Chapter 34: Demon Emperor Golden Staff

Numerous Swords!

Apparently, Su Yanli and Mo Shishu had all been through this before, so they gave Wu Yu that suggestion. These were all Feng Xueya’s magic weapons. There would be some valuable treasures amongst them for sure!

“Wu Yu, among these 81 magic weapons, there are good and bad ones. You can only choose one. If you pick a good one, even your senior brothers will be envious. But if you choose a bad one, they are just normal weapons, worse than the Thunder Drawing Sword. You only have one chance. Whatever you choose, it depends on your fortune.” Feng Xueya controlled the magic weapons and brought them to Wu Yu.

“It’s said that the skill to control magic weapons is called ‘Sword Control Technique’. Only cultivators  at Qi Condensing Phase can control magic weapons with magic power. Situ Minglang could only control one Thunder Drawing Sword, but the Sect Leader was much more powerful. He could harness dozens of swords at the same time. It seems that when he becomes a Jindan Celestial, he would even be able to ‘fly on a sword’. Among the whole Sword to Heaven Sect, only the Sect leader and the Sect Protector can do it…”

Wu Yu was still lost in the Dao of the “Sword Control Technique”.

In fact, Feng Xueya asked him to choose by himself because he wanted to see whether he had the required talent. Teaching him to use power was better than giving him power. He hoped that without his help, his disciple could go through hardships and become a celestial by himself.

“Wu Yu!”

Su Yanli reminded him to pick a magic weapon.


The fortune came too sudden. Wu Yu was still in a daze. So many magic weapons were flying in front of him. Which one should he choose? Listening to Mo Shishu. He had an Indestructible Vajra Body, so metal and fire were more suitable for him. He should focus on weapons of metal and fire type when he chose one.

“Blue Flame Sword, Purple Fire Sword and Nine Killing Sword…”

The name was engraved on each sword handle. Looking at so many names and weapons, Wu Yu was dazzled. He looked around for a few times, and still felt it difficult to make a choice, because these weapons were all appealing to him.

“Which one should I choose…”

The decisive Wu Yu was hesitant now.

“Wu Yu.” Feng Xueya was not satisfied that Wu Yu had taken such a long time. His previous four disciples were all decisive when choosing weapons. Generally, if he was not decisive at this moment, it meant that he was not capable to find a weapon that fit him. This was definitely not a proper behavior of a peerless talent.

However, it was just so hard for Wu Yu to make a choice!

Looking at these long swords, he was really struggling to pick one from amongst them. If it was Su Yanli or Mo Shishu, they would know which one fit them best with just a look. They never needed to tangle with this issue.

“Pick up your magic weapon.” Feng Xueya reminded him.

Given pressure from Feng Xueya, Wu Yu had to pick one randomly. But when he walked closer to the weapon, he didn’t feel the excitement at all.

“I’m getting a magic weapon. Why don’t I feel as excited as when I got the Demon Suppressing Sword?”

Wu Yu was upset.

He walked to another one. When he saw that long magic sword, he was frustrated again. He didn’t feel the connection at all.

“Wu Yu?” Feng Xueya knew there was something wrong with Wu Yu.

“What happened?” Wu Yu stepped back a few paces, directly left those magic weapons and looked at Feng Xueya confusedly. Feng Xueya was a bit impatient, saying, “Why are you so fussy like a grandmother? These 81 long magic swords almost cover all Five Elements. Is it even possible that none of them suit you?”

In fact, Feng Xueya already knew there were two weapon suitable for Wu Yu. They were exactly the two weapons Wu Yu just looked at. But he didn’t chose either.

Feng Xueya’s words reminded Wu Yu.

He had never thought that none of those weapons suited him. But because he didn’t become infatuated with any weapon at first sight, that’s why he was struggling so much…

By being snapped out of a dazed state, he suddenly thought of that one dream!

An exceedingly giant pillar rushed into the sky, suppressing the whole heaven and earth!

That was the Ruyi Jingu Bang!

When he visualised the monkey in the heart, that monkey was holding a staff. Its top and bottom parts were golden, while the middle part was dark. As might be expected, that was the Ruyi Jingu Bang  too.

Just now, when he had activated the Celestial Monkey Transformation and fought with Situ Minglang, he did not feel completely free and unrestrained while holding the Demon Suppressing Sword. Because when he transformed, the sword skill that he had cultivated for nearly ten years turned out to not be fully compatible with him anymore!

It was not that the elements of these 81 long magic weapons didn’t suit him, but the sword itself didn’t suit Wu Yu. This was the first magic weapon in his life. It was the will of the heaven that he should not choose a sword.

He should use a staff, like the exceedingly giant pillar. A staff was suitable for him. A sword was agile and changeable, while a staff was simple and straightforward, just like how Wu Yu pursued the Dao. He was simple and straightforward. A staff could only hit or stab. But it had grabbed hold of Wu Yu’s heart.

For mortal people, a staff was just blunt, not as powerful as a sword, blade or spear. But Wu Yu thought differently. Ever since that Golden-Banded Staff entered his body, his whole life seemed to have been born for it!

When this idea came up in his mind, he couldn’t be more determined.

He chose the staff — simple, and straightforward.

So, under Feng Xueya’s doubting eyes, he looked up, said with determination, “Master, you are right. None of these 81 magic long swords suit me.”

