Chapter 35: Swords Stone Gate

It was late at night already.

The dark sky was filled with stars. Looking out over the endless Blue Surge Mountain Range, it was still ablaze with lights. Numerous palaces were like bright pearls and stars inlayed in the Blue Surge Mountain Range at this dark night. This celestial mountain was like a galaxy at night.

Certainly, only by standing on the super high Celestial Battle Podium, could you see such a spectacular scene.

There were two people standing on the Celestial Battle Podium, Wu Yu and the Sect Leader Feng Xueya. Feng Xueya put his hands behind his back, looking at this celestial mountain range under his control. He didn’t say anything. He seemed to be lost in thought.

Wu Yu was playing with a dark golden staff, whose ends were dark red. There seemed to be crimson flames wandering on the two ends. They flashed and were extremely hot. That was the Demon Emperor Staff.

The Demon Emperor Staff was about two meters long, even longer than Wu Yu. It weighed 1500 kilogram, a bit arduous to play with it. But Wu Yu was so delighted with it that he could hardly bear to put it down. He finally found a weapon that really suited him.

Simple, straightforward, violent!

“I can see that you really like this weapon. But you have never used a staff before. I have a book for you, An Introduction to Staffs. It will teach you the dao, skills and essence of this weapon. You can’t use a magic weapon without having a basic foundation of it. Although this book is from the mortal world, it is essential to you. If you want to make the most use of it, and combine your spirit with it, you have to fight at least tens of thousands of battles.“ Feng Xueya turned around, throwing a five-finger thick book to Wu Yu. With his robe rustling in the night wind, sharp eyebrows and tiger eyes— this peerless sword celestial’s demeanor was awe-inspiring! Wu Yu found it hard to look into his eyes.

Other people all left.

And since Wu Yu was going to leave the sect in a few days, so Feng Xueya asked him to stay. He had important things to tell him.

Once a teacher, forever a father. Not to mention his three-times savior, a Jindan Celestial Wu Yu accepted the book respectfully, saying, “As everything cannot separate from its root, ‘An Introduction to Staffs’ is exactly the root of my staff. I will study it with great concentration.”

It was a pity that he had to abandon Sword Dao that he had been cultivating for nearly ten years.

How could a disciple of Feng Xueya not cultivate Sword Dao! Wu Yu felt guilty for Feng Xueya, but this wouldn’t stop his love for the Demon Emperor Staff.

Looking at Wu Yu’s passionate eyes, Feng Xueya finally got rid of his unhappiness. Instead, he appreciated him more now. He said, “You are ambitious, this is your most important asset. You are bold enough to abandon the smooth road I paved for you for your own pursuit. Great!”

Today, even the arrogant Feng Xueya also acknowledged Wu Yu’s achievement and choices. His sharp eyes looking at Wu Yu somehow changed— showing more appreciation now.

“Come here. I have a few things to ask you.” But as his master, he had to clarify the doubts in his mind. Not only him, all people present today were curious about Wu Yu’s performance.

“Master, please.” Wu Yu put down his Demon Emperor Staff.

Feng Xueya said, “Since you are my disciple now. I need to know your past life experience. Tell me.”

There was no need to hide. Wu Yu told him everything, from growing up in

East Yue Wu  to getting expelled and trapped by Hao Tian Shangxian. The fact that Hao Tian Shangxian raised a snake daemon did go against all the laws of celestials, but Feng Xueya seemed not to be surprised.

“No wonder. You are going to get revenge in East Yue Wu. I won’t stop you. The celestial road is rough. You will have to fight a way out by yourself. But don’t worry, you are my disciple. The Zhongyuan Daoist Sect won’t go against us Sword to Heaven Sect simply because of the life and death of a disciple.” Feng Xueya said indifferently.

This was different from what Su Yanli had told him. She wanted Wu Yu to take revenge secretly, but Feng Xueya didn’t care about that. Wu Yu was more relieved hearing that. He would not need to think about much in East Yue Wu.

If he wanted to kill Hao Tian Shangxian, he must do it.

As expected, things did change when he became Feng Xueya’s disciple.

“Second, heritage.” The first thing might be not important to Feng Xueya, but when he talked about the second thing, he looked into Wu Yu’s eyes with his ocean-deep eyes. At that moment, Wu Yu felt that Feng Xueya had almost entered his body.

“I know, maybe that servant named Sun Wudao gave you something which caused those changes in your body. That might be a technique to forge your mortal body, which allowed you to get such powerful strength at the Mortal Body Forging Phase. You even transformed into a golden monkey! That technique was demonic-like!” Feng Xueya’s words were shocking to Wu Yu.


