Chapter 3: Deity eyes Dao(part2)

“Old granny, where do you think that world is that I see?” Fang Tien said.

Suddenly, a branch from the ancient tree lowered downwards, its thick leaves hovered over Fang Tien.

“Child, its impossible for me to know, as the vision from Deity eyes cannot be predicted. What you see might not even be in our current space and time, only after you’ve learned to master your eyes will you know.” a vast otherworldly sound echoed, it was the immortal ancient tree.

Fang Tien blinked, his expression one filled with confusion.

Seeing his confusion the Ancient immortal Tree continued.

“All Deity eyes have their own innate Dao and abilities, that are special to those eyes, as you’ve just fully awakened your deity eyes, the abilities will manifest itself as your understanding of your Dao and realm increases.” the immortal ancient tree said

“Stronger… I can finally cultivate my pupil, granny remember your promise!” Fang Tien said excitedly.

“Child I can’t teach you any pupil cultivating techniques as I had planned,” the immortal ancient tree said weakly.

“Why?!” Fang Tien said in surprise.

“Child, Deity eyes stand above other pupils and as such cultivation techniques developed for them won’t work, as you’ve awakened now you will cultivate differently from other none pupil cultivators and as such your rank will be different as I’ve told you, at your current level of ‘ closed Pupil’ stage, you’re still far too weak to use your Deity eyes true abilities.”

“As you know eye cultivators realms are called, Closed pupil, Awakened Pupil, True sight Pupil, King pupil, Emperor Pupil, Emperor True sight pupil, God pupil, and Immortal pupil, Deity eyes normally need to achieve awakened pupil rank before their first divine ability that they can control appears.”

“Our Du clan first Ancestor was at the God pupil rank before he vanished, normally you cultivate your eyes and it’s been said that when you’ve achieved immortal pupil rank they become eternal, but Deity eyes are different, Deity eyes are born eternal! and can’t be destroyed or extinguished” the immortal ancient tree said.

Fang Tien was slightly surprised, were his eyes really eternal, unable to be destroyed?

Seeing the doubt on Fang Tien face the Immortal Ancient Tree continued

“The reason why Deity eyes are so is that each contains its own True Dao law, deity eyes are bred by the true laws of the universe and as such Deity eye users are invalid with other eye cultivation techniques, in our vast universe and other worlds only two things hold true regardless of past or present, space and time! your dao heart and true source dao.”

“In the sky fire continent and our world, sky world magic holds the strongest status because the Sky world cares for magic users more, they cultivate faster and are easier to reach the peak, but in another world such as the sword world, their Dao is mostly sword Qi focused, what would happen if someone at the apex of our sky world magic dao went there?

They would be suppressed by the world!the only ones not affected regardless of the world they’re in are True immortals and special geniuses who can comprehend the true dao source of our universe, this is why Deity eyes are eternal and cant be extinguished!, nor affected or suppressed” The immortal ancient said.

Fang Tien grew excited immediately.

“I wonder what Dao my eyes contain?” Fang Tien wondered.

“Its simple, as we’ve done many times simply close your eyes and try to sense the QI of the universe, but this time do it while focusing with your eyes as the universe!imagine within your eyes our world can be contained and sense the Dao within, “The immortal ancient tree said.

Closing his pupils Fang Tien Sat crossed-legged, at first, only darkness appeared, but slowly a tiny dot, which evolved into a light spot, it grew until one would notice it was a star!

The stars multiplied and suddenly a vast starry sky appeared, slowly his gaze went even further and beyond the starry skies another sky appeared parallel to it, it was like a mirror reflection, but the reflection seemed more ancient, as if it had surmounted through ancient times, Primal chaos filled the air as the stars rotated.

Trying to gaze further within brought a stabbing pain to Fang Tien, he felt as if his eyes were bursting, but he still hasn’t found his answer! Bearing the pain he gazed further within, in the space of the parallel world he could see multiple worlds, each revolving, he could see stars being destroyed and reborn, he could see the Samsara of the world!

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