Chapter 36: Sumeru Pouch


He didn’t expect that he would even get a gift.

First, Su Yanli took out something from nowhere. Wu Yu took a closer look at it. It was actually a mask. More importantly, that mask looked like a monkey face, much similar to the face of Wu Yu after Celestial Monkey Transformation.

“This is a ‘Demon Monkey Mask’, made from a special material. It can protect your head from attacks. But, its most important benefit for you is to disguise yourself. After all, when you return to the Capital of  East Yue Wu, it is better that you don’t get exposed too quickly.”

Su Yanli was very thoughtful. She gave that cold ‘Demon Monkey Mask’ to Wu Yu. In fact, that was exactly what Wu Yu was thinking about before, that he should disguise himself first before he returned to the capital.

This ‘Demon Monkey Mask’ made things easier.

Wu Yu quite liked this mask. He put on the mask, hiding his face.

Unlike before, Wu Yu was tall and strong now. Since he was wearing the ‘Demon Monkey Mask’, and was powerful and vigorous now, even someone who was very familiar with him couldn’t recognize him easily.

Now, wearing that mask and carrying the Demon Emperor Staff covered by cloth, he looked quite like the ‘Peerless Monkey King’ appearance as when he Visualized the Monkey in the Heart.

“So handsome. With just a few glances, even me, your senior brother, can’t help myself but drool!” Mo Shishu joked.

While speaking, he took off a dark yellow pouch from his waist and gave it to Wu Yu. Wu Yu took a close look at it. Its material was not much different from any usual cloth. It was embroidered with a character ‘Na’ (纳) on it. Each stroke of it seemed to have a profound meaning. The character looked as if it was alive. Wu Yu thought this pouch might be a magic tool too.

Of course, it was a magic tool that could not attack.

“Junior brother, do you know Array Formations?” Mo Shishu asked.

Wu Yu shook his head. It was said that Array Formations was a very abstruse Dao.

Mo Shishu said, “Array Formation, is too obscure. Only archaic demons are proficient in it. Since we are just at Qi Condensing Phase, we won’t know it at all. Even our Master, a Jindan Celestial, can only imitate the Array Formations from the archaic times. Of course, imitators don’t know the real Dao of Array Formations, so their imitations ones only have limited power.”

“Array Formations can be used for numerous purposes. If it is used in weapons, weapons can become magic weapons. If used in Rune sheets, the sheets can become powerful spells. It can be deployed in the heaven and earth directly, or in everything in this world, forming all deployments of attack and defense! The powerful things, such as magic weapons and spells that we are using now were forged by archaic demons, while ordinary things are imitated by master and other Jindan Celestials.”

Wu Yu knew a thing or two about Array Formations. But he hadn’t even condensed his Qi yet, so there was no point knowing that much. He did know the history of magic weapons and spells, but not as detailed as Mo Shishu told him today.

Then, Mo Shishu looked at Wu Yu’s hand, saying, “Ordinary magic weapons, including those in master’s Heavenly Asgard, your Demon Emperor Staff, or this ‘Sumeru Pouch’, were all forged by our Jindan Celestials in the past ten thousand years. They copied archaic Array Diagrams and drew on weapons, Rune sheets and cloth. For example, your Demon Emperor Staff has a ‘Firelight Array’. This ‘Sumeru Pouch’ has a ‘Na Array Diagram’. That’s why the Demon Emperor Staff and the Sumeru Pouch have magical power which is unbelievable to mortal cultivators.”

“No wonder!” Wu Yu only had superficial knowledge of it before. Thanks to Mo Shishu’s explanation, he now knew how magic weapons and spells came about.

Looking at the ‘Sumeru Pouch’, he could roughly guess its function now.

“Different imitators make different Na Array Diagrams, so different Sumeru Pouches have different grades. Those high-grade ones can even hold a big mountain! Our ‘Sumeru Pouch’ is just ordinary. At most, it can only grow to one cubic meter. Today, I give you this, so you don’t have to carry all your belongings out in the open.”

Wu Yu was really surprised. That Dao of Formation Arrays was really magical. A tiny pouch plus a ‘Na Array Diagram’, could even hold a whole mountain! Of course, the Sumeru Pouch of that high level was  a legend  even to Mo Shishu…

Following his instructions, Wu Yu opened that Sumeru pouch and put his hand into it. There was quite some gold prepared by Mo Shishu, along with some medicines.

This time, as Wu Yu was returning to the Capital of East Yue Wu, he brought many things, including books and Qi Condensing Pills. Because his Demon Emperor Staff was too heavy to be carried by celestial cranes, Mo Shishu gave him a Heaven Cloud Roc. He could only carry things in his arms or hang them on the Heaven Cloud Roc, so he didn’t have spare space for gold. This pouch did help a lot.

