Chapter 34 Grand Soul Convention

“What do you want me to do?” Lu Ping asked

“Go participate in the Grand Soul Gathering of Zhi Ling region as a student of Zhai Feng.” Godou’s expression was grave.

“Oh.” Lu Ping said.

Godou again filled his cup with tea and waited a long time for Lu Ping to speak. However, he didn’t hear another word coming out of Lu Ping’s mouth.

Not even reacting; Godou, feeling a little dull, decided to do it himself.

“Since you are participating, return with at least the first position!” Godou said.

‘At least’ arranged behind ‘first position’ was clearly inappropriate. However, since Lu Ping hadn’t been reacting at all, Godou decided, he might as well raise the standards for him.

“Ok.” Lu Ping replied.

Godou once again waited for a long time, but there was yet again just a single word of reply.

“I say…” Godou couldn’t endure anymore: “Can you not be perfunctory with me?”

“Naturally, that’s impossible. You saved my life.” Lu Ping seriously said.

Godou reflected on it for a good while, then said:

“Actually, if you were alone, without carrying Su Tang, then you wouldn’t have needed my saving. So, in precise terms, the one I actually saved is Su Tang.”

“It’s the same.” Lu Ping resolutely said: “Because, a possibility in which I wouldn’t have carried Su Tang doesn’t exist.”

“Good.” Godou nodded and summarized his admiration towards Lu Ping with the use of a single word.

“Su Tang will also participate with you.” Godou said.

“She will also participate?” Lu Ping’s brows creased.

“You! What’s with your expression? Why does it look like you are condemning me, thinking that my greed would never be satisfied? The reason for her participation is to help her gain experience. Her Soul’s Power has already attained the realm of the sixth Heavenly Layer. She requires a higher tempering environment than this. And let alone Zhai Feng, you won’t find such an environment in the entire Xia Feng region.” Godou said.

“Oh.” Lu Ping nodded.

“And also, Mo Lin and Xi Fan.” Godou said.

“Mo Lin?”

“I am talking about Lin Mo. You think his identity can remain concealed even after Infinitesimal Separation visited? Didn’t you know all along? Still trying to stick out for your friend, eh?” Godou said.

“He He.” Lu Ping smiled, and then asked again:

“Wouldn’t Xi Fan have problems?”

“There is still one month remaining in the Gathering. Going by Xi Fan’s natural disposition, recovering back in one month isn’t going to be a problem.” Godou said.

“I wasn’t asking about his injuries, instead, I was asking about his identity. Reasonably speaking, at present, he should be considered to have graduated from the institute, no?” Lu Ping said.

“He is yet to take the Major Assessment, so he still can’t be considered to have graduated?” Godou said in a rhetorical question way.

“You don’t intend to arrange a Major Assessment specifically for him?”

“That’s a matter for after the Zhi Ling region’s Grand Soul Gathering.”

“So despicable!” Lu Ping couldn’t help but lament.

“Impudent.” Godou glared at him.

However, to tell the truth, being seated astride on the step ladder like a painter, and glaring at Lu Ping who had messy appearance himself, Godou didn’t present a shred of dignified appearance.

“Since there is one month remaining in the Major Assessment, I have made special arrangements for each of you regarding your cultivation.” Godou continued.


“Go to Tian Zhao institute. I have already made contact with one of my old friends, he will provide the most suitable guidance to you all in accordance with your individual disposition. Oh, in precise terms, they are three individuals, you can only rely on yourself.” Godou said.

“Oh.” Lu Ping nodded his head.

Subsequently, there was another short silence. Godou hesitated for a long time, but in the end, he couldn’t help himself from asking:

“Tell me something, what fraction of your Soul’s Power are you able to sneak out under the Intense Soul Lock at present?”

“I don’t know.” Lu Ping shook his head, and then immediately afterwards, supplemented with: “Because, I have absolutely no idea how much my hundred percent is.”

