Chapter 39: Jiang Junlin

Yuan Chen had only reached the 9th heavenly stage, but he had his own magic weapon already. This meant he had a high status in the Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect. When Situ Minglang was at the same stage before, he didn’t have any magic weapon yet.

“Thirteen Style Tempest!”

Instantly, in numerous eyes, Yuan Chen rode his Crane Horse, and wielded his long spear. Storms were sweeping over the capital of East Yue Wu. Especially the area above the palace, flags were torn apart by the violent storm. Even guarding soldiers couldn’t stand still.

“Shangxian is manifesting!”

Seeing such a vast and mighty momentum, people were extremely excited. They all kneeled down in waves. With a reverent looks, they were shocked by this unbelievable power

“Small trick.”

Although they were at the same stage, their strength was far different.

Everyone was watching. Wu Yu’s action looked slow, but was actually very swift. He grabbed the Demon Emperor Staff, holding it without removing the wrapping cloth.

“Go die!”

Yuan Chen looked very gentle and feminine, but his strikes were extremely vicious. His spear was targeting Wu Yu’s forehead, heart and other lethal areas. When the spear came, the storm was blowing violently. Even the Heaven Cloud Roc was scared.


At this time, wearing his mask and holding his staff, Wu Yu rose up suddenly. He left the roc, and became a golden light as he rushed at Yuan Chen with a terrifying speed!


The Demon Emperor Staff penetrated the storm, sweeping that magic spear away with amazing force. Then, he hit Yuan Chen’s head with his staff and smacked him away.

All this happened in just a second.

Wu Yu stepped on that scared Crane Horse and jumped back to the back of his Heaven Cloud Roc, putting the staff on his back again.

It was thought that it would be an exciting fight. Yet it only lasted as short as a breath.

Wu Yu attacked and Yuan Chen was injured seriously, falling down from the sky with shrill cries.

Actually, Wu Yu didn’t hurt him seriously. It was just a slight touch. They just met, so it was not a good time to kill. Plus, he had no issues with Yuan Chen.

If Wu Yu didn’t show mercy, he actually could’ve smashed Yuan Chen’s whole head away.


At that critical moment, Hao Tian Shangxian controlled his Crane Horse and flew forward to catch Yuan Chen before he crashed into the ground. Otherwise, Yuan Chen would have been smashed into pieces.

Although he didn’t die, what had happened was so unimaginable to tens of thousands of citizens. In their mind, Prince Yuan Chen was very powerful. He was a celestial. But obviously, that new and strange celestial crushed him with only one hit!

Neatly done.

“How come…”

“Prince Yuan Chen is just too young. That celestial who wears a mask must have been cultivating for hundreds of years. It is understandable that Prince Yuan Chen failed.”

They had to console themselves with excuses.

Now, Hao Tian Shangxian held Yuan Chen and found that Wu Yu just hit him off the Crane Horse. He didn’t hurt Yuan Chen at all. Wu Yu showed mercy, so Hao Tian Shangxian had to hold in his anger.

“Thank you for your mercy, Senior Brother Sun.” Yuan Chen paid obeisance by cupping one hand in the other in front of his chest.

Although Wu Yu crushed him, but it was too hard for him to accept it.

The whole capital was bustling. One single fight had made people revere Wu Yu.

This was a very important moment for Wu Yu.

Before, he was like other people in the capital, living in the shadows of celestials. But now, he defeated a celestial!

Becoming a celestial after killing one!

Because Wu Yu showed mercy, Hao Tian Shangxian had to swallow the resentment and accept  the damn battle result. He was boiling inside but he didn’t show it on his face at all. Instead, he was smiling, and said, “Forgive my bad eyes. I didn’t expect Sword Celestial Sun to be so awesome. You are qualified enough to be our Celestial Kingdom Supervisor.

He had to admit.

Empress Dowager Yuan Xi and Yuan Hao looked at each other. They were both a bit upset. They knew this new Celestial Kingdom Supervisor was difficult.

“Mother, don’t worry. Hao Tian Shangxian will torture him to death one day.” Arrogantly the new Emperor Yuan Hao said.

“Don’t let Sun Wudao hear you!” Empress Dowager Yuan Xi was scared. She even wanted to slap his face.

