Chapter 31: Thunder Demon Spirit Possession

The true essence of Situ Minglang’s technique, ‘Thunder Control Skill’, was its ability to draw thunder from the heavens.

Of the past one year, Situ Minglang spent at least eight months of hard practice on the ‘Thunder Control Skill’. He had reached the pinnacle of it. Now, as the disciples from the Sword to Heaven Sect all watched him enviously and respectfully, he pulled out his long sword. When pointed at by the Thunder Drawing Sword, Wu Yu felt a hint of death as if he was being chased by poisonous snakes or demons.

“Go to hell!”

Situ Minglang roared with laughter amidst the thundering lights. When he pointed his sword at Wu Yu, it drew thunder from the heavens, causing a bursting sound in the air. When people looked up, they saw a thunder snake hurtle out from the clouds with dazzling lights, and instantly rush above Wu Yu’s head at an unexpected speed!


When the top Dao skill appeared, people were amazed! They believed that no matter how strong Wu Yu was at the Mortal Body Forging Phase, his strength could never be better than Dao skills. Now, Situ Minglang was proving their belief.

The fierce thunder snake had exceeded Wu Yu’s perception. His dodging speed was far slower than its speed. At that extremely critical second, he was only fast enough to lift his Demon Suppressing Sword to protect his head!

If the heavenly thunder hit him directly on his head, it would definitely crack his head open!


The thunder snake and the Demon Suppressing Sword collided, as others had expected, it hit Wu Yu through his Demon Suppressing Sword, suddenly exploded,  and started destroying Wu Yu’s body. In a very short time, Wu Yu was burned black. He fell down on the ground stiffly, stirring up smoke and dust.

“He is roasted, ha-ha!” When disciples from the Sword to Heaven Sect saw Wu Yu fall down onto the ground, stirring up smoke, they burst out laughing. Disciples from the Heaven’s Cry Peak had the loudest laughter.

“He was finished so quickly, how hilarious. He never got to know the real awesomeness of the Dao skill.”

From now on, Wu Yu would be the laughingstock of the disciples in the Sword to Heaven Sect during dinner conversations.

Outside the arena, Su Yanli frowned slightly. She was about to get on the arena, but was stopped by Mo Shishu. He said in a low voice, “Keep cool, he still has a big opportunity to fight back!”

It was when people were laughing loudly and Mo Shishu just finished his words, two things happened!

First, Situ Minglang’s eyes were ghastly and his facial expression was full of cruelty! He was still holding the Dao mantra and continued the attack. It seemed that he intended to draw another thunder snake to kill Wu Yu–to completely turn him ashes!

The disciples all thought Wu Yu must have been killed already, so Situ Minglang’s action was somehow breaking the rules of the competition. But his Master was here…

The second thing was more unbelievable.

Wu Yu, who fell down on the ground before, suddenly flew up before Situ Minglang even started his second attack. Wu Yu became a shadow and rushed to kill Situ Minglang at a terrifying speed!

Both things happened in a flash.

Both were extremely fast!

True, a heavenly thunder hurt Wu Yu, but it was far from being able to kill him. His Indestructible Vajra Body had incredible resistance and resilience. Although the heavenly thunder could kill any person inferior to the Qi Condensing Phase, it wasn’t able to kill Wu Yu.

“Dao skills are really powerful, but they take a little time to cast!”

“A little time is enough for me to kill you.”

Holding his Demon Suppressing Sword, Wu Yu’s strength and spirit revived! Now, he was a peak cultivator. His single strike was as loud as a sudden clap of thunder, bursting out when he lifted up his sword, on which, it looked as if there was a golden divine dragon entwining!

“Heaven Rebelling Dragon Slaying Strike!”

The sword and dragon were perfectly merged in Wu Yu’s hand. A golden light flashed! The sharp, overwhelming, and heaven rebelling sword rushed at Situ Minglang – the most incredible thing happened!

“Still alive?!” Situ Minglang thought he was dead and was about to give him a second attack, but he never thought that Wu Yu would be able to fight back in less than a second! Wu Yu’s overwhelming and dauntless power somehow frightened Situ Minglang. It took time to call and draw the thunder snake. He had to change his mantra to protect himself!

“Thunder Condensing Shield!”

This Dao skill was really fast. A single mantra could condense thunder from all directions, forming into a thunder shield protecting against Wu Yu. Situ Minglang only used one hand to protect himself, while his other hand was still holding the Thunder Drawing Sword to draw the heavens thunder!

A moment of rebellion!


Parting wind for miles! Heaven Rebelling Dragon Slaying Strike!

Wu Yu’s unbelievable will and his terrific mortal strength granted his sword a marvelous speed to break the Thunder Condensing Shield. When his Demon Suppressing Sword swept in front of Situ Minglang, it cut away his arm, which was just now holding high the Thunder Drawing Sword! Along with the arm, his Thunder Drawing Swords was swept away too!


Wu Yu took the chance to kick him right on his chest. His breastbone cracked and he was kicked away to the crowd. People were stunned and scattered in chaos, letting Situ Minglang fall down on the ground bitterly. His body completely bedraggled as his blood mixed with  the soil.

