Chapter 32: Peerless Celestial Monkey


When Situ Minglang slashed at Wu Yu, the lightning blasted out a burned black gully in the ground!

As luck would have it, Wu Yu dodged and didn’t get hurt.

‘It’s random attack is as powerful as the previous lightning snake. This forbidden Dao skill is truly powerful!’ Wu Yu thought. This time, Situ Minglang was chasing to slay Wu Yu. His horrible and destructive power bombarded the surroundings into burned ground. In others’ eyes, Wu Yu was scampering off like a rat.

The lightning sword Qi struck beside him a few times, which hit him to some extent, but Wu Yu could not find any chance to fight back, seeing he could be wrecked by Situ Minglang anytime!

In the distance, Su Yanli had gone to go get Feng Xueya. Yet, from Lan Huayun’s assured and calm eyes, it was apparent she believed Feng Xueya wouldn’t be able to save Wu Yu in time.

“Wu Yu…” Watching that Wu Yu was totally suppressed, Qing Mang’s face became more pale. She also knew that the Forbidden Dao Skill was not allowed to be used in this fight, and was so angry that she cried.

All disciples were mute. It was completely obvious that Lan Huayun was allowing Situ Minglang to use the Forbidden Dao Skill. Even a few Elders, suppressed by her power, had their faces turn solemn.

“Wu Yu!”

When Wu Yu fled, Situ Minglang had transformed into lightning to catch up with him. Even as he was concealed by the lightning, people could still see his gloomy sneer.

“Go to hell!”

A devastating attack was coming!

For Situ Minglang, this was the end of Wu Yu’s life.

However, he didn’t notice Wu Yu’s face was calm and composed this whole time. It was at this moment that Wu Yu suddenly released a bitter smile. He thought, ‘Such being the case, I just have to try it. I thought I could save this skill for when I returned to East Yue Wu.’

Since he became a celestial, he had gained an ace in the hole.

Now, suppressed by Situ Minglang’s Thunder Demon, he was finally going to use it! Before being hit by the lightning sword Qi, Wu Yu started to transform, beginning with his eyes!

“Celestial Monkey Transformation!”

His black and golden glowing eyes suddenly burst out dazzling golden lights. During the burst, his eyes became completely golden! His pupils were even burning with golden flames, as if there were two suns raging in his eye sockets!

Then, from the eyes, a golden wave swept over to each part of his body, shaking!

Everyone was watching this shocking transformation.

First, his bones became much thicker and taller with a crackling sound. Instantly, Wu Yu was taller by at least 13 inches! His majestic arms, legs, tiger-like hips, bear-like back and other parts were two times stronger! He almost looked like a giant beast!

His face was also transforming, into a monkey face. Although he was better-looking than real monkeys, he looked very wicked and feral to human beings. Particularly, his sharp teeth were also glowing with golden lights.

The most obvious change to his body, during the transformation, was the golden hair that grew. Not only his legs and arms, but also his whole body was covered with golden hair!

Wu Yu’s pants were stretchy enough so that they were not ripped apart. But his top was ripped apart completely. Looking from behind, there was a faint golden ‘卍’ on his back, like it was the core of his body. That sign communicated with the heaven and the earth.

Wu Yu, had become a true monkey who was straighter and taller than a real monkey! Under the setting sun, the golden hair all over his body was shining. Although he looked overwhelming and wild, he had a sense of beauty, almost more beautiful than a human.

Thick, strong, majestic, wild, and full of masculine beauty, leaving a giant impact on all those who looked at him! A single glance could have your heart beating crazily. Not to mention looking right at his sun-like eyes!

In front of him, Situ Minglang who was possessed by the Thunder Demon spirit was like a little child, not even half as tall as Wu Yu.

“So crazy and wild!”

This was the Celestial Monkey Transformation.

Wu Yu felt his strength soaring. At the mortal phase, his strength increased from 5000 battle horses to at least 7000 battle horses!

His whole body had a giant strength that was more powerful than 7000 battle horses!

Not only had his violent, and wild power been influenced by the Celestial Monkey Transformation, but also his mind and will, becoming short-tempered and bloodthirsty. He felt like he was going to explode, this was because of the change of his blood, he couldn’t suppress his impulse, no matter how calm he was. Although this was not the first time he transformed into a Celestial Monkey, but that exciting and maniacal force inside his body still made him hesitant.

When he transformed in the cultivation room before, he almost couldn’t control himself and destroyed the place.

The best part of the transformation was the power, however, there were certainly bad parts. First, it cost too much strength. After the transformation, Wu Yu tired quickly and when the Celestial Monkey Transformation faded away, he needed a long time to recover and regain his full strength. Second, he would become mentally violent. If the violence increased to a certain extent, Wu Yu might not be able to control himself and something unexpected could happen.

