Chapter 30: Immortal child?

Within the inn, various chatter and noises could be heard as people laughed merrily while drinking and consuming varied foods.

Inside this inn all types of people could be found, from wanted criminals to high-rank mages!

this inn being the main inn in the south region was extremely popular due to its location and the occasional elf visitor.

One must know that elves were mysterious things to the general public as they rarely travel from outside their forest.

4 figures walked from upstairs the inn, entering the food hall, one of them instantly attracted the attention of all the men, her eyes a deep purple color she was beautifully incomparable, her smooth skin seemed jade-like in nature and free of any blemishes or impurities

Her pupils shone with 3 star-shaped patterns as they seem to have an enchanting effect on all who view it, her appearance caused her to overshadow the other figures as they were just ignored.

Within their vision, a large man could be seen, his biceps seem to barely be contained inside his shirt sleeves, his short cut hair spiky and red with a smile that looked as if he was crying he called happily to the group

“Honored guest what would you like to eat? May I suggest something from our rank 3mythical beast category?”

With a Glance, Du Yan looked back towards Fang Tien, while Fang Tien was tall Du Lei was a giant for his age and made it hard for one to see Fang Tien.

“The Fierce boar Sirloin steak served with a 200-year ginseng herb”

Standing in the middle of Du Lei and Du Min Fang Tien reply could be heard, his voice carrying a magnetism effect to it.

His sound is very temperate, comparable to the feeling of a cool spring breeze on a hot afternoon, a clear-headed feeling could be felt as if ones state of mind was purified.

With looks of shock everyone’s eyes searched for the source of this voice, what they saw was a young boy, his skin clear , similar to a white jade, bringing sparkling and translucent bright luser, his body radiated with a flavor of time as if regardless of the era existed in his elegant demeanor was timeless.

His Hair is jet black and free-flowing, comparable to silk fabric, with a smooth and mild-mannered expression, his face appeared divinely handsome while having a gentle temperate smile throughout.

His pair of eyes limpid, seeming exceptionally clear without any impurity, with deep purple light his eyes were similar to Amethyst as a single star shape pattern stood out within them.

He simply looked comparable to an exiled immortal as if he was not a mortal world cultivator, this grace, and talent only appearing of the children of true immortal families, he seemed as if he was an immortal being reincarnated.

“Which Immortal family direct descendent is this? very strange eyes “

“Immortal families are all mages, these persons aren’t wearing a mage robe they’re warriors then?”

“Who cares what family, if I could be born with a face like that every noble man’s daughter room would be like my own”

Loud chatters could be heard as various discussions and rumors sparked about Fang Tien.

Looking Back, scholars say that this event was one of the significant sparks that started the fire that eventually turned into the incredible blaze that was the infamous Heavenly Eye cult!

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