Chapter 34: The Veil

Outside of a particular wooden door, inside the inn, something was very different, while all wooden doors in this Inn looked the same and the rooms of each customer relatively had the same build this wooden door stood out for one strange reason.

Surrounded by storage boxes that piled sky high, these numerous boxes reached the ceiling as they had to be stacked on top of one another.

What was most shocking was that these weren’t normal boxes but storage boxes with their own internal space, these boxes were more common than storage rings as they were cheaply made and could only store 1-2 items in their internal space, thus they were more convenient and widely used with mortal teens and young cultivators.

Some boxes could be seen with female portraits attached to them, it had been only 2 days since the incident in the inn, Fang Tien had seen no signs of the mysterious robed figure and her ax warrior.

“They keep increasing, it’s all but impossible to hide them from young master now” with a weary sigh Du Yan could be seen holding multiple storage boxes.

“We should just dump them, their contents are too much for our young master” Du Lei shuddered as he spoke, signs of terror could be seen within his eyes as he remembered some of the boxes checked already.

“Oh, they weren’t that bad” Du Yan replied her voice lacking confidence in what she said.

“Not too bad?! we found used underwear and directions in one!”

“Oh, the horror” Du Yan said sarcastically

Du Yan chuckled as she remembered that incident, they had only just started receiving the boxes only a few hours after Fang Tien had shown himself in the inn, even she had to agree that traveling with a young master like Fang Tien proved to be hard for her, she now realized why his maids were replaced yearly.

Back in the Du clan Fang Tien only appeared once in public and that was to attend the awakening ceremony, most Du clan members have never seen him but had just heard of him, rumors were that he was so outrageously ugly he had to be hidden.

Du Yanworried about their future travels with their young master if only the old Du clan rumors about him were half true.

“Du Lei, we need a veil!” Du Yan said excitedly

“A veil? Du Yan don’t be so conceited” Du Min expression turned to one of disgust, she had been quietly cultivating while Du Yan and Du Lei racked their brains but couldn’t help but blurt out a reply, looks of disgust on her face.

“Not for me stupid, for the young master! he can’t be stalked if no one knows how he looks” Du Yan jumped excitedly as if she had just made the most profound discovery.

“This is true” Du Lei nodded in agreement.

“But what if he won’t agree?” Du Min asked as she could only agree with that solution also.

“Its fine, he’ll see why he needs one soon, he’s only been cultivating since the incident we should be going to explore the town before we leave” Du Yan said with confidence.

“I’ll need to hire us some transportation to the next village also” Du Lei added.

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