Chapter 33: The Fifth Disciple of the Sect Leader

It’s said that Lan Huayun was a Jindan Celestial. A Jindan Celestial dominated above everyone else, including Su Yanli and Mo Shishu, who were just mole crickets and ants to her.

In the Sword to Heaven Sect, only Feng Xueyan could suppress her.

Although it’s true that Wu Yu was much different now compared to a year ago. His improvement shocked the whole sect. Disciples were curious about him, and even awed by him. However, if Lan Huayun wanted to kill him, she could just do so and say it was because he killed her disciple. Wu Yu, after all was just an outer sect disciple.


Instantly, Lan Huayun stood up from the ‘Sword Throne’.

When Wu Yu met her eyes, he felt that he was in a bottomless sea, suppressed by a pressure of a horribly powerful water. He was not able to breathe. Under the pressure of this celestial, Wu Yu felt like he was going to suffocate.

“Lan Huayun, so horrible!”

Because of his amazing improvement this year, Wu Yu became proud and arrogant, especially after he defeated Situ Minglang. However, the horror of Lan Huayun was a shocking wake-up call for him.

“Although I had some success, but as it turns out, there are still many people in this world above me. I should never look at the sky from the bottom of a well!

Being suppressed by the vast sea, Wu Yu warned himself.

He bore in mind this horrible feeling brought by Lan Huayun. Her ocean blue eyes, cascading mane of hair, and fetching nose were full of nobility and inviolability. Rebelling against her was a shame of blaspheming the celestial, even for today’s Wu Yu.

“Wu Yu, you disobeyed our regulations! You killed my disciple! I want you to die!”

Lan Huayun’s majestical and indifferent voice resounded between the heaven and earth. Her decisiveness and unyielding was beyond numerous people, deeply suppressing everyone.

Wu Yu was almost knocking on the door of hell. That dreadful pressure on his body told him that if he walked a few steps further, he would be in the netherworld.

“Am I going to die here?” Wu Yu was unconvinced. He finally defeated Situ Minglang and had the chance of going back to East Yue Wu for revenge. How could he just die here?

Inside his body, the celestial monkey’s blood was billowing, affecting his will. He clenched his fists and teeth. He didn’t want to die so easily.

Through the deep sea, Wu Yu saw that supreme woman. She was cold, proud, Indifferent, Just and had the aura of heaven and earth, A Celestial Goddess. In her eyes Wu Yu was an unpardonably wicked devil.

Suddenly, Wu Yu thought that he must take revenge for himself on Lan Huayun’s suppression someday. It was truly an offensive idea towards the Sect Protector Sovereign. However, Wu Yu used to be audacious. Now, along with the Indestructible Vajra Body, he had the most precious heart that stopped at nothing.

Wu Yu just knew that today he would not die.

“Wu Yu, from this moment, this very second, you are the fifth disciple of me, Feng Xueya!”

Suddenly, a golden light flashed in the sea, like a giant golden Sword Qi piercing and cutting the deep sea. The seawater was boiling in the golden light, transpiring into a thick fog, which disappeared in the sky. The powerful pressure on Wu Yu was gone.

Wu Yu didn’t realize that he was actually still standing on the Celestial Battle Podium until this moment. In front of him, there stood a black-haired celestial, his back to Wu Yu. The celestial put his hands behind his back, staring at Lan Huayun at the Sword Throne. It seemed to be peaceful, but there were countless collisions going on.

“Wu Yu, kneel down!” Mo Shishu and Su Yanli leapt rapidly to him, giving him an eye sign. Wu Yu finally understood what happened. His wish came true, eventually. This was the third time that Feng Xueya saved his life.

Repayment, was Wu Yu’s principle.

He acknowledged Feng Xueya’s capability and personality. It was his biggest luck to become a disciple of Feng Xueya, especially under the watchful eyes of all disciples here.

He quickly responded, kneeled down and spoke loudly, “’Disciple Wu Yu, meets the Master!”

The issue, was solved.

From what had happened today, it was Situ Minglang who started using forbidden Dao Skills after being defeated. Although Wu Yu killed him in the end, it happened in an irregular situation. So, he did not break the rules. Situ Minglang deserved to die, and Lan Huayun was even trying to cover up his disobedience. Even if Lan Huayun persisted, she wouldn’t succeed with Feng Xueya here now.

That’s why she wanted to kill Wu Yu while Feng Xueya was absent.

But it was too late. Feng Xueya had accepted Wu Yu as his disciple. Wu Yu’s status was upgraded greatly. Lan Huayun couldn’t trample on him anymore.

