Chapter 35: The Veil ( Part 2 )

Inside his room Fang Tien could be seen seated crossed legged, cultivating.

Principles of time surrounded him, space seems to shift from a feeling of being brand new to one of ancient aura, as if thousands of years had passed, within his limpid amethyst colored eyes a single star pattern could be seen rotating, Fang Tien vision staring straight ahead he seemed as if he was staring at a different time.

Scenes of another time a more ancient time flashed within Fang Tien pupils, as his study the dao of time his capability to wield his divine abilities improved, within his pupil’s reflections of the past and future could be seen.

“Is this the real past and future? how can I be sure this is the true one and not a possibility?” as he cultivated unceasingly questions and doubts formed within his mind, the more he cultivated the more he learned.

“The more I learn the less I’ve realized I truly know” sighing internally Fang Tien continued cultivating as he attempted to unlock all he could of his Dao of time.

In another room, one opposite of Fang Tien, Du Lei, Du Min, and Du Yan could be seen.

“We’ve finally cleared all the storage boxes, luckily young master is occupied with cultivating” a sigh of relief could be heard from Du Yan.

“We still haven’t solved the real source of the problem, we’ve just applied patches!” Du Lei said as he rubbed his special storage ring, this item was extremely expensive and rare given to him by the Du clan elders to assist in his long journey with Fang Tien.

Looks of unwillingness flashed across his eyes as he remembered a particular event, his once spacious storage ring was now polluted by trash! and the source of this trash well, they’re the masses of storage boxes delivered outside of young master Fang Tien door.

It had been Du Yan who came up with the idea of splitting them separately between the 3 and storing them inside the space rings.

“My patches are very great, plus it’s an easy fix! Young master can’t be stalked if his face is always hidden, we just need to buy a veil for him” Du Yan said as a mischievous smile flashed across her face.

“A..Veil…Men don’t wear Veils!” Du Lei shouted

“Young Master can’t be compared to mortal men” with a deadpan smile Du Min said

“Madness” Du Lei could only voice his dislike for the plan as he had no better solution, the recent series of events over the past few days with the storage boxes had scarred him, he could only imagine the chaos that would ensue if Fang Tien traveled inside the town as he was.

“Du Min, you will have to head to the beauty shop within the western district to buy Young masters Veil along with Duu Lie, I will stay behind, as young master personal maid it’s my duty to be available 24/7”

A smile could be seen on Du Yan face as she finished her sentence, placing special emphasis on ‘personal maid’.

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