Chapter 37: Spirit

Inside the Inn in a spacious room, Du Yan, Du Lei, and Du Min could be seen conversing.

“Was that it? that was easier than I imagined” Du Lei asked, he had been tasked with getting Fang Tien to accept the veil but to his surprise he readily took it, he even seemed a bit too eager.

With a mischievous smile, Du Yan replied “Let’s not question Young Master fetish…., we will be leaving tomorrow, I’ve also prepared most of our necessities, all we’re missing is our source of transportation to the closest town,”

“The source of transportation can be left to me, I’ve already contacted some traveling merchants, we will be ready to leave tomorrow for the next town”

“And I’m sure this is not a mistake, I’ve felt as if we were being watched as we came back to the Inn, but for some reason, my eyes couldn’t find the source” Du Lei added, hints of worry could be seen on his face.

Du Min could be seen agreeing with a nod, “I’ve also felt these strange visions but they seem to lack hostility”

“Is that so, I’m sure its nothing” Du Yan replied, seemingly unsurprised by their plight and concerns.

“Boom!” a loud sound of something exploding could be heard coming from Fang Tien room.

“what was that?” Du Yan asked sounds of worry in her voice.

“Young Master is just cultivating I’m sure he is fine” Du Lei replied

“It’s as I’ve thought something is strange with this veil”

Fang Tien could be seen standing inside his room, a black colored veil held within his hands.

“This material feels so foreign, I can trace its material back to an ancient era but everything else seems to be surrounded by thick fog”

Fang Tien’s brows could be seen furrowed as he pondered over what could be preventing him.

Within Fang Tien’s eyes, a single star pattern could be seen rotating, as the Dao of time seems to invade the surrounding space, faint traces of time principles could be seen appearing and disappearing within this space.

As Fang Tien began pondering earnestly and deducing the veil slowly another world could be seen reflected within his eyes.

“I can see it! this era is…”

“Bang! Bang!” an explosion resonated as Fang Tien recoiled, a mouthful of blood could be seen as he coughed unceasingly.

“I was too forceful, the rebound was stronger than last time”

“There is no need to rush” Fang Tien be seen seated crosslegged as he tried to heal the internal injuries received, he felt as if this rebound affected his core as his soul ached in pain.

If one looked closely within Fang Tien pupils a strange seen scene could be seen

Deep within his pupil, a reflection of an eyeball, surrounded by heavenly bodies and chained by stars could be seen as Primal chaos qi filled the air

This Eye seemed so large that it could contain the entire universe, the stars that chained it appeared tiny in comparison as if they were flies orbiting the moon.

The pupil periodically emitted divine light, that seemed to shine upon all.

The pressure emitted from this light seemed like it could cut an immortal and grant true death! under such radiance all law seemed invalid, any dao or divine ability turned meaningless as if such a blaze could devour a world!

This would be a familiar scene to Fang Tien, as he’s started seeing it ever since his eyes have awoken.

Only after the Divine pond incident did Fang Tien realize this strange vision or space he kept seeing could nourish and heal his soul!

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