Chapter 29: Mo Shishu

This day, the mountain range was cloudy and misty. The sea of clouds surged from the endless Western wildness, like hundreds millions of armies marching towards the Eastern ocean across the Blue Surge Mountain Range.

At noon, the golden sunlight penetrated through the clouds, poured down like a light pillar. The Blue Surge Mountain Range looked as if shrouded in golden flames.

Among the hills and valleys, countless Celestial Cranes were dancing, a spectacular landscape of Celestial Dao in the heaven.

Today, the skyscraping Celestial Battle Podium was especially grand and magnificent!

The Celestial Battle Podium looked like a giant sword piercing towards the heaven in an oblique angle. The tip of the sword pointed east, overbearing and rebellious! There was no flat stage on the podium, every spot was extremely tilted. For ordinary disciples, it would be regarded to be great if they could stably stand there, not to mention fighting on the podium.

It was exactly because of this tilted surface that servant disciples, the utmost population in the Sword to Heaven Sect, were not able to watch the competition today. Those who wanted to watch should at least be at the seventh level of Mortal Body Forging Phase.

Because of this, Celestial Battle Podium was far more solemn than Celestial Ascendance Podium.

Celestial Cranes were not allowed to fly on the Celestial Battle Podium, therefore, the disciples could only go there on foot. In fact, they were slightly tired when they arrived at the podium.

Looking out from the vast Celestial Battle Podium, the crowded Celestial Daoist disciples were waiting for the competition between the 12 core disciples with curiosity and hopefulness. For them, watching the core disciples fight was a rare opportunity.

Although Wu Yu was not a core disciple, but because besides his enmity, there was the one-year promise to Situ Minglang, and also his relationship in the struggle between the Sect Leader and the Sect Protector were really attracting. Therefore, spectators were more excited about their battle.

“Sect Protector Sovereign came!”

Those disciples who were noisy and talking loudly suddenly became quite. They all respectfully looked towards a beauty in a blue dress descending from the sky.

Although she was not young, she had no signs of aging and had a graceful and solemn temperament. Her faint makeup even made her more flawless.

When Lan Huayun landed,  her surroundings changed slightly, it appeared as if a deep blue lake was behind her, She was like a lady who landed in a lake. Finally arrived above the heads of the crowd, and sat down on a gold-and-blue chair built with numerous swords.

It was the ‘Sword Throne’, an exclusive throne of the Sect Protector. Anyone, at least among the Sword to Heaven Sect, who dared to sit on it will be killed.

Beside Lan Huayun, there were many elders, who were all senior Celestial Daoists. They were people of significance in the sect, Wu Yu knew one of them, elder Mu Ge.

The elders, including Lan Huayun just sat and watched, while Mu Ge was the host of the ‘Celestial Kingdom Supervisor’ competition.

Those small potatoes did not have seats, they had to stand around the central arena of the Celestial Battle Podium. Even figures like Su Yanli were among the crowd, but she was the closest to the location of the arena. There were no other disciples within 10 meters.

Normally, a ‘Celestial Kingdom Supervisor’ competition would not be so grand and solemn. The reason why Lan Huayun showed up in person was because of Situ Minglang. Her appearance made this competition unprecedented, immense and serious.

Surrounded by the crowd, Situ Minglang dressed in blue was talking cheerfully with some disciples, they were all candidates and had a good relationship with him. They were flattering him, which made Situ Minglang more prideful. Besides, he was the focus of most of the crowd.

“Wu Yu.”

Situ Minglang looked around secretly, however he did not see Wu Yu.

“It’s really as they say, he did not have the intention to compete. He is afraid that I will kill him, therefore,  he’s just stalling for time.” Thinking of this, Situ Minglang sneered deeply  in his heart.

Because Wu Yu did not show up so far, many of the crowd had the same thought.

At this time, elder Mu Ge stood up and asked, “The competition will start soon, are the twelve candidates all here?”

People looked and found there were only ten candidates besides Situ Minglang, it was eleven in total.

“Wu Yu, is not here.”

Soon, many people answered. Their words contained contempt and dislike. Wu Yu’s absence today proved that some disciples’ guesses were right— he signed for the competition only because he was afraid Situ Minglang might kill him.

“Our Sword to Heaven Sect nurtured such a shameless person. I heard that a few days ago, he even picked up a Monkeyhead Fruit on the ground thrown by Situ Minglang.”

When people heard this, they booed and hissed from all directions. As disciples of the Celestial Dao, they felt ashamed because of his cowardly behavior.

“You don’t know much, they say Wu Yu creeped between Situ Minglang’s legs to get the fruit. A useless Monkeyhead fruit crushed his backbone. Such a…”

Before that person finished his words, elder Mu Ge looked around, and spoke loudly to Su Yanli, “Yanli, you have good relation with Wu Yu. Go and get him, do not delay the competition.”

He certainly knew that Wu Yu was not afraid of death.

“Yes.” Su Yanli already planned to do so. This was a special day for Wu Yu, a final test from the Sect Leader , He had no reason not to come.

“No need.”

