Chapter 29: A Unique Skill

The cold light went straight for Su Tang’s back.

Wei Yang made a misunderstanding yet again.

He absolutely shouldn’t be concerned about Lu Ping and Su Tang’s identity as students of Zhai Feng institute, rather he should be concerned about the identity of Lu Ping as a Heaven Awakener with six souls Linked.

It was unfortunate that he didn’t know.

Therefore, the price to be paid was not that of Lu Ping’s disregard, rather it would be the price of his ignorance.

The cold light descended. Lu Ping did what had to be done; He turned around and shifted Su Tang away from the cold light’s way. Before Wei Yang could be amazed, his eyes had already been covered up. Not only his eyes but also his nose, mouth……

All the five fingers of Lu Ping’s right hand were stretched around, covering the entire face of Wei Yang. Wei Yang was absolutely unable to see how Lu Ping had reached out with his hand. This time, he was truly unable to smile regardless of how he tried. Every possible muscle through which he could laugh was firmly stuck under Lu Ping’s fingers.

All five fingers contracted and caused a wave of chill to rise from deep within Wei Yang’s heart. For the first time, this conceited youngster was feeling so powerless; Surprisingly, he was absolutely incapable of resisting the strength behind these five contracting fingers, neither was he able to struggle free.

Wei Yang, who boasts himself as being an expert in killing people, was actually completely helpless at this moment. The dagger was still in his hand, but he didn’t know what he could do with it. Both of his legs were uncontrollably shivering. The real terror was actually this feeling of being so powerless. He could feel that his face has begun to deform; It seemed like his face is going to get squeezed out under these five fingers.

What should I do?

At this instant, what came in the mind of this arrogant youngster was, to actually call for help. At this moment, he discovered himself to be way too weak from what he’d imagined himself to be.

At this moment, he didn’t have the opportunity to even cry for help.

What about guards? Why have the guards still not come to help? A glimmer of hope flashed in Wei Yang’s mind. He was even unable to notice that the guard who’d rushed over to help had already been easily grabbed and tossed over the mansion’s wall by Lu Ping’s other hand.

“Uh…” Xi Fan sighed. He decided that he should persuade Lu Ping a bit. It’s nothing more than an invitation, going as far as killing a Protector of City Master’s Residence, that doesn’t sound too necessary.

Xi Fan opened his mouth and was just about to shout Lu Ping’s name, but a voice came from behind him and snatched his chance.

“Where did this child come from? To create a fuss here of all the places.”

Along with the voice, a figure suddenly arrived in front of Xi Fan. The individual’s speed was very quick; By the time he was finished speaking these words, he had already arrived beside Lu Ping and Wei Yang.

“Huh?” By facial features, the man only looked to be about thirty years, though he’d a lot of white hairs on his head. After he stopped beside Lu Ping and Xi Fan, he revealed a surprised expression and then gave Lu Ping a quick glance.

“Let him go, you can’t kill him.” The man said facing Lu Ping.

“That is true.” Lu Ping, who in Xi Fan’s opinion would have been very hard to convince, actually nodded his head; Merely, he didn’t set Wei Yang down lightly, rather he applied fierce strength through his palms and threw Wei Yang away to the side.

“That was more than required.” The man said while shaking his head. He could see that Lu Ping had done this in order to prevent the opponent from launching an immediate counter-attack after being released, however, he could see even more clearly that Wei Yang had long ago lost his will to fight, his heart had completely been occupied by fear.

Lu Ping pulled his hands back; Naturally, Soul’s Power was also no longer being used. The man was just about to go and take a look at Wei Yang, however, at this instant, he suddenly turned his head back.

“Huh?” He once again displayed an astonished expression. His vision towards Lu Ping became much more serious; He narrowed his eyes and carefully sized up Lu Ping. It looked like he was confirming something.

Within an instant, Soul’s Power has disappeared this thoroughly, even I can’t feel anything?

“Let me take a look at your hand.” He said in an unquestionable voice, and his right hand was already reaching forward.

” Who are you?” Lu Ping’s expression was reserved. He didn’t plan on stretching his hand, rather, he intended to retreat. However, his front suddenly blurred and the man’s right hand which at first seemed to be very casually reaching towards him, had already reached him within an instant, and it took hold of Lu Ping’s right hand.

Before Lu Ping could resist, that man quickly got rid of Lu Ping’s right hand as if he’d been pricked with a needle. At that very instant, the chains on Lu Ping’s wrist came flickering out, being even clearer than that time when Lu Ping’s fist had collided with Bi Ge’s successive power fists. The chains were also swaying much more fiercely as if they were angry after being disturbed.


The brief sound of chains colliding against each other was extremely ear-piercing. However, at this instant, the chains had already vanished. Along with it, the expression on the middle age man’s face became much more complex.