“That bastard still looked down on me. He thought his thunder shield could resist me and did not give up drawing in the thunder, even in his last moment.” Wu Yu sneered. Situ Minglang was such a prideful man who failed in such a bitter way. He deserved it. When Wu Yu looked up to the sky, the clouds had faded away—like Situ Minglang, his glory days gone.

The competition was set.

Situ Minglang lost an arm and suffered a kick. He did not have much strength, and was only able to barely crawl up in a dreadfully pale looking state.


This moment was too unimaginable. People, including the disciples, Su Yanli, Mo Shishu, and even the elders, were shocked. Lan Huayun’s face became very ugly.

“Wow!” In the deadly silence, only Qing Mang, that little girl suddenly cheered up, jumping excitedly and said, “Wu Yu won! Situ Minglang was defeated!”

This voice pierced through some people’s hearts.

Wu Yu looked around. He saw a look of certainty in Su Yanli and Mo Shishu’s eyes, a deep look of awe in other disciples’ eyes, and also saw Lan Huayun look at him with indifference. This was an improvement, because before the competition, she just ignored him. At that time, Wu Yu was just a nobody to her.

Situ Minglang was at the edge of madness, struggling with the pain. His eyes were dyed red with his blood.  Everyone watched silently, he walked to his Thunder Drawing Sword, and picked it up.

Wu Yu was still vigilant. He was hurt by Ye Guyu’s Golden Flame Spell before, and that spell came from Situ Minglang. Although he was not allowed to use consumable treasures like a spell in this competition, it would not be surprising for Situ Minglang to break the rules. Thus, even if Elder Mu Ge announced that Wu Yu had won, he needed to watch out for a sneak attack.

After all, what he wanted was not the victory, but Wu Yu’s life.

In that deadly silence, Elder Mu Ge understood why Feng Xueya trained Wu Yu. He deliberately cleared his throat, announcing, “The last fight is settled, the winner is…”

“Hold on!”

Situ Minglang suddenly interrupted Elder Mu Ge in a gloomy voice, it was not polite to interrupt Elders. But he dared to do so because he was the disciple of Lan Huayun.

All People focused on Situ Minglang again.

“I have not been defeated yet!”

Situ Minglang covered his broken arm to stop it from bleeding, then picked up the Thunder Drawing Sword. He had a tortured looking when he spoke. He voice was like crying. Obviously, he was crazy and insane. At that moment, he was going to ignore everything and deny the result! Wu Yu could feel his bloodlust!

However, since Lan Huayun did not say anything, no one would stop Situ Minglang. Everyone’s heartstrings tensed up again after a few minutes of relaxation. They were more excited now, but they did not know what Situ Minglang was going to do next.

“Wu Yu, I will eat your flesh and drink your blood!”

Not to mention that Wu Yu had killed Situ Minglang’s two senior brothers, but also put him, an arrogant person, through such an embarrassing moment today. Situ Minglang would never let it go! All his resentment flooded in his mind, causing him to lose his reason.

“Minglang, he has become your mind demon. If you do not kill him, you will never move on. Therefore, kill him however you want. I will handle the rest for you.”

Other disciples were not able to hear Lan Huayun. She used a superb skill to convey her voice to Situ Minglang privately.

When he heard it, all his hesitation vanished. Leaving only the frenzy of hatred! The first thing he did was weird–he pierced his Thunder Drawing Sword through his heart!

Instantly, thunder burst out, drowning Situ Minglang. His body changed into a human-shaped mixture of thunder and lightning. People could only see his arms, legs, and head!

“The forbidden Dao skill, Thunder Demon Spirit Possession!”

With this forbidden Dao skill, Situ Minglang underwent tremendous changes. His body condensed numerous amounts of thunder and lightning, so that he himself becomes an attack.

The overwhelming power scared everyone away. They all saw thunder snakes wandering everywhere.

Situ Minglang was certainly looking terrifying now!

“It’s a forbidden Dao skill!” Su Yanli and Mo Shishu gave each other a look. They both saw anger in the other’s eyes, they flew to Wu Yu. Mo Shishu said, “Situ Minglang, how dare you use forbidden Dao skills in the Celestial Battle Podium?! You broke the Sect’s laws and regulation! You are stripped of your qualifications for the competition. Get away right now!”

Wu Yu also read the Sect’s laws and regulations before, which noted that among Dao skills, a few were too powerful and cruel. They not only hurt rivals, but the cultivators themselves. Thus, disciples were not allowed to use forbidden Dao skills unless they were fighting with demons. Situ Minglang had broken the regulations.

Wu Yu knew Mo Shishu and Su Yanli were protecting him and he was really grateful, but he didn’t think it would work. It was then that Lan Huayun slightly waved her hand, forcefully imprisoning Su Yanli and Mo Shishu in a frost swirl. Lan Huayun glanced at them but did not say a single word. After all, she had no reason to.

‘Why was Feng Xueya not here?’ Wu Yu thought.

At this moment, Situ Minglang seized the chance created by Lan Huayun. With a loud noise, he increased his strength by a large extent, becoming a ‘Thunder Demon’. He was coming to kill Wu Yu amidst the chaos. Everywhere he passed, mountains and stones would explode, and the ground would be blackened. Numerous thunder snakes were rolling out from him. In front of Wu Yu, he was the doom. Situ Minglang had indeed become much more powerful now!

In Lan Huayun’s eyes, Wu Yu would definitely die this time.

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