Chapter 28: True Sight rank!

In a bed located within a small inn, in a private room Du Lei, Du Yan, and Du Min could be seen looking worryingly at Fang Tien, the surrounding atmosphere quiet and solemn.

“it’s been days since we’ve left the elf forest, their elders said that young master should be waking up by now” with looks of worry Du Yan said sadly.

Suddenly Fang Tien’s eyelids could be seen moving, as they slowly opened radiant light bursting forward.

The room overflowing with a rich brilliance at the opening of Fang Tien eyes.

With a vacant look on his face that was quickly restored with pure brightness, Fang Tien thought aloud ” everything is so much clearer, mhmm”

A smile arose on Fang Tien face as he realized his cultivation rank had jumped a whole level!

True sight Pupil rank was one of the major ranks for eye cultivators, being able to open a small space within their inner eye, allowing them to store various items and even living beings!

While inspecting his brand new changes Fang Tien noticed something was already in the inner space of his eye, ” an egg? this egg is!”

A look of surprise flashed across Fang Tien face as he looked at this familiar egg, ” Was this not the Sacred beastly egg that true dragon pushed into the Divine pond?”

Realization dawned upon Fang Tien he was in the possession of something incredibly powerful, his first thought was to bring it back to the clan to ask his Master for advice, but they were already too far on their journey.

Fang Tien was left with no choice but to just keep the egg, he had thought about letting his travel partners know but decided to keep it a secret.

Excitement rang throughout Fang Tien’s body, being at the third rank the True sight Pupil rank meant he could now learn a 3rd divine ability, he just had to cultivate!

Only one thing stood between him now…

“Young Master!!” with tears streaming down, Du Yan beautiful face would give any man the impulsion of protecting her she latched onto Fang Tien as if for fear that he would disappear.

With a weary smile, Fang Tien looked at Du Yan ” there is nothing to worry about, I’m even more than just fine my cultivation rank has increased to True sight Pupil!

“Anything!” looks of shock plastered on all three faces!

“True sight Pupil? at the age of 15? that’s incredible for our era, the only one who managed to cultivate faster in our clan was the first ancestor, he cultivated to rank 3 by the age of 14” Du Lei said with amazement

“Young Master and first ancestor can’t be compared, it was easier for cultivators to advance quickly in the ancient era as the world Dao source was clearer!” With a puff of her cheeks, Du Yan replied defending Fang Tien.

Stars appeared within Du Mins pupils, with a frantic expression she started at Fang Tien.

Du Min was normally quite throughout the entire journey so far with an expressionless face, because the only thing she cared about was cultivation, she was a cultivation freak!

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