Chapter 38: I Am Sun Wudao

Because of Prince Yuan Chen, the capital of East Yue Wu was in an uproar already.

Tens of thousands of people were talking about Prince Yuan Chen excitedly. At this moment, the city was in a shock again. The citizens looked up and happened to see a giant snow-white roc flash by in the sky, leaving a vast and mighty echo. Only the top martial artist could generate such a heavy sound.

“What a big bird!”

“There is a man on the bird!”

“That bird is bigger than the giant whale in the East Sea…”

For a moment, people were stunned. The news that Prince Yuan Chen came back was shocking enough to them. What they saw just now was even much more shocking!

Wu Yu was representing the Sword to Heaven Sect to take over East Yue Wu, so he had to show an imposing manner. Hao Tian Shangxian should know that the disciple of the Sword to Heaven Sect would come soon.

In people’s awed and shocked eyes, Wu Yu arrived at the Royal Palace. Standing on the back of the Heaven Cloud Roc, he was hovering above the palace.

“Who is this?”

“He dared to call Hao Tian Shangxian’s name directly? Perhaps he is a celestial too!”

“No way! Are there so many celestials in this world? Three celestials came to our capital today?”

More and more people came out of their houses, going through high streets and back lanes and talking about the splendid scene today. Everyone was so excited. Most of them had never seen a celestial before, and they might not get an opportunity to see one again for the rest of their lives…

Children who were playing around, housewives who were busy cooking, vendors who were selling products, and guards and maids from different places all stopped their tasks and looked up at the sky with excitement.

This… this was an unprecedented scene in our capital!

Finally, Wu Yu was going to see Hao Tian Shangxian.

He was very calm, like a peaceful sea. But there was turbulent magma hiding on the bottom of the sea. Once it exploded, the whole sea would evaporate and Wu Yu would become a ball of fire.

When Wu Yu looked at the palace, it was silent for a bit. Then, there came two horses’ neighs and two crane horses rushed out from the Royal Palace. Each carried a person. One of them was the person who showed up a million times in Wu Yu’s dreams— Hao Tian Shangxian. Wu Yu couldn’t wait to make mincemeat out of him!

The other was young man that looked almost the same as Yuan Hao, but had a totally different disposition. He wore a clear Daoist robe, his long hair tied in a ponytail, handsome features, eyes sparkling like waves, and a slightly cold expression with a faint smile. He looked very effeminate. He was much better looking and a lot more mysterious than that self-righteous Yuan Hao.

Deservedly the prince who grew up in the Zhongyuan Daoist Sect. This was the Prince Yuan Chen who had just returned.

At the same time, Wu Yu also noticed that in the biggest palace, the ‘Shang Qian Palace’, Emperor Yuan Hao and Empress Dowager Yuan Xi came out surrounded by ministers to the outside. They looked at Wu Yu a bit unhappy.

That ‘Shang Qian Palace’ should have been the place where Wu Yu would’ve ascended to the throne.

Wu Yu knew every minister here. They were not vicious and actually quite dedicated to the kingdom’s affairs. They just over-deified Hao Tian Shangxian, so they were totally controlled by him.

Prince Yao, Minister Song, General Di, Marshal Wu…

“Hao Tian, Consort Xi!”

At last, Wu Yu saw them again.

Consort Xi was still as beautiful, without any signs of aging. She became more majestic after becoming Empress Dowager. Her eyes that were looking at Wu Yu were so noble, fearing nothing.

As for the new Emperor, Yuan Hao, was just like a conceited idiot with a face full of eagerness.

Hao Tian didn’t change at all. He still posed as a celestial of high morals. Now, he and Prince Yuan Chen rode two Crane Horses flying in the sky and confronting Wu Yu.

Even as just a disciple from the Sword to Heaven Sect, Wu Yu still was in opposition to Hao Tian Shangxian. But Hao Tian Shangxian smiled gently, saying, “I was wondering who was being so imposing here. It turns out you are the Sword Celestial from the Sword to Heaven Sect. What can I call you?”

Wu Yu had prepared an alias already.

“I am, Sun Wudao.”

Wu Yu had gone through so much hardships and efforts in order to speak with Hao Tian Shangxian face to face. Finally, this moment came. He was observing Hao Tian Shangxian carefully. Before, he was a supreme celestial. Now, he was just a disciple at Qi Condensing Phase from the Zhongyuan Daoist Sect.

“Hao Tian, is very powerful, stronger than Situ Minglang and me, but weaker than Senior Sister Su and Senior Brother Mo.” Wu Yu’s cultivation allowed him to observe how powerful the opponent was during confrontation.