This was the first time he called Feng Xueya master. Of course, he was qualified.

“Oh?” Feng Xueya was curious. He could tolerate him being peculiar, but not him being mediocre. Wu Yu was behaving as a mediocre person earlier, but he was saying peculiar things now. Feng Xueya asked, “Which long sword do you want? As long as I can get it, I will give it to you.”

He was confident, aloof and proud. He never believed that he didn’t have the weapon that Wu Yu wanted.

Since he said that, Wu Yu wouldn’t be restrained. He said, “I want a simple thing. It’s best that it is of metal or fire, or of any other similar elements. Most importantly, it shouldn’t be a long sword, but a… staff.”


When he said that word, people felt like they had eaten a ton of flies. This was the Sword to Heaven Sect, and the disciple of the Sect Leader just wanted a staff as his first magic weapon…

“What the hell! Did I become deaf?” Mo Shishu almost choked on his saliva.

Su Yanli was even biting her red lips. Obviously, she was anxious for Wu Yu. She knew Feng Xueya’s temper very well. The fact that Wu Yu wanted a staff, really… disrespected Feng Xueya’s heritage.

Luckily, Feng Xueya was calm. Maybe he was in a good mood today. He couldn’t help laughing, and asked him, “Why do you want a staff? Are you going to play monkey tricks?”

Speaking of this, he suddenly thought of the moment when Wu Yu transformed into a celestial monkey, he was really a golden monkey. Considering Wu Yu’s talent, even if he was going to use a sword, that had to be a heavy and giant one.

Wu Yu knew his words would cause trouble. But he was not afraid, because he was really determined. He answered seriously, “Master, I had a deep and careful consideration before I said it. My body has undergone some changes, like the Celestial Monkey Transformation just now. My blood, and my mind both tell me clearly that my life-time weapon is a staff. I know, this is the Sword to Heaven Sect, I know you are the Sect Leader, I know the Sword Dao is your heritage. If I don’t choose a sword, I won’t get the most of your heritage. But this is my destiny, something I can’t say no to.”

Wu Yu was sincere.

After all, Feng Xueya was most skillful at the sword. If Wu Yu chose another road, it meant Feng Xueya could not pass on many skills to him.

Feng Xueya was aloof and proud. He was not happy that Wu Yu made this choice.

But as what Wu Yu had said, that was his fate.

Feng Xueya did believe in fate. Coincidently, with his personality, he more liked those who didn’t take the usual way. His heritage had already been passed on to four disciples, so he actually didn’t care very much whether Wu Yu inherited it or not. He just felt pity for Wu Yu, because Wu Yu could probably only rely on himself in the future.

“Alright. This is your choice. I am your Master, and I respect your choice!” Feng Xueya accepted it. With his personality, although he didn’t feel happy about Wu Yu’s choice, he knew that Wu Yu had the right to make his own choice. He could only keep his feelings to himself.

So far, except a few people who understood him, most people thought he was a total idiot. He was just a fresh disciple. His behavior meant he refused all future heritage from Feng Xueya, including his experience and Dao Skills. He was indeed a weirdo who did not learn the sword in the Sword to Heaven Sect.

Hearing this, Wu Yu finally felt relieved. He knew Feng Xueya was really a good master, because he didn’t even interfere with the most basic thing.

Wu Yu understood that his choice upset Master and the seniors. It was the same as when, in the the Royal Palace of East Yue Wu, he followed a teacher whose major was teaching state-affair management, but Wu Yu insisted to learn business from him.

“However, I dont’t have that type of weapon. If anyone has it, I can exchange it with one magic sword.” Feng Xueya looked around. in this large Sword to Heaven Sect, there must be someone who had it.


At that time, Elder Mu Ge rushed out to the front, saying, “Sect Leader, I have a ‘Demon Emperor Staff’, kept in my ‘Wood Ring Mountain’. It is all golden, forged by ‘Red Heart Gold’. It weighs 1500 kilogram. There is a ‘Firelight Array’ on it. It is enough for Wu Yu to use for up to ten years.”

“Go get it.” Feng Xueya waved. Obviously, that treasure was not quite useful for Elder Mu Ge. He did Feng Xueya a great favor by giving it to Wu Yu.

Elder Mu Ge rode on a snow white ‘Heaven Cloud Roc’, flying away quickly. That was a spirit beast. It was said to be one of the descendants of celestial beasts, but it was stronger, swifter and more violent than celestial beasts.

A few minutes later, Elder Mu Ge came back. He carried a staff, which seemed to be as thick as three fingers, with a height of over two meters, even 30 centimeters higher than Wu Yu. It was about the height of when Wu Yu transformed into a celestial monkey.

“Mu Ge, you can chose a sword.” Feng Xueya took the Demon Emperor Staff, held it and twirled it a few times. He was very satisfied with it.

“Sect Leader, I can’t take it. I don’t use this Demon Emperor Staff. It’s a gift to Wu Yu.” Mu Ge said with respect and humbleness.

“Bullshit. I am giving a gift to my disciple. How can I take it for free from you? Hurry and pick one sword. Don’t speak nonsense.”

Wu Yu’s eyes were caught by the Demon Emperor Staff. His blood was boiling. He didn’t have any interest to their talk.

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