Chapter 30: The Thunder Control Divine Skill

“How did Wu Yu become taller?” Qing Mang dared not stand close to Su Yanli or the other disciples of the Sect Leader. She had to stay far away with the disciples of Heaven Gazing Mountain. When she finally squeezed her way through the crowd, she was shocked seeing this scene. Her little mouth opened very wide, she could swallow an egg whole.

She looked at Wu Yu and herself. She was thin and short. If she stood beside Wu Yu now, she could only reach his underbelly.

“In a few seconds, he will go on the arena. I hope he won’t lose.” Qing Mang watched them quietly. Her fair face looked a bit nervous.

Wu Yu was like a big brother to her. In fact, she had a biological brother in the mortal world. But since Qing Mang became a celestial disciple, she hadn’t seen him anymore.

Time flew. Disciples of similar power at Qi Condensing Phase had battled it out one after another. Very soon, it was now evening. Clouds and fogs faded away. The sunset glow tinted the sky.

Silhouetted by the glow, the Celestial Battle Podium was like an orange long sword, piercing the heaven in an oblique angle. Those disciples of the Sword to Heaven Sect were like numerous ants on the podium.

“The last battle, Situ Minglang and Wu Yu.” After a few minutes of silence, when the audience heard Elder Mu Ge’s announcement, they couldn’t help but hold their breath. Finally, this moment came. Almost everyone was waiting with suspense for this announcement. There were more and more disciples on the Celestial Battle Podium now. At that moment, they could hear their hearts beating so fast because of the tension and excitement.

“Little junior brother, don’t bring shame to master. So long as you can keep your life, you will have earned a lot of honor.” Before Wu Yu got on the field, Mo Shishu suddenly became serious and gave him a solemn word.

Obviously, since the Sect Leader saved Wu Yu a year ago, the battle today concerned the honor of the Sect Leader too.

“I will!” No need to say anything more. Wu Yu carried his sharp Demon Suppressing Sword and stepped forward. In just a few steps, he arrived in the central arena. Instantly, numerous gazes focused on him. He had attracted great attention when he was the Prince Heir of East Yue Wu, so he was quite calm in the Celestial Sect.

Hope was in the eyes of Mo Shishu, Su Yanli and Qing Mang.

Doubt and contempt in the eyes of the disciples of the Sword to Heaven Sect.

While Situ Minglang’s look was cold and resentful.

And Lan Huayun and the other elders on the higher seats looked at him with intense examining eyes.

All these gazes shot on Wu Yu, like numerous dazzling lights burning his body. An ordinary person would fear this kind of intensity and pressure. But instead, he enjoyed it. He had confidence in his Indestructible Vajra Body, so these gazes made his blood boil.

Now, the Wise Stone Body was even more condensed. Under the setting sun, beneath his skin, one could roughly see golden meridians,  blood surging through, golden flames forming on his bones, and golden crystals all over his body. He was like the stars in the night sky. A mighty monkey king was burning in the raging fire. His bloody red cloak was dancing and fluttering.

“Wu Yu! You picked up the waste from between my legs! Do you remember your shame!” Situ Minglang finally had this chance. The restless resentment deep in his core was really hard to endure. He appeared in front of Wu Yu as if there was thunder in his body. His Daoist spirit power caused severe storms in the surroundings.

“Situ Minglang. That day I killed two of your senior brothers, but I was not injured at all. Do you remember that grievance?” Wu Yu’s words were like a thunder bursting in the silence. He was quite proficient at arguing before battles. And Situ Minglang, after all, was still tender, so calm façade was completely shattered by Wu Yu. What was left, was only raging fury.


Situ Minglang was angry. All the disciples could feel his terrifying power!

“Wu Yu is so flagrant. The Sect Protector Sovereign is still here…” Those disciples were shocked by Wu Yu’s courage.

As far as they knew, Wu Yu’s best feat was defeating Yu Huaishan. But Yu Huaishan was far weaker than Situ Minglang. At that moment, they were guessing within how many breaths Wu Yu would be killed by Situ Minglang.

“Wu Yu, will definitely die.”

“Today, the Sect Leader is not here, but Sect Protector Sovereign is. No one will be able to save Wu Yu under the control of Sect Protector Sovereign.”

Almost everyone had the same thought.

Because of his agitation, Situ Minglang could not hold his fury any more, which was not a surprise. In front of Wu Yu, this young demon was unable to hold his calm. Suddenly, a magic weapon showed up in front of him, rushed into the sky and fell down to in his hand in less than a second. That was a hardened divine sword with blue light flowing on its edge. When the blue lights on the edge collided, numerous small lightning bolts started to thunder and roar. The power made people’s hair stand on end.