However, his rival was already possessed by the Thunder Demon, leaving Wu Yu with no other choice.

“What the hell is that?”

Situ Minglang was stunned, and all the disciples were totally freaked out. If Wu Yu had any demon Qi, they wouldn’t think that the monkey was originally him.

In fact, the appearance of the celestial monkey was visualized by Wu Yu in the heart. It was the same as the peerless Monkey King, but without armor or a helmet.

“Wu Yu, what did he do?!”

“No idea!”

It was certainly beyond imagination for normal disciples, but even the anxious Mo Shishu was shocked. He looked at Wu Yu with astonishment, murmuring to himself. “From the record books, it’s said this transformation existed in this world, but it’s at least a Dao Skill… How can he use it out of thin air, as if he has the monkey’s bloodline…?”

Mo Shishu was already very knowledgeable, but even he didn’t know much about it.

Lan Huayun’s face was sinking. It could be seen that she was also astonished by Wu Yu. This was definitely not a Dao skill, nor a Forbidden one, but evolution of the bloodline.

No matter how much they wanted to figure it out, they couldn’t, as Wu Yu and Situ Minglang had already started colliding and fighting!

Celestial Monkey versus Thunder Demon!

The Demon Suppressing Sword even became shorter in Wu Yu’s hand now.


Wu Yu, held the Demon Suppressing Sword and slashed at Situ Minglang, who was right in front of him, using the Golden Flames Dragon Slaying Technique. While Situ Minglang rushed at him with his Lightning Qi. They sped up from a distance, rushed at each other, and confronted head on.

“Wu Yu, you are really a beast, ha ha!” Due to the spirit possession by the Thunder Demon, Situ Minglang’s mental state was not better than Wu Yu’s. He was frenzied, while Wu Yu was violent!

“Aaaaagh,” Wu Yu panted, as the giant power inside his chest caused him to scream like a beast.

He was violent and angry.

First sword, Heaven Rebelling Dragon Slaying Strike!

A violent strike!

Two swords confrontation!

Ka cha!

All the disciples witnessed Wu Yu’s Demon Suppressing Sword cut the magic weapon—Thunder Drawing Sword—with its majestic power in half. This caused large amounts of lightning from the sword to rush forward and attack Wu Yu’s body, wandering and entangling within his golden hair-like needles, piercing his skin to rupture his organs.

But, after the transformation, Wu Yu’s body was extremely hard and solid. Only a little lightning rushed into his body and was immediately pushed out by his fierce blood. The attack from Situ Minglang had only caused him minor injuries.


When Situ Minglang’s magic weapon was cut, Wu Yu didn’t stop, but kept slashing violently. Situ Minglang never thought that his weapon would be broken. He ran into Wu Yu’s sword directly and was split in half  by that majestic sword.


The Thunder Demon was split in half and flew at Wu Yu before dissipating. Situ Minglang’s screaming only lasted for a split second before the two halves fell down to the ground, burnt into coke by the lightning. They were like charred wood on the ground with nobody being able to identify them as human remains.


After killing a person, Wu Yu became even more blood-thirsty, but he could still control himself and tried very hard to suppress his blood-thirst. Finally, the Celestial Monkey Transformation disappeared. He became a human again, without a top, leaving his upper body naked. He only wore the pants that were deliberately chosen by him for the Celestial Monkey Transformation.

On the Celestial Battle Podium, he saw the sun had set and sank among the mountains. The sunset clouds were darkening and would fade away soon, as night in the Blue Surge Mountain Range came. The darkness was like a giant beast, lying across the sky above the podium, creating many shadows.

While the color of the sky changed, Wu Yu became shorter and shorter. His bones and organs changed too. His face transformed back into a human’s face, his fur disappeared, and his skin became smooth again. It was hard to imagine that fur would grow on his fair and smooth skin.

This scene, would be remembered by everyone forever!

The setting sun, a golden monkey, two burned halves of a body, scattered stones… and numerous shocked eyes.

Everything, was silent.

“What the hell, am I blind?” Mo Shishu questioned as he dropped his folding fan and his eyeballs popped out.

There were many people as stunned as him, but not as hilarious as him….

Looking around at the awed, frightened, and respectful eyes meant that from now on, Wu Yu would definitely skyrocket in the Sword to Heaven Sect. Situ Minglang did not kill Wu Yu—his stumbling block, but instead became Wu Yu’s stepping stone.

That burned black body destroyed all myth and brilliance that Situ Minglang had created before. A peerless young demon, faded here. However, a more horrifying demon was born.

Celestial Battle Podium, a podium for master celestials.

Certainly, Wu Yu needed to deal with Lan Huayun now!

“Beast, how dare you kill my disciple!” Came the Sect Protector’s sharp and terrifying voice.

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