Chapter 37: Young City Master

“Step aside! Clear the road!”

A loud shout suddenly echoed at the bustling Northern Exit. Amidst the noise, the shout had been transmitted to the ear of each and every person. This was clearly not due to the voice being loud. This was a control over voice realized through the employment of Sound’s Soul.

Who is this?

People that had a bit of knowledge immediately realized that this shout is out of the ordinary. Very soon, in the middle of Northern Exit’s road, a tri-horse coach pulled by three gallant horses could be seen approaching at a lighting fast speed. The carriage of this coach had much more space than that of single-horse ones. Such a big coach would naturally have some trouble moving on such a crowded road. The individual who was employing Sound’s Soul to clear the way was merely the driver of this coach.

But no one was surprised because of this. Because everyone could clearly see that striking family-emblem on the carriage of the tri-horse coach.

Intertwined mountain peaks. This is a distinctive feature of the texture of Xia Feng Mountains. Wei family uses precisely this feature as their family emblem. One look at the crowd and it was clear how deep Wei family’s influence runs in this region. Masses had formed a deep-rooted revere of the Wei family. Very quickly, a wide path had been opened for the coach.

Who could have imagined that, at this moment, the speed of the coach would actually drop? Three horses, pulling the carriage, with heads high and with vigorous steps, slowly advanced through the very middle of the road. An individual made his way out of the carriage. It was precisely the City Master’s only son; Wei Tianqi. Most of the people here were his fellow acquaintances from Xia Feng institute. Therefore, as soon as he’d spot one, he would strike a greeting along with loudly shouting the name of his acquaintance as if unable to stop himself from doing so; He seemed to very much enjoying the eyes of everyone on him. However, this modest, unassuming, and easy to get close to appearance of his, had only been achieved after putting in extreme efforts.

On either side of the road, the student whose name had been called would try his hardest to correspond with his interests. As for what the former was cursing in his mind, only he knows.

Wei Tianqi was standing outside the carriage while assuming a high-spirited look. Suddenly, his expression changed. Amidst the crowd, he’d spotted the individual he hated the most over the last fifteen years.

Lu Ping!

Merely a day had passed since Wei Yang had seen Lu Ping for the first time. The words exchanged between them couldn’t have exceeded five sentences. What happened between them was also merely shoving each other once. However, Lu Ping was yet his most hated individual within these entire fifteen years.

Because he is Wei Tianqi; City Master’s only son. In the Xia Feng city, or Xia Feng region, never ever had been a person daring enough to offend him, not daring enough to even displease him.

From Wei Tianqi’s perspective, causing him to hate is much harder than gaining his affection, because, there had never been a person who would do anything to displease him.

However, just yesterday, someone had eventually succeeded.

Zhai Feng’s Lu Ping. A name which had never been heard before, during yesterday’s Grand Assessment, actually shoved him away.

This was but an incident that had never occurred in past. Hence, it had pushed his hate towards Lu Ping to an unprecedented degree.

Although he knew that Lu Ping was very strong, at least, much stronger than him. However, he was not afraid at all. He was but the son of the City Master. He was very clear on the reason why no one had ever dared to displease him; was it because of the fear of his strength? Of course, not. They feared his identity, his background, and the tremendous influence of Wei family in Xia Feng region.

Identity, background, and influence; When these things are put together, then only one can be called powerful. Just relying on the strength of a single individual, how powerful can one get?

Therefore, Lu Ping’s strength was only in terms of realm. And him? So what if his realm was a bit a low, he had identity, background, and the support of the entire Wei clan. Therefore, in his eyes, he is far stronger than Lu Ping.

Therefore, he was not afraid, and neither did he need to be.

We Tianqi was telling himself such things. However, the problem was: Yesterday after being sent flying by Lu Ping, as the latter walked towards him in his perfectly straight posture, he had been afraid. He was truly afraid. At that moment, he’d felt that identity, background, or influence, nothing would be able to help him. This kind of state of extreme fear had caused his mind to be uneasy. This was not something one would be able to forget overnight.

And at present, he had once again seen Lu Ping. Being blended amongst the crowds, it seemed as if he wasn’t any different than the rest of them.

“Stop!” Wei Tianqi said to the coachman beside him. The coach immediately halted.

Wei Tianqi jumped down and began to walk forward. People subconsciously opened up a path for him. Very soon, he reached behind Lu Ping and the rest.

Lu Ping was still selecting a horse.

“This horse is not bad.” Lu Ping said pointing towards a horse which had a very miscellaneous coloured fur.

“It’s a little ugly.” Su Tang said.

“This is not important.” Lu Ping said.

“Then how did you make out that this horse is not bad?” Mo Lin asked.

“Cough! Cough!” Wei Tianqi heavily coughed two times.

