination was accurate, Su Tang hasn’t used her entire strength.

Although it was this way, but this fist had completely erased the smile from the face of Wei Yang. Though, this fist was not heavy, but it had caused him to suffer the greatest of humiliations.

Watching this scene, the two guards at the entrance began to take action. One of them went inside to notify and the other one hastily rushed towards the scene.

“I will kill you!” Wei Yang with his smile now nowhere to be seen, roared.

“I should move on.” Lu Ping, however, didn’t pay any attention towards such a threat, he once again supported Su Tang on his back with his hands and began to walk forward step-by-step.

Disregarded, completely and thoroughly disregarded!

Wei Yang, who’d never paid attention to any other person except the city master Wei Zhong, never would have thought that someone will actually completely ignore him.

Wei Yang lowered his body, extended his hands towards his bottoms, pulled out a knife and stabbed towards Su Tang on Lu Ping’s back without the slightest hesitation.

Students of Zhai Feng?

He could care less about such an identity. That fist, that attitude of complete disregard, he will make them pay for all of it.

In matters such as killing, he is indeed excellent.

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