Chapter 38: Lu Ping’s Approach

The three-horse coach of City Master Mansion had left, but the Northern Entrance had lost all of its former liveliness.

The entire ground was dyed with blood. Lu Ping, being drenched, was also resembling a man of blood. The horse’s head and body were powerlessly lying on the ground apart from each other. Very soon, having smelled the reek of blood, a flock of house flies quickly flew over.

“Who is this guy?” Mo Lin still had some lingering fears. He had merely felt a light wind blowing past him. It was hard to imagine that it had been this deadly. As one can imagine, Mo Lin could only feel a light wind only because the strike was too quick.

If this strike hadn’t struck the horse, and had struck rather him, what would have happened then??

Mo Lin was a bit too afraid to think after that. It was clear that the other guy’s realm was much higher than his.

“Wei Ming.” Xi Fan started to talk: “One of the twelve family guardians. He has the reputation of being the number one brains at City Master’s disposal. His realm is unclear.”

As Xi Fan was speaking, he’d turned his head towards Lu Ping: “Are you alright?”

Lu Ping shook his head. However, his expression was the same as ever; very tranquil.

“I will go clean myself.” While speaking, Lu Ping took of his blood-drenched upper garment, and casually tossed it down. It just so happened to cover the head of the horse. Then, he turned away and began to walk towards a small stream at the side of road.

The stream’s water was very clean. However, it was quickly dyed red with horse blood as Lu Ping washed his face. Without saying a word, Su Tang came beside him, took out a handkerchief, soaked it, and began to help him clean places that he’d not yet washed.

Everyone had their eyes on Lu Ping. They saw him going towards the river, saw him as he cleaned himself, and also saw him returning with a naked upper body.

Everybody was waiting. Waiting for Lu Ping to have some sort of reaction.

However, there wasn’t any. Lu Ping silently passed through the crowd. At the roadside, Xi Fan and Mo Lin had already hired a coach. The coach took off after Lu Ping had entered. It also disappeared soon after.

“You see! I already said that.” The people left behind began their discussion.

“Those were from City Master’s Mansion, and you still thought that youngster could have done something?” People were bragging about having predicted the conclusion beforehand.

“That day when he pushed Wei Tianqi, he was indeed very arrogant.” Someone said.

“Didn’t you see? That youngster at the beginning absolutely didn’t recognize Wei Tianqi. But now, he knows.”

“That’s not true now, is it? When Xi Fan informed him that he is the only son of City Master, he wasn’t afraid at all, and even continued to tease Wei Tianqi at the account of previous events.”

“However, in the end, he was afraid nevertheless.”

“Because of Wei Ming…” While speaking this name, people were subconsciously averting their heads, as if their conversation would be heard by Wei Ming. Clearly, Wei Ming’s recent action of decisively chopping off horse’s head had truly scared them.

Consequently, as this name had been mentioned, the discussion abruptly halted.

“It’s getting late, hurry up and hit the road…..”

“That’s right. We have to cross a lot of mountain roads too.”


People immediately began to make preparations while also making jokes among each other. Coach after coach began galloping down the road.

The four individuals of Zhai Feng were sitting side by side inside the coach. Xi Fan’s wheelchair was tied behind the carriage.

Almost half an hour had passed since the coach had set off, but up to now, no one had said anything. Mo Lin was carefully observing Lu Ping’s expression, hoping to make something of it. However, he ended up with no gains. Xi Fan is more versed in guessing what someone is thinking through his/her body language, however, even he was unable to make out anything about what Lu Ping was thinking at this moment. Thereupon, he can only start talking by himself.

“That was getting down from horse.” He said.1

“Wasn’t it more like killing the horse?” Seeing someone had finally talked, Mo Lin let out a sigh of relief. The recent silent half an hour had caused him to have an urge to jump out of the carriage.

Xi Fan refused to acknowledge his rubbish, and continued on: “City Master Mansion’s way of dealing things has never been this tyrannical. However, this is not because they are compassionate enough to think twice before showing ruthlessness, but rather here in Xia Feng, no one is daring enough to disobey the Mansion, or should I say the Wei family. Therefore, they haven’t been required to show their strength.”