Lu Ping and Mo Lin turned their head and glanced at him. Immediately afterwards, they turned their head back and continued with their assessment of the horse.

Wei Tianqi stared blankly. He hadn’t gotten angry yet; first, he had blanked.

Because he never believed that he could actually be ignored?

Fortunately, it didn’t continue for long. Xi Fan, who had also turned his head before, had finally recognized him.

“Young City Master.” Xi Fan greeted him. At present, everyone addressed him as ‘Young City Master’. It will be until the day when his father Wei Zhong would no longer be present, and that word ‘Young’ would possibly be removed.

Someone had finally recognized him. This made Wei Tianqi feel a bit better. However, immediately afterwards, he heard the laugh of the guy in straw hat who had also failed to recognize him:

“Young City Master? Xi Fan, you still like giving names to animals, eh? But, what kind of stupid name is this?”

Everything completely stilled.

Mo Lin and Lu Ping, who were having a serious discussion about the horse, also suddenly felt something queer. After Su Tang made an eye signal, both of them once again turned their bodies around. Consequently, they saw a pair of bloodshot eyes, almost about to pop out.

“Uh…..” Mo Lin said in a stretched voice.

However, Lu Ping only nodded. After looking at Wei Tianqi for a short while, he said: “You want something?”

“You…… truly don’t recognize me?” Wei Tianqi felt that the former was certainly pretending. However, Lu Ping’s expression was very grave, grave up to the extent of causing him to waver over his determination.

“e….” Lu Ping was carefully thinking. Fortunately, Su Tang came closer to him and softly hinted him in ear.

“Oh.” Lu Ping suddenly had a flash of realization.

“Road Blocker.” He said.

Wei Tianqi’s face immediately turned green. So it turns out that I am a road blocker?

“You want something?” Lu Ping again asked.

“What do you think?” Wei Tianqi firmly stared at Lu Ping.

Lu Ping thought a little. He finally realized:

“You’ve come to apologize? You need not take it to heart. Moreover, you didn’t even affect me much.” Lu Ping said.

“You….You…” Wei Tianqi was so angry that he was even unable to speak. Surrounding people also felt that Lu Ping is toying with Wei Tianqi. They wished to laugh but didn’t dare to do so.

“He He…” As it turned out, there was someone who laughed.

“Who!” As Wei Tianqi hear the laugh, he exploded in rage. However, when he turned and saw the individual, he completely blanked.

“Elder brother Ming!” Wei Tianqi shouted.

Wei Ming is merely one of the twelve family guardians. However, City Master’s only son had addressed him as ‘Elder Brother’. From this, one can easily imagine that his status in City Master Mansion was not that of a servant at all.

“Young City Master.” In return of Wei Tianqi’s ‘elder brother’, Wei Ming had instead replied with impeccable respect.

However, as his vision turned from Wei Tianqi to Lu Ping, his expression instantly transformed. His face had turned completely expressionless as if the individual in front of him wasn’t worthy of him wasting an expression.

“You think this horse is pretty good?” Wei Ming asked.

“Yes!” Lu Ping turned around stroked the horse once again. The horse also seemed to be enjoying very much as it was shaking his head, taking the initiative to move its head under Lu Ping’s hand.

“Yes, I see.” Wei Ming said, and then suddenly raised his hand.

Mo Lin only felt a breeze pass by his body, and he involuntarily twitched his head.

It seemed as if the horse’s skull was getting lower and lower under the hands of Lu Ping. It suddenly bulged downwards. The entire head of horse dropped down on the ground.

“However, it’s dead.” Wei Ming said.

Following it, Wei Ming raised his finger towards the already scared out of wits coachman. Coachman, as if recalling something by looking at this moment of Wei Ming, sat flat on the ground with hands over head.

“Go to the City Master Mansion. They will compensate you ten times for your horse.” Wei Ming said without paying any attention to coachman’s reaction.

Finally, he once again looked towards Wei Tianqi. Still as before, his expression was respectful without the slightest of flaws.

“Young City Master, let’s go!”

“Huh?” After witnessing this scene, Wei Tianqi was also blanked. However, it only remained for a very short duration before he regained his spirit.

“Leave.” He turned his body and started walking towards his three-horse coach. Wei Ming followed behind him.

After entering the carriage, Wei Tianqi couldn’t help but glance there one more time. Lu Ping was still standing there with his hand raised, being completely stunned. On the other hand, after hearing Wei Ming’s words of ten times more compensation, coachman had already regained his spirit and was already on the move in high spirits.

“Young City Master, sit tight. We will make haste ahead.” The Coachman said to Wei Tianqi.

“Ok.” Wei Tianqi agreed and squeezed inside the carriage.

Horses raised their hoofs. Leaving behind a path of dust on the perfectly smooth road, the coach very quickly disappeared from everybody’s vision.

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