After Wu Yu kowtowed, the scene was deadly silent. He looked up, past Feng Xueya, who was standing with his back to him, and saw Feng Xueya and Lan Huayun staring at each other. It seemed that Lan Huayun’s body was slightly trembling, she was really mad.


She turned around, stepped on a pale blue long sword, flew into the clouds and disappeared.

Their confrontation had existed for a long time. Today, obviously Lan Huayun failed. Staying here would just disgrace herself. Therefore, she left. Their enmity increased again.

“Hey Wu Yu, you hid your strength so deeply. Today you really brought honor to Master Feng.” Mo Shishu knocked on Wu Yu’s shoulder and winked to him.

“Senior brother, shut up.” Looking at his devil-may-care attitude, Su Yanli was speechless.

This moment had finally come; Wu Yu was extremely excited.

During his excitement, Feng Xueya turned around. His deep black eyes looked at Wu Yu, it was hard to tell his emotions. His appearance made all the disciples as mute as a fish. After all, the Sect Leader Sovereign rarely shows up.

“Wu Yu. He really reached the sky in a single bound.”

“Who could have known that he would be the winner today.”

“Poor Situ Minglang. He had just condensed his Qi and he was a peerless devil with a bright future. But now, he died young here.”

“If Wu Yu showed mercy, our sect would have one more peerless master!”

However, Situ Minglang is gone now.

While Wu Yu, became the one who was envied and awed by most disciples, even core disciples. He should have a more prosperous future than Situ Minglang.

Now, all disciples watched him become a disciple of the Sect Leader enviously.

Becoming a disciple of the Sect Leader was the dream of all disciples! Even powerful core disciples did not have the opportunity.

Wu Yu thought of his first meeting with Feng Xueya. He wanted to be his disciple at that time, but the reality threw him into the bottomless chasm.

But now, that unreachable thing was realized, just like a dream…

Wu Yu’s heart was totally blank now.

Feng Xueya must have complicated feelings when looking at him now.

But he did not show his feelings. He looked solemn. He came to Wu Yu, saying, “Wu Yu, you are my disciple now. You not only need superb talent, but also a strong will. Most importantly, you must have an upright heart that punishes all that is evil and praise the good. You must be able to kill demons! To make it clear first, if I know you do some unforgivable things, I will kick you out from the sect and even kill you personally. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master!”

This was Feng Xueya’s character. He was upright and outspoken. He never tolerated evil and demons.

All disciples witnessed how Wu Yu changed his status.

“According to my rules, since you haven’t condensed your Qi yet, I won’t grant you a mountain nor resources equivalent to that of your seniors. Because those resources can only be used by disciples at the Qi Condensing Phase. Now, it’s good that you became a Celestial Kingdom Supervisor. When you’re back, and if you successfully condense your Qi, I will grant you a mountain and Dao resources.”

Wu Yu understood that Feng Xueya wanted him to concentrate on Qi condensing, and to become a real celestial.

The most important thing is to go back to East Yue Wu for revenge. Thus, right now he did not care about mountains or resources. Dao cultivators cared about their territories, but Wu Yu did not have time to think about that yet.

“But, I can grant you a magic weapon!”

At this time, Feng Xueya said something exciting and enviable for Wu Yu. He couldn’t cultivate the Dao yet. But a magic weapon was still much better than any ordinary weapon, even though he couldn’t make the most of it at the Mortal Body Forging Phase.

Feng Xueya waved.

Suddenly, a sound echoed from the Heavenly Asgard. It was vibration of the magic weapons. The sound became louder and louder. Disciples were surprised and looked up in shock.

They seemed to see several lights piercing into the clouds from the Heavenly Mountain. There were rainbows appearing in the dark sky, beautiful and magnificent.

Zing! Zing!

In a flash, colorful lights gathered above Feng Xueya’s head with a sharp cry. Those were several swords in different lengths, sizes, width and colors. They had various powers. Some were burning, some were crackling with lightning like the Thunder Drawing Sword; some were hidden in the dark like a bloody line; some were as heavy as a mountain!

Magic weapons were soaring in the sky!

Most disciples present today did not have magic weapons. These long magic swords were the most beautiful image they had ever seen!

Wu Yu was shocked by those spirited magic weapons.

Feng Xueya, was really generous.

“Wu Yu, when you become a celestial, the first magic weapon is extremely important for you. Most people only use one type of magic weapon for their whole lives. Us, the Sword to Heaven Sect focuses on swords. In your case, I suggest you choose magic weapons of gold and fire.

Mo Shishu whispered in Wu Yu’s ear.

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