Chapter 30: Infinitesimal Separation

City Master Wei Zhong values the efficiency highly, so the City Master’s Mansion had naturally been brought up in an atmosphere that corresponds to it. Just a few moments since the entrance guard had gone inside the Mansion to notify, Family Guardian Wei Ling had already appeared outside the mansion, but due to the appearance of this strange guy, he didn’t rush forward and act without caution.

This man doesn’t seem to have any evil intentions, and neither does he have any intentions to deliberately favour a certain side. After he extracted out those two strands of the power of Strength’s Soul, Su Tang had immediately turned full of life and vigor, and at this moment, he is already moving towards Wei Yang.

“Who are you?” Lu Ping asked.

“Capable of telling blood vessels with a single glance, there is only a single individual in the entire continent.”

“Right, that’s me.” The man had lowered his body and was examining the injury on Wei Yang’s face. In the end, he shook his head and stood up. He looked towards the Family Guardian who was standing right outside the gate watching them, and waved his hand:

“He is fine, but his face is ruined.”

“Your majesty is…..” The Family Guardian waved his hands indicating the guards to carry Wei Yang back while he himself went forward to greet the man in quick steps. From the hint inside Xi Fan’s words, he’d faintly guessed who this man was.

“Wen Ge Cheng.” The man smiled.

The Protector immediately assumed the respected expression that he’d prepared beforehand, and offered his courtesy: “Infinitesimal Separation.”

Infinitesimal Separation is an ability, the ability Xi Fan had just recently mentioned. It is an ability grasped only by a single person on the entire continent. Therefore, this ability has turned into this man’s symbol and has even turned into this man’s honorific.

This man is called Wen Ge Cheng, and ability: Infinitesimal Separation. Since the ability is unique, the man is also unique. In terms of strength, he is only a Linked One of two souls, which is miles apart from the Linked Ones of three souls, four souls, and five souls on the continent. However, a unique ability has provided him with a unique status. This Linked One of two souls definitely cannot be regarded as one of the strongest, yet this hasn’t stopped the three Grand Empires and the four Major Institutes from trying every method at their disposal to win him over.

However, Wen Gecheng didn’t accept the invitation of any faction. He just playfully drifts around the world with the winds. Though, his sudden appearance at Xia Feng city had immediately caused the City Master to lose his attention from a certain youngster. Of course, if the City Master knew that Lu Ping was a Heaven Awakener with six souls linked, then it certainly would have been completely different.

The new information had long ago been passed on inside the City Master’s Mansion. The efficiency of the City Master is truly nothing like ordinary, only a few words had been exchanged between the Protector and We Gecheng, and the City Master had already made his appearance outside the Mansion’s Gate.

“Mr. Wen!” City Master Wei Zhong’s expression was extremely earnest, and the echo of his voice was powerful. However, just by the way he’d addressed the former, all people present could feel the respect he felt, and how highly he thought of the former.

“City Lord.” In return, Wen Gecheng was also courteous towards Wei Zhong. Being in control of a province, a city master upon the continent can’t possibly be nameless like Zhai Feng institute. Wei Zhong is a strong Linked One with three souls linked, this coupled with his identity as a City Master, he naturally can’t be a lone wolf like Wen Gecheng.

Each and every one of the twelve Family Guardians at his side is an expert. Wei Yang who recently had his face squeezed out by Lu Ping was arrogant only because he was a genius. In terms of true strength accounted through realms, he is the at the very bottom of all the Family Guardians. However, since his age is only seventeen years, his future prospects are endless.

“Mr. Wen, forgive me for not being there when you arrived in the city, but I still ask of you to have a seat inside the Mansion.” Every single letter of Wei Zhong’s following words also echoed. The words were accompanied with a Soul’s Power which can cause people hearing unable to refuse him.

“Actually, I was merely passing by. However, since City Master has personally invited, then maybe I should?” Wen Gecheng was smiling.

“Please!” Wei Zhong graciously turned around and guided Wen Gecheng inside the Mansion. As for Lu Ping? The youngster for whom he’d issued instructions two times expressing his desire to have a little meeting with him, was right in front of his eyes at this moment, however, his vision didn’t turn towards him even once. Only an individual like Wen Gecheng could cause him to treat the former as someone important. As for that youngster, he had nothing more than a little bit of curiosity towards him.

