Chapter 33: Extreme Curiosity

In the end, how big is the world?

Lu Ping used to be very curious about this question; Inside that small crammed stone room, Lu Ping would look at the world through a palm sized airing hole overhead.

Early morning, light rays would enter the room through the hole. Inside the rays, a few dust particles would untiringly dance about the entire day. Lu Ping would try to catch them. Although, he would fail every time, but the feeling of light rays falling on his hands would feel very comfortable and warm.

Finally, in the night, sometimes it would be possible to look at a star through the hole, twinkling towards him. If luck happened to be on his side, he would be able to see two stars. Once, there were even three stars crammed together within the tiny space of the airing hole, and for this reason, his excitement continued for very many days.

During the times of rain, water would pour down; During the times of snow, snow would float down.

In addition to all these things, sometimes a bird would perch about the hole. It would poke its head inside, make a few sounds, and then fly away.

And Lu Ping would think: The world is very interesting. Though, he didn’t know how big it is, but it would certainly be much bigger than this small stone room. Perhaps a hundred times bigger, or maybe even many thousand times bigger.

Afterwards, when he was finally able to escape, he saw the world outside the air hole. Vast sky and vast land, the things, of which ordinary people had already gotten tired, the things which have long ago ceased to produce any unusual emotions in ordinary people, caused Lu Ping to astonishingly open his eyes wide as much as he could.

How big the world is?

He thought: It is certainly not just hundred or a few thousand times bigger!

He decided he would keep on living, along with Su Tang, right here between this boundless sky and land. How much big the world is? He was no longer curious about this question. Just as long as his body can exist somewhere inside it, he was already immensely satisfied.

Bubbling sound….

Again, a pot of spring water was being boiled. Bubbles were continuously rising up from the bottom of the pot to the surface of water and then popping out. Godou grabbed the pot and raised it high above. This time he’d prepared three cups. One cup was for Lu Ping.

“Help yourself.” Godou said while carefully grabbing his own cup.

“I cannot help you with anything regarding your cultivation.” Wen Gecheng said to Lu Ping.

“It just might be because you’ve arrived a bit too late.” Godou while blowing over the foams over the surface of tea, said with averted eyes.

Lu Ping’s vision fell upon a paper lying on the tea table. The paper was dull and dry, and its contents were concise and written sloppily. It was precisely the letter of invitation to Wen Gecheng, and the date inscripted on it was: 1847/1/22.

Lu Ping remembered this day.

On that day, he and Su Tang had escaped from the organization. He kept on walking in the snow fields forever, he’d absolutely no idea where to go, he just continued on with determination. Then later, they came across Godou, and he guided them to a road. It was at least a week before they were able to reach Zhai Feng, but by looking on the date of the letter, it looks like Godou had sent this sealed letter on the very day he’d come across them.

However, Wen Gecheng actually took three years to keep the appointment, Lu Ping couldn’t help but feel deep veneration for the former.

“It’s a miracle that I was even able to see this letter, otherwise you think I will see this rotten handwriting of yours and coming running on my legs in these desolate mountains?” Wen Gecheng said.

Wen Ge Cheng’s whereabouts were ever changing, so for him, a matter such as receiving a letter is absolutely illogical. Therefore, this letter not being lost within these three years, and moreover even ultimately falling into his hands surprised him incessantly. Because of this astonishment, he decided to make this trip, even though it was delayed by three years.

“So, is the trip worth?” Godou said.

Wen Gecheng nodded, and then looked towards Lu Ping: “Even if you don’t care, I am extremely curious towards your origins.”

“I will try to find it out.” Wen Gecheng’s hand extended forward, travelled inside the window, and patted Lu Ping on shoulders. Unsurprisingly, Lu Ping’s reaction was pretty ordinary. However, it seemed like Lu Ping’s reaction didn’t have any effect on the excitement of Wen Gecheng. It seemed like after making this decision, Wen Gecheng’s entire being was brimming with energy.