“Be extremely cautious; Zhi Ling region is not like our Xia Feng region. There are many outstandingly talented geniuses there. Moreover, you can’t be sure that other institutes won’t cheat.” Godou said extremely seriously.

“Are all Deans this despicable?” Lu Ping asked.

“The World is very big; You can always find someone better than you!” Godou lamented.

Xia Feng institute is situated seven hundred metres east of the Xia Feng City. It is encompassing a huge estate. Before Zhai Feng institute, the Xia Feng institute was the sole institute within the entire Xia Feng region. Four tall and majestic Soul’s Towers were the landmark buildings of the entire Xia Feng region.

However, at present, two of the towers have already disappeared. Both the towers have collapsed with extreme symmetry. Their ruins have still not been sorted out. And Godou, sitting in the Dean’s room, was able to catch its sight just by glancing sideways, and every time he did so, it would constrict his chest incessantly.

The construction of a Soul’s Tower is by no means an easy feat. For an institute, Soul’s Tower is a symbol of prestige. In reality, among the 442 institutes that have written accounts, only 91 possess their own Soul’s Towers. Although Xia Feng institute is not among the institutes that are counted among the top, since it is the sole institute in such a widespread area, they possess Soul’s Towers, which many institutes still don’t possess the ability to construct. These Soul’s Towers allowed Xia Feng to be a bit proud of themselves.

However, now, two of these towers have collapsed.

Just by relying on their own strength, constructing two new Towers would not be possible. Originally, these Soul’s Towers were constructed only due to the City Master Mansion’s assistance. However, this time, two of the Towers have been destroyed. Baliyan has no other choice than to turn towards the City Master’s Mansion. However, whether or not they will agree to construct two towers for them, is certainly not easy to say. Current times are different; Their Xia Feng institute isn’t the sole institute in the entire Xia Feng region.

Zhai Feng.

A mere thought of this name is enough to cause Baliyan to turn extremely bitter. Today, he once again received a report; Zhai Feng will dispatch a faction to participate in the Zhi Ling region’s Grand Soul Gathering. This caused Baliyan to be even more restless.

Lu Ping.

How could Baliyan not realize, what Godou was relying upon? His intention to attract Lu Ping was also based on a similar plan. However, Godou had already made an agreement with him that as long as he can persuade Lu Ping, Godou would let Lu Ping go. However, Godou is still outrageously sending Lu Ping to represent Zhai Feng. This implies that former never cared about the agreement at all, he had already made sure that Lu Ping would never be coerced into joining Xia Feng.

“This old bastard!” Baliyan heavily slapped the table. However, the sound that replied him was that of the room’s door being opened.

“Dean, City Master’s Mansion has sent people.” It was his personal advisor who had hurriedly rushed in to report.

“Huh?” Baliyan blankly stared. The response from City Master’s Mansion was much quicker than he’d expected. He had sent the information about the collapse of Towers just early morning. He knew that City Master Wei Zhong emphasizes efficiency a lot. However, he never expected that latter would be this efficient.

“Invite him in! Invite him in quickly!” Godou said at once as soon as his spirit returned back to him. However, the guy from the City Master’s Mansion had already arrived outside the door.

“Baliyan.” The individual entered the Dean’s room and greeted him. Baliyan didn’t dare to be neglectful in the slightest. He recognized this man; Wei Ming, one of the twelve Family Guardians of the City Master’s Mansion. His age is not much, but reportedly, this guy is full of schemes and strategies. He is held in a very high regard by Wei Zhong. If Wei Zhong sends him for something, then that matter is surely extremely important. If it’s just the matter of the collapse of Towers, then Wei Zhong wouldn’t have dispatched his number one Protector in terms of wisdom to personally handle it. This caused Baliyan to be nervous involuntarily. He even forgot to offer a seat or ask for tea. He was just foolishly staring at the former, waiting for him to speak the purpose of visit.

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