Chapter 36: Northern Exit’s Main Culprit

How long Godou had been waiting for this day, Lu Ping didn’t know. He only knew that after their conversation in the morning, Godou called all four of them at noon of that very same day, and made arrangements for their journey.

“This is a letter. Upon reaching Tian Zhao institute, give it to teacher Chu Min. Uh, perhaps, she is actually a Dean nowadays. For this month, you will listen to her arrangements!” Godou, while holding the letter, swept his gaze across each of the four individuals present before his eyes. Finally, he decisively handed over the letter to Xi Fan, who was seated in his wheelchair.

“Perhaps a Dean?” Xi Fan accepted the letter while being a bit doubtful.

“En. It has been some time since we got in touch with each other. Greet her on my behalf.” Godou waved his hands, indicating them to be on their way; while he himself turned back, and left first on his own.

“What’s going on?” Mo Lin still had a drowsy expression on his face:

“I haven’t even washed my drowsiness yet, and I have been suddenly called to bear the future of institute? Why on earth, am I here? Why am I suddenly feeling a bit forgetful?”

“Just walk!” However, Lu Ping remained concise and comprehensive with him. Then, Lu Ping and Su Tang, pushing Xi Fan’s wheelchair together at the same time, went on ahead along with ‘Gulululu…’ sound. Mo Lin, standing at the front of Zhai Feng’s entrance gate, was looking at the words ‘Zhai Feng’ written high above, at the gate’s crossbeam. He was still a bit absent-minded. After foolishly standing there for quite a while, he turned his head once again and found that the other three had already gone quite far off.

“Wait for me!” Mo Lin immediately shouted and chased after them.

Zhi Ling region and Xia Feng region being neighbours had nothing more than a few hundred li of land between their capitals Zhi Ling city and Xia Feng city respectively. This couldn’t be counted as too far. However, the only problem was that the entire journey was comprised of passing through craggy mountain roads. Walking on these roads was extremely inconvenient. The current situation of Xia Feng being behind was also a result of this.

Xia Feng city; Northern exit. If one were to go in the direction of Zhi Ling region, then this was an avoidable location. Even if one were to travel in coach, he/she certainly would still have to cover some length by foot. Even after two hundred years of Xia Feng region constructing this road, it had not been completed yet. For completion of this road, perhaps, another hundred years would be required.

Therefore, although this road had always been in the middle of construction, before it could fully connect the two regions, not many people would be seen on it. Many people think that this incomplete road can only be considered as a dead end.

However, today was somewhat different. Lu Ping and the rest arrived at the Northern Exit. They were about to look for a coach, as they would have to walk later. However, they soon discovered that today was exceptionally lively. There were a lot of people, and also a lot of coaches.

Everywhere around them was permeated with feelings of entrustment. There was concern, hope, instructions and so on….

After looking left and right, the four of them quickly realized what was going on.

These are all Xia Feng’s students; First grade students and the third grade students to be precise. Since their Soul’s Towers had collapsed, they had no means of completing their assessment. At this moment, they were going to Bipolar institute in Zhi Ling region to complete their assessment under the arrangements of the institute.

Lu Ping is, without a doubt, the main culprit for such a spectacle. Unsurprisingly, he had caught the attention of many. However, since everyone had witnessed his strength, not a single one dared to go and express his/her dissatisfaction. All the eyes on Lu Ping were filled only with the feeling of being wronged. This was completely different from their usual ‘live high and look down’ attitude towards students of Zhai Feng.

The ‘main culprit’ had an extremely calm expression as he walked about. Looking left, glancing right, then again looking left; It seemed like he was taking pleasure from the grievances of other people as he casually strolled.

This certainly caused many people to be dissatisfied. Although, there still wasn’t a single individual who stood out from the rest and called out to Lu Ping, but there were many who had malicious glints flashing in their eyes. One can always curse within the heart, if not anything else.

And it ended up in Lu Ping suddenly stopping his footsteps at this moment.

The atmosphere of the entire Northern Exit tensed due to this action of his. Many gazes that were eying him up just a moment ago, instantly averted back one by one.