“So, I am leaving.”

Such an abrupt farewell was rather surprising to Lu Ping. Upon looking at Wen Ge Cheng’s extreme curiosity, Lu Ping thought that latter would ask him a lot of things.

“That’s right!” As Wen Gecheng was descending down the step ladder, he seemed to have suddenly thought of something.

“I don’t know how you are trying to do this, but I have a suggestion.” Wen Gecheng said:

“Make separate parts of the region of your Soul’s Power, and try to sneak out one soul at a time, that would probably be somewhat easier.”

“Oh.” Lu Ping made a sound of agreement. His face didn’t reveal any kind of realization or pondering expression as Wen Gecheng was expecting.

“Are you already trying it this way?” Wen Gecheng said with some resentment.

“Right.” Lu Ping said.

“Good Bye!” Wen Gecheng left without ever turning his head back again.

“Hehe.” Godou chuckled once again. After he finished his tea, he looked towards Lu Ping: “If you had met him three years ago, you could have avoided a lot of detours, no?”

“That’s true.” Lu Ping nodded. He was able to escape from the organization due to their carelessness during an experiment. Every time during the experiments, the loosening of Intense Soul Lock would be limited, both with respect to its extent and time period. At that time, as he would be about to just feel his Soul’s Power, it would be quickly suppressed down by the Intense Soul Lock again.

In these three years inside Zhai Feng, Lu Ping had gone through countless experiments and countless defeats before being able to formulate his current approach. And Wen Gecheng? He only saw him for the first time, but he was still able to figure out so many things; He was indeed extraordinary. If Lu Ping was truly able to meet him before, then he surely would have Lu Ping save a lot of time that had been wasted on going in wrong directions.

“Infinitesimal Separation is an unmatched discerning ability. However, only an extremely curious person like him can train in such ability.” Godou said.


“Right. Didn’t you see that he is even more set on finding about you than you yourself? This is because you really are worthy of his curiosity.” Godou said.

“So should I help him or not?” Lu Ping scratched his head. Although, he doesn’t care much about these things, but considering that former has come all the way to here due to his matter, if he doesn’t help out a bit, then that would be too inconsiderate.

“Be at ease! In order to satisfy his curiosity, when he needs your help, he won’t let you escape even if you want to.” Godou said.

“Then, I better maintain some distance from him!” Lu Ping was feeling a little fearful.

“You can try.” Godou said.

“Why am I suddenly feeling so uneasy……I am thinking that he might even be more troublesome than the organization.” Lu Ping said.

“That’s for sure. Since that organization hasn’t come to bother you ever since, you seem very satisfied. However, his curiosity knows no bounds. At this moment, he is only curious towards your origins, but very soon, his curiosity will eventually shift towards this extremely mysterious organization. Their members, their operations, their goals; He would be extremely desirous of finding out these things.”

“What were your intentions behind having him come over here?” Lu Ping asked.

“Um…..” Godou gave it a thought: “To discern your blood vessels, and help you with the Intense Soul Lock.”

“And now?”

“Now…Only he could be blamed for arriving late..”

“Be a little considerate of others!” Lu Ping said.

“No, He enjoys such things!” Godou said: “As for you, it’s quite surprising you have already accomplished up to this extent. You should also think about paying back my life saving favour a bit.”


“I’ve already spoken before: The future of Zhai Feng will rely on you few outstanding students!” Godou said.

“This is an absolute fraud!” Lu Ping said.

“To accomplish this fraud, I had to relax the restrictions of the institution, while waiting three years for you.” Godou said.

“What did you say before? ‘According to the level of First Grade Soul’s Tower, it would suffice as long as I get through it in my first grade?’ Did you ever imagine that I would directly reach the top?” Lu Ping said.

“Directly reaching the top is good. Just getting through, now where is the fun in that?” Godou smiled.

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