Chapter 32: This Young Lady ( Part 2 )

” Jeffery, what’s taking so long you can’t handle these kids?” an impatient sound could be heard coming from the mysterious robed figure.

” who could command such a brave warrior? it sounds like a girl!”

“Shh, do you want to lose your life? he’s obviously a protector warrior for a mage”

A slight commotion broke out inside the inn at the mention of a mage, suddenly visions looked toward the back of the inn for the source of the voice.

Covered in a dark robe and sitting in a secluded corner of the inn, it would be easy for one to ignore such a petite figure.

If one looked closely the exclusive mage badge could be found with 2 stars and 10 strokes, signifying that this mysterious robed figure was an actual rank 2 mage and one at the peak of their rank with one step away from rank 3.

“Anything! a rank 2 peak mage?”

“We’re sorry for offending great mage”

all discussions and chatters about the robed figure stopped as their terrifying status as a mage was revealed, even a low ranking rank 1 mage seemed incomparably mysterious to the mortal eyes.

“Are mages very great?”

A temperate sound resonated, this voice seems to bring with it a calming effect as tranquility rippled through the once uneasy hearts of everyone, suddenly a rank 2 mage didn’t seem as scary as it once was.

This voice belonged to Fang Tien! With a reassured heart Du Lei said:” Even if you’re a running dog for a mage, you dare to bark at our Young master when executes!”

“Splinter Fire!” as runic symbols of flame covered the large fireball, it shrank rapidly in size as lumps of flames separated rapidly from it.

Comparable to a balloon losing air the once large fireball vanished and was reborn as smaller flames as a barrage of a hundred fireballs whizzed through the air towards the large great ax warrior.

“Puff!” A fireball blazing in all its glory penetrated through the great ax warriors arm, leaving behind a pencil sized hole.

“Boom!” sounds of explosions rang out as the great ax collided with the barrage of fireballs creating a powerful heat wave that spread throughout the inn.

“Wind Slicing Swing!” blades of wind could be seen flying straight towards Du Lei with such force they sent ripples within the air.

“Futile, stupid ax warrior!” Du Yan sneered before activating her Eye cultivation technique

“Great Shield!” 3 large wall made of stone could be seen rising from the earth, these wall of stone appeared in front of Du Lei shielding him from the incoming wind blades.

“Grand Flamethrower!” as runic symbols appear covering Du Lei eyes, the 3 star-shaped symbols within his eyes radiated intense red lights as sparks could be seen appearing from his eyes.

Suddenly comparable to great flood streams, fire spurted from within his eyes this stream of flames radiated with intense heat as it clashed with the great warrior’s ax.


streams of blood splashed as the ax warrior using his quick intuition produced a great energy of wind that collided with the stream of flame.

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