The outside of the Mansion’s gate instantly resumed its former tranquil atmosphere. Wei Yang was being carried inside the Mansion, and the guard standing at the Mansion’s entrance who had been recently thrown over the wall by Lu Ping was also walking with the support of people. Just like before, there were two new guards standing perfectly straight at the entrance of the Mansion. Lu Ping and the rest had instantly turned into a group that no one cared about.

“This is actually quite convenient.” Mo Lin said. He was thinking that if Lu Ping were to truly kill Wei Yang, then who could have imagined that the conclusion of this matter would have been left so indefinite like this. Just because of the appearance of a single Wen Gecheng, entire City Master Mansion was acting like stars converging towards the bright moon.

“Hope it remains this way, all right?!” Xi Fan said. There is no way he could believe that this matter will rest at this point. Is it possible to sweep away the prestige of City Master as one wishes? City Master Mansion is not Xia Feng institute, and even more so, Wei Zhong is not Baliyan.

“How are you doing?” However, Lu Ping didn’t mind any of these things as he was asking Su Tang.

“Looks like it’s completely restored.” Su Tang clenched her fists. There wasn’t the slightest bit of resistance from her Soul’s Power.

“So, who was that person?” Lu Ping asked Xi Fan.

“Impossible! You haven’t heard of Wen Gecheng?” Mo Lin was astonished.

Lu Ping shook his head. Normally saying, within these three years in Zhai Feng, even if Lu Ping didn’t achieve anything in terms of cultivation, but with the increase in knowledge, there is no way he wouldn’t hear about Wen Gecheng. However, Lu Ping is truly special. Within these three years, apart from not following the academic instructions of Zhai Feng at all, his interaction with the other people was also limited to just Su Tang, and maybe some bittersweet encounters with Xi Fan can also be counted. However, these two wouldn’t possibly gossip these things with him.

“Wen Gecheng, although he is a Linked One of only two souls, his ability ‘Infinitesimal Separation’ is one and only on the entire continent. Even among those six Linked One’s of five souls, not a single one could grasp this ability. “ Mo Lin said.

“What is this ability?” Lu Ping asked.

“How should I put it. It can also be considered as a perceptive, discerning, discarding false and retaining true kind of ability?” Mo Lin was speaking while looking in the direction of Xi Fan, hoping Xi Fan would follow up.

“Since it’s an ability that is grasped by only a single person, what others know of it is not completely clear. In short, this ability allows him to see what other people cannot, such as blood vessels…..” As soon as Xi Fan said up to here, he suddenly halted speaking.

“Oh, that’s right, Yan Quici and you have some relationship?” Mo Lin immediately recalled the words said by Wen Gecheng when he had identified Xi Fan’s blood vessels.

“I don’t know.” Xi Fan’s answer was extremely firm.

“It’s unlikely for Wen Gecheng to make a mistake, though!” Mo Lin said.

However, Xi Fan refused to recognize him. Xi Fan turned the direction of the wheelchair by himself and began to move forward. Su Tang who was now completely recovered lent him a hand. However, from behind his body, another question came through:

“Who is Yan Quici again?”

“You also don’t know Yan Quici? Oh, come on; One of the six Linked Ones of five souls on the continent, Yan Quici of the northwest, current era’s no. 1 swordsman. Haven’t heard any of it?” Mo Lin said.

Lu Ping scratched his head, this sounds somewhat familiar; or perhaps since the name is too big, he must’ve heard a few phrases from somewhere.

At this moment, Mo Lin clearly didn’t seem to have any interest in preaching general knowledge to Lu Ping, as he promptly dashed forward and caught up with Xi Fan and Su Tang. He crammed beside Su Tang’s body, being very desirous of pushing Xi Fan’s wheel chair together with her.

“Senior Xi Fan! Big Brother Xi Fan!” He was addressing Xi Fan as his kin: “Say say, what is your relationship with Yan Quici?”

“I don’t know him.” However, Xi Fan once again replied with extreme certainty.

“Oh.” Since Xi Fan wasn’t willing to speak, Mo Lin also couldn’t do anything about it. So he began to think about the previous words of Wen Gecheng.

“Just a moment ago, Wen Gecheng said that all the four of us have uncommon origins? How you all have uncommon origin, I could care less; A part of me already believe in you all prematurely. But, from what angle does my origins seems uncommon? Help me a bit in thinking it over.” Mo Lin said.

“How about: you are of unknown origins instead of uncommon origins?” Xi Fan looked at him: “Mo family? Lin Mo? Who are you in the end?”

“Uh, I am leaving, I forgot that I am still supposed to be concealing my identity!” Mo Lin shouted.

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