“This means I can’t take revenge right away. I need to wait for a chance.” Having waited for so long and Wu You being fairly fine so far, Wu Yu was able to suppress his killing intent.

As for that Yuan Chen, he was very intelligent and about the same age as Wu Yu. He might be at the 9th heavenly stage of the Mortal Body Forging Phase, the same stage as Wu Yu.

“In the Zhongyuan Daoist Sect, he reached the 9th heavenly stage at such a young age. He should be able to condense his qi someday. What a bright future.”

Apparently, Hao Tian had spent a lot of time and effort to cultivate Yuan Chen.

When Wu Yu was observing them, Hao Tian, Yuan Chen, Consort Xi and Yuan Hao were measuring him with their eyes. Hao Tian frowned, but instantly became expressionless, and said deeply, “Your excellency Sun Wudao, I have two questions for you. First, a Celestial Kingdom Supervisor must have condensed his qi, but apparently you haven’t reached Qi Condensing Phase yet. Second, the Sword to Heaven Sect only cultivates peerless sword celestials. But what you are carrying looks like a spear. How can you prove that you are the new Imperial Protector Shangxian?!”

“Oh, he is the new Imperial Protector Shangxian?”

When Hao Tian Shangxian said his doubts, some citizens heard that, and understood Wu Yu’s position. This new celestial was a real celestial, and he was going to take over East Yue Wu?”

Hao Tian Shangxian had created his own legend in East Yue Wu during all these years, making citizens believe in him and regard him as the one and only celestial in the whole world. And now that Wu Yu arrived, he did not care much about agreements between the sects.

Wu Yu had already known that he would give him hardships.

“You must be Hao Tian? Have a careful look, this is the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor Seal!” Wu Yu took out the seal from his Sumeru Pouch. His eyes hiding behind the ‘Demon Monkey Mask’ flashed a cold and sharp light. He sneered, “My strength and my weapon are irrelevant.”

The Celestial Kingdom Supervisor Seal was enough to prove his position.

Hao Tian Shangxian had never thought that the Sword to Heaven Sect would send such a weirdo.

Currently, no one was able to guess that he is actually Prince Yu!

“Now that you are here to supervise East Yue Wu, why are you wearing a mask? You are too ashamed to show us your face?” Yuan Chen smiled and asked this slightly provoking question.

“Little sissy, this is my freedom. It’s none of your business!” Wu Yu looked at him and mocked him.

As their talk was high in the sky. Citizens nearby were only able to hear a few words faintly. They were holding their breath, so that their breathing sound would not disturb their hearing.

“You called me a little sissy?” Yuan Chen was not angry at all. He smiled at Hao Tian Shangxian, “Senior Brother Hao Tian, I have a request.”

“What is it?”

“I doubt his identity. The Sword to Heaven Sect would never assign a disciple beneath the Qi Condensing Phase to take over such an important role. Maybe he was just lucky and picked up that seal somewhere. So, I want to test his ability.” Yuan Chen’s voice was very soft and tender, like rippling water, but full of provocation.

“You want to challenge me?” Wu Yu deliberately raised his voice, letting every citizen know that it was Yuan Chen who proposed the battle. Having just arrived to pick up his duty, it was better to give the other a blow first..

He never forgot grudges. He just heard people say he was to Prince Yuan Chen like shit was to the sun! So who was the shit and who was the sun then?

“It is not to challenge, but to verify. We don’t mean to go against the Sword to Heaven Sect. We just do not trust your identity.” Although Yuan Chen was a boy, he spoke in a very delicate and tender way.

“Come on! Don’t cry when you lose!” Wu Yu laughed loudly. When he laughed, his voice shook the desks and chairs in the streets. Those tens of thousands of onlookers passed the news from mouth to mouth and quickly confirmed that the new celestial was going to fight with Prince Yuan Chen!

“Prince Yuan Chen, please win!”

“That is Yuan Chen Shangxian!”

Everyone practically had their hearts in their mouths. Suddenly, the whole capital became completely silent. Everyone was staring at the sky.

“Go down.” Yuan Chen pointed at an empty ground.

“No, up here is good.” Wu Yu was bold enough. He meant to fight with Yuan Chen on the back of the Heaven Cloud Roc and the Crane Horse.

“Great!” Although Yuan Chen was effeminate, but he was also decisive and bold enough. He looked at Hao Tian Shangxian, then rode his Crane Horse and rushed at Wu Yu.

“Senior Brother Sun, I am coming!”

While rushing at Wu Yu, he took out a magic weapon, a long spear! It was azuregreen, like a green bamboo, with whirlwinds circling around it. When he wielded it, storms and winds swept the sky, making his brocaded robe flutter.


A battle between two celestials! This scene was unprecedented and matchless for people of the capital.

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