Chapter 38: Spirit (Part 2)

Fuzzy images of time fragments could be seen reappearing and dissolve within Fang Tien’s surroundings, these time fragments looked like clear mirrors as they reflected different eras of the past, present, and future.

If any normal cultivator had seen this they would be undeniably shocked, something like the fragments of time has only appeared in the deepest parts of the universe in the most chaotic voids where the laws of the universe were in total chaos.

Fang Tien was ignorant to all of this because his full attention was centered onto the veil as he tried to study its past.

“Why Do I feel something summoning me now?” With a vacant look, Fang Tien became even more obsessed with solving this riddle, it seemed as if the answer was something obvious yet he still couldn’t grasp it.

“If the era is too remote to trace in my current state then, what about the last owner of it?”

Empty shades of stars and heavenly bodies could be seen appearing in a miniature form around Fang Tien as his eyes shone with profound brilliance, primordial chaos qi filled the air as time seemed to distort around him.

If one had mistakenly walked into this space as the same rank or lower level cultivator they would immediately feel weaken as if they’ve aged for thousands of years the chaotic state of the space and time might even rip them to threads as the very act of viewing the past of anything was a taboo ability that even few immortals dared to do.

It was believed that Immortal cultivators of the upper realms could view the infinite river of time, but such an action was taboo and would incur karmic penalties and even true death, considering that immortals are known to be invincible and able to eternally none would ever risk something so foolish, hence the action is referred to as taboo.

As Fang Tien activated [Heaven’s sight] he braced himself for a forceful rebound, but to his surprise, there was none instead his five senses became invaded by an ancient aura of time, he felt as if he was transported to another era as the world around him changed.

Loud shouts of cheers resonated within Fang Tien ears as thousands of people could be seen kowtowing to a figure, this person wore the very same black veil he currently possed.

This seemed appeared extremely strange to Fang Tien as he had never seen such a large dense group of people in one place, what was, even more, unbelieve they didn’t appear to be mortals but all cultivators of high rank.

The owner of the veil could be seen seated on a throne within a heavenly palace as they overlooked thousands of cultivators, their aura aloof as if this sight was mundane and common. Mystical beast could be seen seated at their right and left sides their ferocious nature hidden as they laid docile watching the crowd, they seemed to be acting as guards as their eyes could be seen repeatedly scanning the crowd.

“The Deity beast Winged tiger and the world-devouring serpent as guard beast? just who is this?

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