“Don’t be nervous. It is your fate that you’ve been through all these. The reason why I am telling you this is to teach you a rule.”

“Master, please.” Wu Yu thought Feng Xueya wanted him to give up his Indestructible Vajra Body, after all, what he had shown today was too unusual. Feng Xueya, however, obviously was not this kind of person.

A bit strict and serious he said, “ You should be aware that our Atlas of the Dongsheng Divine Continent has a very long history, during which there were numerous archaic demons who dominated the earth. There were also many battles between celestials and demons. Even now, countless cultivators are fighting fiercely. In the infinite history, genius demons are as numerous as the sands, among them, outstanding ones see through Heavenly Truths and leave heritages before dying. There are even many heritages in this Blue Surge Mountain Range… I just haven’t found them yet…”

Now, Wu Yu almost understood what he was going to say.

“Master, are you saying that among the numerous heritages in this world, I only got a very tiny part. Maybe I am special in the Sword to Heaven Sect, but compared to the whole world, I am just a dust. I must not become content, arrogant or even supercilious because of this little achievement. I must be more cautious in my future celestial road. Am I right?”

“You are very smart.” Feng Xueya was relieved seeing he understood his meaning.


From his point of view, Wu Yu’s outstanding mortal forging technique was not special. He had seen some similar ones before.

For all these years, he had seen many young men who were extremely delighted just because of a few achievements and considered themselves as peerless demons. They, however, all died young.

Wu Yu thought, “It seems that my Celestial Monkey Transformation is not as special for Master, the Jindan Celestial. I was even afraid that he would take away the heritage from me. I was really thinking too much.”

He really trusted Feng Xueya, but the celestial road was so difficult that only few people wouldn’t desire a rare treasure. So, when Feng Xueya saw his disciple had such a desirable treasure, he might want to ‘put it away temporarily’ too…

“Enough. Go explore your road.” Feng Xueya waved. He seemed to want to stay on the Celestial Battle Podium for a bit longer.

Master had helped him so much while he could do nothing in return. He gave a deep bow and turned around to leave resolutely. His goal was East Yue Wu. For being able to return to East Yue Wu, his chest was fired up with excitement!

The blood feud, that unforgettable shame and that vilification… he must let the person pay for it!

For people from East Yue Wu, they would never have imagined that the the Prince Heir of East Yue Wu, who was said to have died in the demon snake’s mouth, was coming back!


Swords Gate!

This was the south gate of the Sword to Heaven Sect. The area outside it was excluded from the sect. Of course, he had to climb over thousands of mountains to see signs of human habitation.

From a distant view, one could actually see numerous swords, each over 30 meters high, drilled into a mountain, which formed the Swords Gate. Those were not real swords. They were stone swords carved out of stones. It was Feng Xueya who cut the stones and carved the swords personally.

Wu Yu passed through the forest of numerous stone swords, looking at the straight and grim sword marks, which made him think of how Feng Xueya was flying on the sky and playing with magic weapons; how he cut the stones and carved the swords. He was shocked and awed.

Now, there were sunburn marks and signs of erosion by rain, which meant the Swords Gate had been through many years.

“These were all created by master. It is my biggest honor to be his disciple.” Su Yanli said sentimentally.

Mo Shishu smacked his lips, saying, “True, he is a little bit stubborn, but he is a good guy. He has done many things for us secretly these years.”

Wu Yu was walking together with them, listening to Feng Xueya’s legend told by Mo Shishu. Feng Xueya was the legendary sword celestial among dozens of mortal kingdoms nearby. He was best at using long sword, which turned demons into ashes. It was because him that the Sword to Heaven Sect could enjoy the vast spirit qi of the Blue Surge Mountain Range.

In a blink, they had passed the giant Swords Gate. Looking ahead, there were numerous mountains in the muddy yellow fog. The mortal world was at the horizon.

“Little junior brother, we will bid farewell here.” Su Yanli stopped and turned around. Walking between the numerous swords, this girl had gentle eyes, which were very different from when he saw her first. Now, she was treating Wu Yu as her brother.

Feng Xueya’s disciples had good relationships.

“Thank you senior brother and senior sister.” Today, sending him off to East Yue Wu personally was their kindness. Wu Yu felt comfort from being their junior brother.

Su Yanli had a cold exterior, but a tender heart. The rascally behaving Mo Shishu was actually very upright deep in his core…

“Don’t go just yet. We got a gift for you!”

When Wu Yu was about to leave, Mo Shishu said mysteriously while waving his folding fan.

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