“However, since you are acting like this…”

“Yesterday, shoving Wei Tianqi, then again refusing City Master’s invitation, and again putting Wei Tianqi in an embarrassing position; Killing the horse, is a warning for you.”

“This time, it’s horse; Next time, it will be you.” Xi Fan said everything in one go.

However, in return, Lu Ping asked a question of unfathomable mystery: “If they kill me, what would be ten times the price then?”

“Hey, hey… isn’t your focal point a bit wrong?” Mo Lin said.

“The focal point should have been me in the first place, not that horse.” Lu Ping said.

“Therefore, you think that what he did was senseless and unnecessary?”

“That’s right.” Lu Ping nodded.

“I suddenly feel a bit of sympathy for Wei Ming.” Xi Fan was speechless. Lu Ping’s way of looking at things was just too different from ordinary people. He is always very straightforward: Extremely straightforward.

This method of trying to intimidate Lu Ping by chopping off horse’s head, had turned senseless and unnecessary in the eyes of Lu Ping.

“Then, when you meet him next time, tell him about it. So that he could keep it in mind for the next time.” Xi Fan could also poke fun at people.

“I will.” However, looking at Lu Ping’s serious attitude, Xi Fan had to consider if his joke would actually create an unexpected incident. They must run into Wei Ming soon!

Xia Feng Entrance.

It is Xia Feng’s Entrance in the sense that here the road ends. After here, traversing through a coach is not possible. One can only depend on their own two legs to pass over mountain ridges. It had taken more than two hundred years to create a barely walkable mountain pathway. The Xi Feng Entrance is basically the entrance of the pathway.

City Master Mansion’s tri-horse coach was standing at one side of the pathway. After seeing the eye-grabbing family emblem, Lu Ping jumped down from the coach and immediately began to walk towards the City Master Mansion’s coach.

The coachman who was sitting in the front part of the coach also glanced at Lu Ping, and immediately jumped down. He was looking straight at Lu Ping, assuming a ‘couldn’t care less’ expression. Clearly, he didn’t hold any regard towards Lu Ping at all.

However, Lu Ping also didn’t look towards him either. After walking a few steps near, he raised his eyes and swept his gaze inside the carriage. Following which, he immediately asked: “Wei Ming?”

“On the mountains.” Coachman casually answered.

“Oh.” Lu Ping turned around, and began to leave.

“Hey…” The coachman involuntarily called out.

Lu Ping turned around and gave him a glance: “Is there some matter?”

The coachman was at a loss. What matter could he have? Was it not supposed to be Lu Ping looking for trouble, and then end up being disciplined by him? It sure was according to the scenario laid out by Wei Ming.

Wei Ming had specifically instructed him to remain there for some time and wait for Lu Ping to show up, just to probe his attitude. If his attitude is well-behaved, then it is all right. If he comes to look for trouble, then these three gallant horses of the tri-horse coach are extremely well-equipped for tooth-to-tooth retaliation. If he come looking for trouble, then……

“Discipline him strictly. Doesn’t matter, even if you kill him.”

These were the instructions of Wei Ming. And this coachman was also not just an ordinary coachman. He was also one of the twelve family guardians; Wei Meng. He was both a coachman and a guard at the same time. His realm was also out of ordinary; at least, enough to tidy up Lu Ping, in Wei Ming’s opinion.

Seeing Lu Ping come over, Wei Meng had already prepared himself for a big scene. However he didn’t expect that Lu Ping would ask about Wei Ming, and after learning that Wei Ming had already left, he would also leave on his own.

“Why are you looking for Wei Ming?” Seeing that Lu Ping had turned around, Wei Meng couldn’t help but ask.

“Apologize.” Lu Ping said.

“Oh.” Wei Meng smiled. This youngster is too shrewd. His attitude has transformed so quickly!

  1. Tl: It’s an idiom meaning an initial show of strength.

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