“Intense Soul Lock?” He muttered, however, his tone implied that he was still unconvinced.

Xi Fan and Mo Lin had already guessed that this man was not simple. At this moment, they slowly moved closer, hoping to catch some of the man’s words.

“Is it Intense Soul Lock?” This time, the man was asking Lu Ping.

“More or less.” Lu Ping said.

“Under the confinement of Intense Soul Lock, you can still employ Soul’s Power?”

“Not much.” Lu Ping said.

“It should not be this way…” The man actually began to walk around Lu Ping in a circle. At the side, Wei Yang coughed in a loud voice and spit out three teeth due to being forcibly squeezed by Lu Ping earlier, and his face also had deformations at many spots. He had lost that charming smiling face of his forever. Yet still, neither did anyone look towards him nor did anyone care, not a single individual among all the people present.

After encircling Lu Ping’s body two times, that man unexpectedly set Lu Ping aside from his mind and focused his attention on the body of Su Tang.

“Small girl, your injury is not light. It was inflicted by a Linked One of Essence’s soul, right? Inside your chaotic Soul’s Power, there is a portion of Strength’s soul’s power that needs to be guided out, or else the consequences will be very severe.”

Lu Ping, Su Tang, and Xi Fan, the vision of all three of them simultaneously turned towards Mo Lin.

“Is that so?” As Mo Lin heard the man’s determination, he moved closer and said:

” I feel there is not much of a problem. Lot’s of rest and lots of water would be just fine. So?” Mo Lin insisted on preserving his determination.

The man turned his head and gave Mo Lin a quick glance. However, after that, he once again displayed a surprised expression:

“Mo family blood vessels?” He said.

“You can also tell this just by looking?” Mo Lin was also very astonished. Is it not true that Mo family has never been counted among the clans with famous blood vessels on the continent?

That man, however, lifted his finger and poked towards Mo Lin. Mo Lin wanted to dodge subconsciously, however, just a moment ago, even Lu Ping was unable to dodge this man’s right hand, would Mo Lin be able to?

There wasn’t much strength behind the finger, however, Mo Lin immediately lost his balance, and slumped on the ground.

“Too easy to recognize. Apart from Mo family’s blood vessels, where would you find such a weak physique.”

“I am leaving!” Mo Lin was angry. He frantically stood up from the ground and thought about taking out his skewer and poisoning this guy to death, obviously, he did nothing more than just thinking.

“Who are you, Sir?” Xi Fan came forward pushing his wheelchair by himself, and his tone was also much respectful towards this superior person.

“Let’s talk about that later. First, let me help her. Hold both of her hands for me.” Although this man was spouting instructions all over from his mouth, but in reality, it looked like he’d ignored everybody else as he moved forward, took Su Tang’s both hands and raised them.

“The injury due to the power of Essence’s soul is very complex. It will…..Huh!” As the man was speaking, he once again revealed a surprised expression as he glanced towards Xi Fan who had come beside him.

“Member of Yan family?” He said.

Xi Fan’s complexion instantly changed, but very quickly resumed its usual appearance.

“My name is Xi Fan.” Xi Fan said.

“But your surname is Yan, Yan as in Yan Qiuci.” The man said.

“Eh?” This time, it was Mo Lin’s turn to be astonished; He looked like as if he’d heard a frightening name. However, before he could say anything, there was a sound of explosion. Suddenly, two surging waves of Soul’s Power burst out from between the two hands of Su Tang. The sound of explosion was actually produced due to the collision of these waves with space.

An image of a man flew out.

In mid-air, it seemed like the image patted the sleeves of its shirt two times as if it had just taken care of something troublesome, and then it landed on the ground. While its landing was extremely smooth and relaxed, its face once again revealed an astonished expression.

(Tl: This paragraph was a bit confusing. The image is of the middle aged man who was inspecting. It must have something to do with his ability.)

“Sixth Heavenly Layer of Strength’s Soul, you are this strong?” The man was still surprised.

Following this, the man’s vision fell upon the four youngsters one by one; From Lu Ping, to Su Tang, to Xi Fan, and then Mo Lin.

“What’s is going on?” He said to himself. “Such a coincidence to come across four individuals, each and every one of whom has extraordinary origins?”

And me?

Against the base of the wall, Wei Yang although was not able to speak due to his aching face, but his ears were as sharp as ever. He had heard the evaluation of the man, and by the movement of the man’s eyes, it was certain that he, Wei Yang, was absolutely not included.

I am a genius who merely took two years to break into the realm of Linking of Souls, what do these four individuals amount to? Best they had is sixth Heavenly Layer, that’s all!

Wei Tianqi was mournfully thinking, and his expression seemed much more painful. Suddenly a mouthful of blood rushed up in his throat, his vision turned dark and he passed out.

“Oh! There is one more person!”

Wei Yang had finally been recalled.

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