Chapter 33: This Young Lady ( Part 3 )

“Drip, drip” sounds of blood hitting the hard wooden floor could be heard as vast pools of blood gathered within the inn.

“Ahh!” a weary cry resonated as the ax warrior coughed a mouthful of blood a gigantic hole the size of a baseball appearing on his left thigh.

Looks of shock spread throughout the audience as Du Lie was unharmed and instead the ax warrior was hurt.

“This is impossible how did he lose that exchange?”

“Look what’s that!” a stranger could be seen pointing towards Du Lei location what appeared was a strange sight.

The Ax energy strike could be seen almost as if frozen in time before as it slowly aged and vanished the pure ax energy turning extremely feeble and weak as if experiencing decades of time.

“Jeffery, no! “

“Who dares to interfere in this young ladies affairs!” in a fit of anger the petite robed figure stood up, her rage and murderous intentions could be felt throughout the inn.

“Flap flap” the black robe could be seen as if blown by a strong breeze the robe blew, revealing an exquisite fair flesh, her ankle as white and clear as a jade stone.


Elemental force could be seen gathering around her as if responding to her rage, formations of black Qi could be seen gathering around her, this picture looked extremely bizarre as if she was surrounded by demonic spirits.

Ann oppressive aura spread far and wide, covering the inn and outsides, this was why even low-level mages seemed terrifying to mortals and low-level cultivators alike as their terrifying control and use of the forces of nature could cause catastrophic havoc.

“Very scary, elder sister who bullied you?”

A temperate and gentle voice resonated, washing away the oppressive aura and bringing serenity to everyone’s hearts.

With a single glance, the robed figure looked into Fang Tien’s eyes, her eyes growing vacant and hollow with each passing second, what she saw enthralled her it was as if she entered another world.

She could see the stars and the moon being birth by primal chaos qi, she could see the destruction of stars and worlds as the vast passage of time corroded all.

“Thump” a slight ban resonated as she fell to the floor, her robes covering her figure she was knocked unconscious.

“Young lady!”

“If anything happens to her no matter who your teacher is or your family are you will pay!!”

Jeffery shouted in anger as he picked the robbed figure up, disappearing outside of the inn and sight, he fled with such speed ones wonder if this was his first time.

Fang Tien could be seen with his eyes closed slowly restoring his qi, although this exchange seemed to be extremely quick it actually required a lot of focus and energy from him.

He not only had to suppress a powerful mage, but her elemental affinity was extremely strange and seemed to be of the rare Dark element, this element was extremely overbearing and powerful having a strong corrosive effect.

Not only did he have to suppress and defeat her in a split second he also had to do it without killing her, while it seemed quick and flawless on the outside it required a lot of fast thinking and energy, he also expanded a lot of energy saving Du Lei by forcefully suppressing the Energy strike form the ax!

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