Chapter 32: Both Ingenious And Bold Thinking

“He is awake.”

As Lu Ping was lying on the bed lost in thoughts, he suddenly heard voices of conversation from outside the window.

Who is it?

Lu Ping shifted his body sideways and looked in the direction of window.

There were two men, and both of them were leaning comfortably against the ledge of the window. Generally speaking, such a feat would be absolutely impossible. Because Lu Ping knew the height of this window’s ledge. Even if a person is able to reveal just his head, then that in itself would be considered as pretty tall. However, Lu Ping knew that the two individuals at the window’s opening are absolutely not such tall individuals.

Zhai Feng institute’s Dean, Godou.

And the another individual actually is yesterday’s Infinitesimal Separation Wen Gecheng.

Lu Ping got off his bed as he listened to the conversation between the two men.

“This is top-notch fresh water from the spring in the Xia Feng mountains. The tea is good too. It is the mountain tea that can only be found in high Xia Feng mountains; You won’t be able to buy this tea in any other region.” Godou said as he raised a brewing pot and inclined it slightly towards the window. A little bit of steam and mist flowed out from within the pot’s mouth, and along with it, the fragrance of tea quickly travelled inside the window.

“Good tea.” Wen Gecheng sighed in praise, then turned his head towards Lu Ping inside the window and smiled.

“How come it’s you?” Lu Ping said while walking towards the window. He looked outside, and found both of these men were sitting on a step ladder as they leaned against the window’s ledge. In the centre of two, a tea table was being erected. These two have actually decided to sample the early morning tea right outside his window.

“Why it can’t be me?” Wen Gecheng asked back while taking a sip of tea from his cup.

“I was just making casual small talks.” Lu Ping said.

“Haha, what a straightforward child.” Wen Gecheng heartily laughed.

“Hehe.” Godou also smiled. He raised the teacup in his hand and took a huge gulp. He was drinking the tea in a queer way, and his appearance outside the window while sitting on ladder also didn’t look too good; In particular with his identity as a Dean, his appearance looked a bit too carefree.

“While you were asleep, we had a little careful research on you. You don’t mind, do you?” Wen Gecheng said.

“It’s ok, I am used to it.” Lu Ping said.

Wen Gecheng remained silent for a short duration, it seemed as if he was able to hear the misery and pain within the words ‘used to it.’ Then he said: “You like to be straightforward, so I will be direct with you.”

“Ok.” Lu Ping said.

“I cannot make out your blood vessels.” Wen Gecheng said.

“Oh.” Lu Ping remained calm.

He didn’t have any life experiences, name was created by himself, and age was adopted on the basis of a paper entry. Though, he did have a bit of curiosity towards his origins, but he didn’t have much expectations of it. As far as he is concerned, he is just Lu Ping, Lu Ping who had escaped from the organization and has been living in Zhai Feng institute for the past three years. Even if he is able discovers his past, he doesn’t plan on changing himself from this point onwards.

So towards this ‘origin’, whether there is some or there isn’t any, he is pretty much indifferent.

“It looks like you are not concerned about this matter at all.” Wen Gecheng said.

“I don’t care about my origins.” Lu Ping said.

“However I am not speaking about such things.” Wen Gecheng said.

“Then, what are you talking about?” Lu Ping said.

“Without being clear on your blood vessels, I don’t have a way to open up Intense Soul Lock.” Wen Gecheng said.

“Is that so?” Lu Ping’s reaction however was still calm as before. It looked like he didn’t care about this matter either.

Wen Gecheng smiled and took another sip of tea and said: “Sure enough, I haven’t determined wrong.”


“Actually, you have no thoughts of opening up the Intense Soul Lock at all, you are trying to control it instead. Am I right?” Wen Gecheng said.

Lu Ping haven’t responded.

“Intense Soul Lock is a kind of confinement to Soul’s Power. It is capable to completely suppress Soul’s Power. Therefore, from a different perspective, it is also the best concealment for the Soul’s Power. You are very satisfied with this situation, huh?” Wen Gecheng said.

Lu Ping continued to maintain silence; He neither denied nor confirmed these speculations.

“Quite ingenious yet bold way of thinking.” He once again unhurriedly drank his tea, and then, in neither quick nor slow pace, he said: “However there is a loophole.”

“Huh?” Lu Ping said.

“So, finally a bit of reaction, huh?” Wei Gecheng smiled; His face depicted the ‘as I expected’ expression. With such a result of his build up, he was already very satisfied, hence he didn’t try to add further excitement and said to Lu Ping:

“Because this is an absolute contradiction. ‘Intense Soul Lock’ will bring about a concealment by the suppression of the Soul’s Power. This kind of concealment method indeed is perfect, but is also equally dangerous. When confronting someone on your own accord, it will be possible to remove the suppression of the Intense Soul Lock and burst forth with strength, however, if you come across a sneak attack, then what? You wouldn’t have removed the restrictions, thus you would be unable to feel the existence of danger.”

“I don’t want to use suppression to achieve concealment at all. I am merely exploiting this state of suppression.” Lu Ping said.

“Exploit? Exploit what?”

“Exploit precisely this situation of Soul’s Power being compressed within an extremely small range.” Lu Ping said.

“Isn’t it suppression still?” Wen Gecheng said

“It’s compression, not suppression. Suppression causes inability to employ Soul’s Power, and compression causes Soul’s Power to congeal together in an extremely high concentration.” Lu Ping said.

“So, what does this have to do with ‘Intense Soul Lock’?” Wen Gecheng asked.

“Because if someone desires for such a high compression, then it can only be done by relying on the constricting power of the Intense Soul Lock.” Lu Ping said.

“So your idea is to actually perceive the existence of Soul’s Power under the constrictive confinement of Intense Soul Lock, and moreover perceive its complete existence. If this happens, then for you, this confinement of Intense Soul Lock will become compression of Soul’s Power.” Wen Gecheng.

“You have realized it finally.” Lu Ping’s face was covered with a gratified expression.

Wen Gecheng nodded, but then suddenly felt that there is some error in this somewhere.

Was I trying show off some key points, and then instruct this youngster a bit? Then, how come I am the one who ended up being instructed instead? No, this is not being instructed, It’s just me trying to understand for myself, just understanding that’s all!

“Ah! This is wrong!” Wen Gecheng suddenly recalled something again:

“From your words, you are not trying to grasp Intense Soul Lock at all, you are only trying to sneak out Soul’s Power through under the Intense Soul Lock and then use it.”

“That’s True!” Lu Ping nodded.

“But you said that you are trying to grasp it!” Wen Gecheng shouted.

“Were these words not your’s?” Lu Ping seemed uncertain.

Wen Gecheng stared blankly. Carefully recalling, these words were indeed said by himself. Lu Ping had refused to comment, and what’s even more hateful is that he had even boasted ‘Sure enough, I haven’t determined wrong’ when what he determined was nowhere near the truth.

“So, how much you’ve completed at this moment?” Wen Gecheng asked

“Can’t you tell by the Infinitesimal Separation?” Lu Ping asked.

“How come this child is so loathsome?” Wen Gecheng angrily said.

“Haha.” Godou heartily laughed and took another huge gulp from his teacup.

“If even the Infinitesimal Separation is unable to tell, then is there anyone who would be able to tell?” Lu Ping seriously asked.

“This….” Although, Wen Gecheng very much wanted to tell Lu Ping with confidence that this indeed was the case, however, in the end he only said: “You can’t believe as such. World will always be much bigger than what you or I can imagine.”

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