Chapter 29: Cultivators need food too

Hours had passed since Fang Tien awoke, he had immediately begun cultivating to consolidate his newly reached rank.

Along with achieving the rank True sight Pupil he still had to explore his newly opened independent space within his eyes and the egg that’s contained within it.

While a rank 3 eye cultivator will see a huge jump from Awakened Pupil rank to True sight Pupil, Fang Tien still had to train hard to be able to compete with a rank 3 mage, as they become able to use even higher rank spells.

Within Fang Tien eyes inner space an egg could be seen, “Dum, dum!” sounds of a beating heart could be heard from inside the egg, this sound resonated within the space.

Warm air radiated from this egg, it seemed like a conventional heater as it constantly released warm air with each pulse of its heartbeat.

Fang Tien appearing in the space tried to pick the egg up, but it refused to even budge! this egg was 4feet in height and seemed to weigh over 200pounds.

A strange look appeared on Fang Tien’s face, ” I wonder how many servings this would give if scrambled” suddenly remembering the terrifying dragons roar Fang Tien quickly canceled this idea.

“knock-knock” a thumping sound resounded throughout the space as Fang Tien knocked on the egg, “Is anyone home? Big brother?Elder sister?”

With his ears plastered on the egg, Fang Tien listened attentively for a reply.

With a disappointed look, Fang Tien left the newly opened space ” It can’t be eaten, it doesn’t talk, whats the use of such a useless egg? maybe one day I’ll be stranded in the Ice clan territory and it can be used for warmth!”

“Rumble, rumble” looking towards his tummy strange noises could be heard, Fang Tien realized it has been a few days since his last meal.

Being a cultivator the higher your rank the need for eating became less useful, as the nourishment provided form absorbing the essence between the world would be enough, but while higher rank cultivators could go years without eating Fang Tien very much still needed his daily intake of foods!

With a shout, Fang Tien called for the only person who could help relive his hunger “Du Yan!”

“Creek” sounds of the door opening could be heard as Du Yan entered “how can I assist you, young master?” Du Yan replied with a coquettish look.

With a smile Fang Tien looked deeply at Du Yan, his expression pure and calm, ” I’m hungry, where can lunch be found?”

Shocks ran down Du Yan’s spine as she looked at Fang Tien, his nonchalant expression, and smile caused her heart to skip a beat.

She had just meant to tease him but she found herself blushing just from his nonchalant smile, with her eyes glued to the ground so as to avoid Fang Tien expression “Y-Youn-Young Master we need just to go downstairs as this inn also serves foods and drinks”

Du Yan stuttered as she replied causing her cheeks to redden even more with a blush.

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