You could faintly see a lightning symbol carved on the hilt. It was that symbol that absorbed the power of lightning from heaven and earth, and merged power into the sword. That’s how the sword became a magic weapon.

Only celestials could use magic weapons.

“Thunder Drawing Sword!

When Situ Minglang held the Thunder Drawing Sword with his two hands, the lightning was wrapping around him. instantly, his long black hair fluttered like flashing thunders, which was really full of momentum!

Wu Yu had asked someone before. During his one-year closed-door cultivation, Situ Minglang not only condensed his Qi successfully, but also cultivated ‘Thunder Control Skill’. His fighting power was greater compared with other disciples at the same level.

When Situ Minglang was at the Mortal Body Forging Phase, he was better at using cold ice and water. But Lan Huayun found out that he had some gift in the Lightning Dao. Plus, for Dao cultivators, cultivating Lightning Dao at the earlier stage was more powerful and more helpful for fighting. So he stopped his previous cultivation and started to focus on the ‘Thunder Control Skill’.


When Situ Minglang looked up suddenly, his eyes were full of lightning, and looked at Wu Yu murderously. Without a single word, he rushed at Wu Yu to kill him!

“Heart Piercing Thunder!”

This was a Dao skill!

His one hand held the skill, and the other hand carried the sword. When he finished the skill and infused it into the Thunder Drawing Sword, there was countless spirit power condensed on the long sword, which increased the thunder and lightning ten times. Situ Minglang stabbed his sword at Wu Yu’s heart with overwhelming power and lightning speed. If the sword pierced Wu Yu’s heart, he would definitely be dead.

This move of Situ Minglang shocked all onlookers. It seemed that with this Dao skill and his body strength, he was the number one among the twelve candidates.

Although Wu Yu was quite tall and arrogant, but he was overwhelmed by Situ Minglang. Condensed Qi Phase is Condensed Qi Phase after all, and with the combination of the Dao and the magic weapon. Disciples from the Sword to Heaven Sect could almost expected that this was a one-strike battle.


Under the control of the Sect Protector, Situ Minglang didn’t need to hesitate to kill Wu Yu. Before his thunder sword arrived at Wu Yu’s heart, some of the straying lightning blew up the surrounding gravel, charring the ground.

At this moment, Qing Mang’s heart was at her throat. Her face was pale…

Wu Yu’s counter looked like a little bit too weak. He just held the sword with both hands and swept it.

“Golden Flames Slash!”

His new ‘Golden Flames Dragon Slaying Technique’ was revealed.


A heaven-shaking sound! As if mountains broke down and tens of thousands of kilograms of iron balls fell down on the ground from the high heaven. People’s ears were buzzing and their mind was blank.

Situ Minglang was swept away into the sky. The Demon Suppressing Sword shining under the setting sun, and a young man wrapped in golden light… this scene made the whole podium mute. People could even hear a pin drop.

This silence lasted a long time until Situ Minglang staggeringly landed, almost stumbling to the ground.

“Uh…” Situ Minglang looked aghast. This outcome was unbearable, he felt terrified.

It was assured that he was the one who would win with almost 99% probability, however it was him who drew short straw just now. Wu Yu, swept him away when he was still only at the Mortal Body Forging Phase.

This scene, was really unbelievable.

With the help of the blood from the Monkeyhead fruit, Wu Yu finally reached the 9th stage of the Mortal Body Forging Phase, becoming a celestial. He did not sleep and cultivated day and night. Before this, he had 3000-battlehorse strength. Now, he had over 5000. His mortal body strength was far more powerful than Situ Minglang’s.

That was why he could cause a heaven-shaking sweep that made Situ Minglang fly away and impressed the audience.

Even Lan Huayun’s eyes were shaking a little bit. Maybe she finally understood now why Feng Xueya favored Wu Yu.

Ofcourse, Wu Yu was not arrogant. Situ Minglang hadn’t treated him as a qualified opponent. And now, since he tasted bitterness, he would enter a frenzied state. This was  just the very beginning of the battle.

Sure enough, Situ Minglang bit his lip until it bled. Then he held up the Thunder Drawing Sword, put two fingers of his left hand on the sword, stared angrily at the heaven, walked in mysterious steps, and yelled, “Oh Heavens Majesty, divine Celestial, great heavenly Thunder, come, enter my sword!”

Suddenly, the clouds became darker. Wind carried the sand and moved the stones. Only celestials were able to control wind and cloud. Wu Yu looked up shockingly. The clouds became as dark as ink, and thunder was exploding from time to time. Suddenly, a thunder snake as thick as a bowl appeared above the clouds, with heavy killing intent!

“The Thunder Control Divine Skill will rend your bones and flesh into ashes!”

Amidst all those changes, there was a sneer forming in the corner of Situ Minglang’s mouth. The Thunder Drawing Sword was already pointing at Wu Yu.

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