“Thank you very much, senior brother!”

Wu Yu quickly put his things into the Sumeru Pouch, such as ‘An Introduction to the Staff’, ‘Golden Flames Dragon Slaying Technique’ and so on.

Mo Shishu grinned, saying, “Pity! You little boy had to choose this Demon Emperor Staff. If it was any of the magic long swords, you could’ve put it in the pouch, but your staff is too long. You have to carry it by yourself.”

They didn’t carry any swords or sabres. Obviously, they had all put them in their pouches.

Although his staff was too long to put into the pouch, Wu Yu was quite satisfied. After all, this pouch was a magic tool too. Many disciples, even at Qi Condensing Phase, didn’t have one yet.

“Wu Yu, you are new to the Celestial Dao, so you don’t know the conflicts.

Some demons particularly like to snatch Sumeru Pouches from Dao cultivators. So, although it is convenient, if it gets robbed, you will lose everything. You have to be very careful.” Su Yanli reminded him.

Wu Yu understood.

The so-called kill and rob, just rob his Sumeru Pouch and he would be nothing.

Next, Mo Shishu told some points for attention. For example, not to put living things in the pouch,  not to put a pouch into another pouch either, otherwise, the Na Array Diagram would fall apart and the pouch would explode.

“Lastly, the most important thing, the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor Seal!”

Besides the Demon Monkey Mask and the Sumeru Pouch, the last thing Mo Shishu took out was a seal. It looked like a tiny sword with a wide edge, engraved with the character ‘Sword’ on one side and ‘Heaven’ on the other side.

“You need to show your Celestial Kingdom Supervisor Seal to disciples of the Zhongyuan Daoist Sect. This seal represents our Sword to Heaven Sect. If anyone dares to create trouble despite of this seal, they are setting themselves against the Sword to Heaven Sect!”

Wu Yu took over that seal. It felt cold, but Mo Shishu’s words made him feel warm. He felt protected by the celestial sect. Wu Yu was closely connected with the Sword to Heaven Sect now.

“Master spent a few nights to copy a nameless Array Diagram onto the seal. If your life is in critical danger, you can smash this seal and Master will know instantly. However…if this does happen, it might take some time for us to arrive at East Yue Wu, so you must take care of yourself.” Su Yanli knew Wu Yu was going to a battle field, so she was worried.

“Little junior brother, master is very kind to you. When we became a Celestial Kingdom Supervisor, he didn’t make any Array Diagram for us.” Mo Shishu was envious.

Holding this cold seal, Wu Yu did feel how Feng Xueya cared about him. Maybe it was his personality or his choice that were appreciated by Feng Xueya. Anyways, it was a debt of gratitude.

“Go! Once you are gone, no one will disturb me from pursuing your senior sister.” Mo Shishu grinned.

“Shut up.” Su Yanli stared at him. She seemed to have gotten used to this.

Then she said to Wu Yu, “Take care.”


Wu Yu put the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor Seal into the ‘Sumeru Pouch’, carried his Demon Emperor Staff, stepped onto the white and giant Heaven Cloud Roc. Towards the oriental sun, he flew into the sky instantly, blending into the dazzling sunlight.

Looking back, in the Swords Gate, Mo Shishu was loosely waving his folding fan and saying farewell to him. Su Yanli was slightly smiling yet also worried and reluctant to leave him. More importantly, her face showed her recognition and expectation of him.

Wu Yu did leave with fruitful results from the Sword to Heaven Sect!

“Uncle Sun gave me his inheritance. Master, senior brothers and senior sister gave me valuable things so that I can return to the Capital of East Yue Wu as a new me! They all have high expectations of me. Even though the celestial road is rough and dangerous, they are willing to help me, cultivate me and give me a better future.”

Wu Yu deeply kept this kindness in his mind. He knew kindness and resentment clearly.

Now, he was flying rapidly under the morning sun. Behind him, it was a land of kindness; in front of him, it was a land of resentment!

Where he was forced to swallow the Soul Severing Powder, stripped of his right to be Emperor, and then banished!

Where the Demon Snake chased him to kill him!

Plus the death of his father and thousands of citizens in the capital of East Yue Wu.

Now, Hao Tian Shangxian was still holding a superior status and Xi Fei was getting away with it!”

Without the Sword to Heaven Sect, Feng Xueya and Sun Wudao, Wu Yu would already be Wan Qing’s waste and not even have bones remaining!

Rebirth from a hopeless situation.

Wu Yu, was just like a golden flame, flying in the endless mountains, towards that far away East and prosperous capital.


“The bitterness you brought to me will be repaid a thousand times over now!”

“The capital!”

One day, as the red sun rose in the east. Wu Yu saw the capital in the morning sun.

He had finally arrived.

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