In return, Lu Ping appeared to be very excitedly stroking the horse in his front: “This is the one!”

All the people were thoroughly despaired. He had only been looking for a coach from the very start. Their expressions of being wronged, grief, or maliciousness; the guy simply never paid attention to any of them.

It had looked like Lu Ping was provoking them while they were either evading or tolerating his provocations.

However, as they discovered that Lu Ping had not been concerned with them at all from the very start; they instead found it difficult to endure.

Xia Feng region has only two institutes. And they had always been much ahead of Zhai Feng institute. They were but the heaven’s proud sons of Xia Feng region. Their mentality had always been as such.

However, at this moment, heaven’s proud sons were being ignored, and moreover, the guy who had ignored them actually had a horse in his eyes?

Often, youngsters would ignore the consequences and act straightforwardly. Thus, at this moment, there were some who were willing to create troubles for Lu Ping.

“I’m sorry. But, I’ve already hired this horse.” A youngster suddenly appeared in front of Lu Ping and said in a deep and gruff voice. He was merely an ordinary first grade student of Xia Feng, with an ordinary background. His strength was miles apart from second graders of Xia Feng, much less to speak of Lu Ping. However, at this moment, he was the first one to come forward. It had nothing to do with strength or background. It was just the result of being impulsive due to pride.

With right hand strictly holding the reins of the horse and vision directly upon Lu Ping, he was assuming a posture of never letting go.

Mo Lin, without batting an eyelid, moved closer and elbowed Lu Ping:

“Kill him.” Mo Lin said while pouting towards that youngster.

His voice wasn’t loud, but it wasn’t low either. At least, it was sufficiently loud for that youngster to hear.

Youngster’s legs immediately turned soft. However, he began to cling on to the rope even more desperately. This at least made sure that he didn’t immediately fall down.

However, the youngster’s father and mother who had come to send their son off were also able to hear Mo Lin’s words. They had naturally heard about yesterday’s affairs, and according to the smattering of knowledge they had as a part of common people, they had thought:

‘Collapsing the tower while taking the assessment? How ruthless is that?’

When they saw their son arguing with the guy who’d actually done that, they had already begun to lose their mind. And at this moment, as they saw Mo Lin moving closer and saying ‘kill him’, they immediately dashed forward to guard their beloved son. However, as they were just about to plead, they saw Lu Ping turning his head and giving Mo Lin a glance:“Do you have some illness?”

After saying these words to Mo Lin, Lu Ping somewhat regretfully stroked the horse and moved ahead while looking in all directions.

“Hey, this guy!” Mo Lin’s mood darkened. He turned his head and glanced at them. The entire family was stupefied, as if they didn’t know what to make out of this.

“I will kill your entire family.” Mo Lin gloomily said while pointing his finger towards the youngster.

After his impulse had passed away, the youngster had already realized the fear, and was already feeling regret for his actions. After hearing these words, would he still mind the horse? He firmly grabbed his parents beside him; he had truly almost collapsed down.

“Ouch!” While this cry echoed, Mo Lin’s body had already begun to tilt backwards.

“Are you *****?” Su Tang said as she grabbed Mo Lin by his collar. Then, she actually began dragging him backwards in this exact position.


Xi Fan, pulling his wheelchair, arrived in front of the family.

“Don’t mind him, he is an assassin. It was probably just his occupational illness.” Xi Fan said. Mo Lin’s inside information was no longer concealed. At least, all four of them knew it.

“Assa…Assassin?” Father of the youngster who had still been able to maintain a bit of calm till now, at this moment, suddenly had his face covered in a layer of grey cadaver colour resembling a corpse.

“Uh…” Xi Fan found out that his honest explanation didn’t cause the desired soothing result.

“You should hurry up and be on your way!” Thereupon, he said.

“Be….be on your way…” This time, the father was unable to support himself and sat down on the ground. Then, all three members of the family hugged each other and began to cry together.

“I…….I should leave first.” Xi Fan immediately pushed his wheelchair by himself and left.

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