At this time, a loud sound came up from the crowd. They all turned back. A tall and strong young man quickly stepped into the Celestial Battle Podium like a cheetah. He looked slim, but also firm and fit.

When he came, the crowd was suppressed by his cold, sharp and golden eyes, all the disciples subconsciously stepped back to let him pass. Wu Yu quickly and smoothly came to Su Yanli side.

“It’s just been a few days, how come you grew so much taller?” Su Yanli’s beautiful eyes were deeply filled with shock, and her cherry-like lips were slightly open. Wu Yu had never seen her so surprised before.

When looking carefully, although Su Yanli was tall, Wu Yu was half a head taller than her. As for Situ Minglang, he could only reach to his chest.

“It’s due to my recent cultivation.” Wu Yu slightly smiled. His confident smile was like sunlight pouring through the clouds, showing a manly charm. His appearance made all those gossipers shut up their mouth, shamefully looking at each other.

“Wu Yu!” Situ Minglang gazed at  Wu Yu with burning eyes. This was not a good sign, Situ Minglang was the focus of everyone’s attention. However, when Wu Yu came, he diverted all the attention, how dare he!

Instantly, his eyes were thundering with a storm. There were five fights before his, he could not wait any longer. The raging fire was burning in his heart no matter how hard he tried to suppress it.

“Minglang, He is just a lowly ant, but you are too angry. You may not deserve to be my disciple.” Lan Huayun’s words cooled down Situ Minglang’s heart. He finally suppressed the deep intention to kill Wu Yu, and went on talking cheerfully with others.

Elder Mu Ge then announced, “Since everyone is here, we don’t need to waste any more time. First two candidates come out and compete, I don’t want to call your names.”

The exciting moment came! People finally did not pay any more attention to Wu Yu. Instead, they were full of anticipation to see the fights between core disciples! This moment, was a start of a fire storm!

Two young talents at Qi Condensing Phrase quickly leaped into the middle of the arena. Under the view of the crowd, they greeted each other, and then started fighting directly.

“Daoism, Magic weapons!”

It was actually the first time for Wu Yu to clearly see two special items of Qi Condensing Stage. Both disciples held a long sword, which was different from the Demon Suppressing Sword. Maybe the Daemon Suppressing Sword was sharper. But that long sword had the strength of the Celestial Dao, a huge advantage to the weapon wielder!

Besides, different magical weapons had different effects. According to ‘The Atlas of Dongsheng Divine Continent’, magical weapons could immobilize others, release poisonous smoke and have many other unbelievable effects.

As for the Dao, if released by spiritual power, it would become more formidable. For example, it will be able to direct wind, control thunder, drive fires, and so on. It had numerous powers, to use the Dao was truly celestial in the eyes of mortals.

“Little junior!” When Wu Yu was lost in watching the competition, someone suddenly patted him on his shoulder. This startled Wu Yu, he was very powerful now. Anyone who was able to sneak up on  him without his attention, and pat his shoulder in silence must be very powerful.

If he had stabbed a sword through his heart, he would have died.

Wu Yu suddenly turned around, he found a scholarly looking man standing beside Su Yanli. He was wearing a black top hat and waving a folding fan. The fan had pictures of graceful and scantily dressed women. Looking closer, he was actually very handsome, he had a moustache, looking very serious, and in fact clever eyes that shone constantly–as smart as a fox.

At this time, this man was looking at Wu Yu up and down. He was amazed.

Su Yanli rolled her eyes, complaining, “Third Senior Bother, do not tease him, he is going to fight soon.”

That man stared at her, “How could I, I am here today to support this little junior brother.” His funny face was somehow gentle and kind.

Wu Yu knew the identity of this man. He was the third disciple of  Feng Xueya, the Sect Leader and the senior brother of Su Yanli. In this way, he seemed more powerful than Su Yanli. Thankfully, he seemed to appreciate Wu Yu otherwise, he wouldn’t call Wu Yu little junior brother before the competition finished.

“Little Junior Brother, I am the third disciple of Old Feng, Mo Shishu. You can call me Third Senior Brother.” Although his appearance was of  a scholar, but he talked like a rogue.

“Mo Shishu (shishu=master’s junior brother)? Third Senior Brother?” Wu Yu was confused. Shishu or senior brother?

“’Shi’ in his name is the one from ‘Shiju shuji’ (poem and books). You always took advantage of others with your name. I will ask Sect Leader to change your name into Mo Shizhi (homophone of nephew).” Su Yanli was always indifferent, but she was more relaxed in front of Mo Shishu. They seemed to have a good relationship.

“Eh eh, little Junior Sister, don’t make trouble. I surrender, I submit to your good grace, Okay? Right, you care so much about this little junior brother, be honest, do you want to be his sugar mama?

Mo Shishu jestingly said while waving his folding fan.

“Are you asking for a beating!” Su Yanli had no patience with him. He was not like a senior brother at all.

At this time, listening to them fooling around, no one thought about the outcome on the arena. The first competition had finished, the first Celestial Kingdom Supervisor appeared. The fight between Wu Yu and Situ Minglang is drawing closer.

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