Chapter 31: This Young Lady

Within a corner inside the inn, a male warrior could be seen whispering to a mysterious figure in a robe, this male warrior appeared to be a rank 3 cultivator sporting large axes on his back, seeming no older than 23 and in the prime of his life.

As he whispered to the mysterious figure a look of awe and respect could be seen deep within his eyes.

“Bring him to this Young Lady”

An aggressive but soft voice could be heard from the robed figure if one looked closely the exclusive mage badge could be found with 2 stars and 10 strokes, signifying that this mysterious robed figure was an actual rank 2 mage and one at the peak of their rank with one step away from rank 3.

“Yes, Young Lady” with a bow the male warrior walked in the direction of Fang Tien and his group.

His large imposing figure catching the attention of all, he seemed to be 6’5 with a sturdy build he seemed like a giant in this small inn.

“My Young Miss wants the voice who just spoke, come with me!” the large imposing male warrior shouted, his voice resounding throughout the inn.

“Arrogant, even if your whole family and ancestors came and begged you still couldn’t order our Young master like that!” Du Yan could be heard replying, intense rage in her voice, she felt as if she was personally attacked.

“Dare to speak to our young master like that?kill!” Du Lei bellowed, his eyes glowing, an intense red light overflowed.

With a light red colored light, his eyes seem to be ablaze as the 3 stars could be seen rotating within, divine symbols with runic texts of fire floated in front of him.

“Who is this? Fire elemental skill without being a mage” surprise and shock could be heard within the crowd


a large fireball could be seen rotating in front of Du Lei “Splinter Fire!” runic textures could be seen appearing within the large fireball as lumps of fire could be seen separating from the Large ball of fire, these lumps transforming into smaller fireballs as they rapidly fire at the warrior.


With a mighty swing of his ax, the fireballs vanished in a puff of smoke.

“Arrogant kids, this is your blessing”

“Boom” Sounds of tables splitting could be heard as the energy wave from the swing of the ax pushed through the inn heading straight for Du Lei.

“Du Lei watch out!” 3-star shape patterns rotated within Du Yan’s eyes as a brown misty pale light overflowed from her eyes.

Runic text for earth could be seen, “Great Shield!” 3 large wall made of stone could be seen rising from the earth, these wall of stone appeared in front of Du Lei shielding him.


sounds of crushed stones could be heard as the energy wave penetrated through two of the walls before stopping at the 3rd wall.

” Jeffery, what’s taking so long you can’t handle these kids?” an impatient sound could be heard coming from the mysterious robed figure.

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