Chapter 3: This is not Professional

Discovered !

Mo Sen’s whole face was covered with shame and anger. Not too long after Lu Ping and Su tang had departed, he began to follow them closely. He intended to understand a little about the movements of Lu Ping in order to help him with his objective.

However, he had been unexpectedly discovered before being able to hear anything, and moreover, was actually discovered by such a garbage.

Mo Sen’s old face turned thoroughly red. Previously, he believed that even though he is a gardener, taking care of this garbage won’t consume any of his energy. Now it seems that in this kind of shady work such as following and eavesdropping, he is a bit too amateur.

He truly wanted to do it!

As he looked at that smiling face exploring out through the window’s opening, he truly wished to just do it straight away.

However, he was unable to do so.

After all, he was a teacher and Lu Ping after all, was still a student of the academy. The more crucial point was that he was doing this to sweep away the hindrance of Su Tang. He didn’t wish to leave behind such a shadow in Su Tang’s heart. The best would be an accident.

How would he create an accident?

Mo Sen immediately had a new worry for himself. He discovered that this affair is not as simple as he had thought. Being a gardener, causing an accident to kill a person, he didn’t have a single clue about such a thing.

“ Mo Sen Laoshi.” As he was lost in the thought, another body came out through the other side’s window and suddenly shouted his name.

Oh damn!

Mo Sen’s face immediately turned even more red. I was actually absent minded! If Lu Ping happened to be an enemy, an opponent, how many times I would have died without even being aware?

Voice was coming from ahead. Mo Sen moved forward to take a look. It was Luo Wei who was scouting out from the side window, and had shouted his name. His entire face was filled with doubt.

‘Oh! so it’s Luo Wei Laoshi.’ Mo Sen completely relaxed in the next moment.

So that’s the reason! he thought.

Luo Wei was an individual similar to him who’d linked up the Infusion’s soul. The difference being, the ultimate abilities produced by their cultivation were different.

His ability is known as Inspection. It can allow him to see signs of life inside the body of a living being. Therefore, he was able to make out that even though Dormant Fire Lotus was spoiled by being stepped upon, its metabolism inside the stem was still not harmed. He was also able to see the intensity of Strength’s soul inside Su Tang’s body was at sixth Heavenly Layer realm.

On the other hand, the ability of Luo Wei is Penetrating Vision. So, him being discovered outside is not hard to understand. He was discovered because of Luo Wei’s Penetrating Vision. Lu Ping was present at the window right beside his body. Of course, he would stick his head out to take a look.

“Mo Sen Laoshi, what brings you here?” Surprise was written across Luo Wei’s entire face. He couldn’t understand anything regarding the previous surprised and flustered behavior of Mo Sen.

“It’s nothing, I was merely passing through, I was just about to……uh….go that way…”. Mo Sen is no assassin or pursuer. He is not even good at telling lies. He originally wanted to casually throw a destination, however, the moment he was about to speak his mind, he blanked out. He is quite familiar with the institute. However, when he was required to lie, he wasn’t able to come up with a single location’s name as a distraction in the end.

“Oh! In that case…..walk slowly.” Although Luo Wei couldn’t clear his suspicions, but he was unusually trusting towards Mo Sen. There must be a reason for it. Right? His thinking was he would ask him again when he has the opportunity.

“ Mo Sen Laoshi. See you again.” Lu Ping also bid his farewell towards Mo Sen.

“Yeah we will.” Mo Sen cooly( Tl: ‘cool dude’ sense) replied in one sentence. Then pretending to be calm, he positioned both of his hands behind his body and walked away.

“ So, we will continue with our class.” Luo Wei returned to the desk. He decided to temporarily put off Mo Sen’s matter. However, Lu Ping was still lying at the window’s opening. As he looked at Mo Sen who wished to quickly walk away but also didn’t dare to walk too quick thinking that if he was to turn again that would be too embarrassing, he couldn’t help himself from laughing out one time in the end.

“Lu Ping, what are you laughing at?” Luo Wei had just barely explained a few sentences and was interrupted again. This truly was a little more than he could bear. Originally, he absolutely didn’t wish to pay any attention to this name.

“ Sorry for the inconvenience, please continue.” Lu Ping immediately restrained his smiling expression. However, the other students were definitely not happy. They truly looked forward obtaining instructions from the teacher. However, the result was them being interrupted twice by this garbage of a student.

“People who don’t wish to hear the lecture, please go out. Don’t waste everyone’s precious time here!”

Having the reputation of the most outstanding student within the classroom, Ba Yong stood up and said. His manner of speaking was not too heavy. After all, he didn’t wish to resemble an evil person in front of the teacher and his classmates, though, his disdainful expression was not covered in the slightest.

“Right, please go out.” Some students also followed the suit.

“ Don’t bother us!”

“ Get Lost!”

Voices were rising more and more, and were also becoming more and more blunt. Who originally didn’t share this opinion were also left unable to do anything.

Luo Wei was unable to sit idle. Although he too despised Lu Ping, but due to him being a teacher, he felt like giving another chance to Lu Ping. He didn’t think that there was much need, but it was still his duty after all.

The result was, before Luo Wei could open his mouth, Lu Ping was already standing up.

Classroom suddenly turned silent. A kind of uneasiness rushed through every single individual’s heart. A lot of people couldn’t endure and shifted their gaze from Lu Ping’s body.

“ Are you talking to me?’ Lu Ping asked. His tone was very tranquil. Those who a moment ago were heavily aroused, unexpectedly didn’t utter a single word. Everyone seemed to pretend that this doesn’t have anything to do with them. They were completely avoiding him, wishing that someone else would take care of it.

There was complete silence for a moment.

“ Yes!” Eventually, someone replied. It was first grade’s most remarkable student Ba Yong. As Lu Ping’s question was faced off, everybody felt themselves relax a bit.

Being under everybody’s attentive gaze, Ba Yong felt as if he had rescued the world. He completely forgot that what he did was merely giving an answer to a simple question. Furthermore, he also didn’t realize that when he’d replied “Yes”, he was supporting his body by having his right hand being placed on the table behind him.

He opened his eyes wide and glared at Lu Ping. Lu Ping nevertheless smiled and nodded his head.

“ Ok. ” He said.

Then supporting his body by placing both of his hands on the window’s ledge, he jumped out.

He truly left like this?

Students stared blankly for a good while. They originally believed that since Lu Ping had received this kind of contempt, he would probably set off a whirlwind or speak spiteful words. And what actually happened was that he ran away with the tail between his legs?

“ Truly a garbage person.” Someone muttered.

“Yes. He doesn’t have even a little bit of courage.”

“ Coward.”

More and more voices were resounding. They were completely despising Lu Ping and were getting delighted by doing so. It was clear that the first impression of Lu Ping was the last for them, no matter what Lu Ping did, it would remain equivalent to the behavior of a garbage person.

However, Luo Wei was still in a daze, what was that just now?

For the students, it was only an uncomfortable feeling as if they were feeling sick. However for him, although it was only momentary, he felt pressure.

Where did it come from? From Lu Ping?

Luo Wei didn’t have enough time to clearly perceive that feeling before it completely disappeared.

Students were still commenting and still looking down on Lu Ping. However, Luo Wei once again walked up to the corner window and looked outside. He saw Lu Ping, walking all alone on the road. He again tried to use Infusion’s power to find some peculiarities, but he couldn’t find anything.

“ Did someone passed by? Or was it someone from the classrooms above?”

Luo Wei looked in all four directions, then again looked up towards the second floor and the third floor, but was still unable to find anything.

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