Chapter 36: My Younger sister

Sounds of children’s laughter and haggling could be heard resonating inside the village of Elysia.

The bustling streets of Elysia confused a lot of first-time visitors, as this village was far south away from most of the world in a secluded corner, what made it so great and vibrant was its connection to the famous forest of elves as rare material, objects and clothing that can only be obtained from an elf could be purchased inside this village.

Most notable is how popular this village is with the rich daughters and princesses of famous clans and sects and even kingdoms, from rich to the poor due to the silk produced from the elves being of the most high quality even the poorest daughter would find her way to this town once in her life too buy their ideal dress.

Walking on the busy streets of Elysia, Du Lei and Du Min could be seen, with wondering eyes as they looked around.

“Is it just me or is this village weird? every corner seems to have a butler and some noble daughter shopping” Du Lei asked in confusion.

With a look of bewilderment, Du Min looked around, it was really as he said, the females in this village seem to far outweigh the men, and they were all decorated in the finest jewelry and dresses.

Some even wore multiple space rings as if they were decorations, these people must all be filthy rich.

In comparison, Du Lei and Du Min seemed like beggars, especially Du Min as she cared about nothing but cultivating not once has she paid much attention to her dressing, preferring simple to move in and comfortable clothes, while she wasn’t as beautiful as Du Yan something could be said for about a special charm that surrounded her, even though she wasn’t the most beautiful her common facial features still held some merit.


Du Lei had a large frame for a Du Clan member, as he liked to dabble in body cultivation his height was not only taller than most being 6’1 but his muscular frame and short hair would make one mistake him as a warrior.

“We will need to suggest some new guidelines to young master, this whole village seems like a trap hole and poor young Master is too pure!”

A look of confusion flashed across Du Mins face, “Pure? trap? what do you mean? this village doesn’t seem so dangerous”

Du Lei started at Du Min with a look of pity before shaking his head ” you’re also too pure, luckily you only care about cultivating and eating” with a shake of his head Du Lei sighed lightly

After walking for 30 minutes Du Lei and Du Min stumbled upon what seemed to be the described shop on the west side of the village, various facial costumes could be seen displayed along with a sign ” The Number one Facial Protection Shop, we protect your maiden faces”

With a deep breath, Du Lei steeled his heart as he charged into the store.

Sweet scents and fragrances raided Du Lei senses as various facial mask and decorations came into his view, veils of various type could be found.

Seeing a new customer enter, a beautiful young lady walked up to Du Lei ” Young master may I help you?”

With his chest puffed out and his heart ready for any sacrifices Du Lei replied ” Yes, I’m looking for something to hide my younger sisters face, as I’m afraid she will attract too many unwanted attention”

Du Min could be seen behind Du Lei, surprise and shock covered her face as she heard Du Lei reply.

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