That was a celestial! It was easy for him to hear that!

Now, Hao Tian Shangxian seemed to have forgotten the previous provocation, as he spoke to Wu Yu with a smile, “Since you’ve come, East Yue Wu will rely on you. I have taken care of it for years. I’ve killed numerous demons. Now I am tired. If you don’t mind, I will call you Junior Brother. Junior Brother, I’ve already moved out from the ‘Shangtian Palace’ in ‘Shangxian Mountain’. I also had it cleaned. It is ready for you to move in.”

Wu Yu knew that Hao Tian Shangxian was living in the Shangtian Palace before. Mortals were not allowed to be there. He didn’t expect that he would give it to him so easily. Was he really prepared to go back to Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect like that?

Wu Yu didn’t want to him to leave so early.

He said, “Thank you. May I know when you will leave East Yue Wu?”

One celestial kingdom could only have one Imperial Protector Shangxian.

Although Hao Tian Shangxian was pretending to be nice to him, Wu Yu didn’t want to be close to him, in case he might feel sick of him.

Hao Tian Shangxian laughed loudly, saying, “I still have some personal things to take care of. They may take up to one to two months. During this time, I still need to tell you the situation of the demons around here.”

One to two months.

Wu Yu knew he wouldn’t leave so easily.

It was good. Wu Yu didn’t want him to leave.

At the first meeting, Wu Yu awed them and confirmed Hao Tian’s strength. Then, Hao Tian Shangxian took Wu Yu to Shangtian Palace and smiled, “Junior Brother, you can just rest here. This will be your place from now on. When the night comes, I will send people to escort you to the Royal Place. The whole royal family will celebrate for your presence. I won’t disturb you. I am leaving now.”

“I won’t send you off then.” Wu Yu had no facial expressions. But he was wearing his ‘Demon Monkey Mask’, so no one would see his face actually.

“Hehe.” Hao Tian Shangxian didn’t want to stay longer. He rode his Crane Horse back to the Royal Palace. Maybe he would stay in the Royal Palace during this time.

Wu Yu was standing on the peak of Shangxian Mountain, from where he could see the whole capital. In this position, he could clearly see Hao Tian Shangxian entering the Royal Palace.

“Mortal cities and palaces are so small compared with those of celestial sects.”

Wind was blowing on his face.

Looking at the capital, Wu Yu’s eyes were burning.

“I roughly estimated that Hao Tian should be at the 3rd stage of Qi Condensing Phase, much stronger than Situ Minglang. I can’t kill him until I achieve Qi Condensing Phase. It seems that the god has given me a big trial. I hate him so much, but I have to lurk, cultivate secretly, and endure when I am so close to him. It is really harsh.”

“But, this is a challenge as well.”

All of them didn’t know he was Wu Yu. What Wu Yu was expecting the most was the day when he could kill Hao Tian and take off his mask.

Boiling blood and anger crashed together. His resentment was as big as the sea, surging in this mountain.

“What are they going to do during the celebration feast tonight?”

“I guess I have to see Yuan Xi face to face this time.”

The past clearly flashed before his eyes. Whenever he thought of those things, he couldn’t help but sneer.

He was originally not a sinister person. But Hao Tian and Yuan Xi turned him into a devil.

Wu Yu wouldn’t be a human again until he killed them.


The biggest palace, Shang Qian Palace, was the place where the Emperor of East Yue Wu handled the kingdom’s affairs.

Now, there were four people there, Hao Tian Shangxian, Consort Xi, Yuan Chen and Yuan Hao. Even though Yuan Hao was the Emperor now, but he stayed in the corner and couldn’t say a word among the four of them.

“Father, mother, that Sun Wudao is not at Qi Condensing Phase yet, but his power is equal to it. He looks difficult to deal with.” Yuan Chen walked back and forth, and frowned.

It seemed that Yuan Chen and Yuan Hao already knew their biological father.

Hao Tian Shangxian had just returned. He waved, saying, “His strength is equal to the 1st stage of Qi Condensing Phase at most. No need to fear him. He is just a small case to deal with. Tonight, I will suppress him and give him a lesson.”

Yuan Chen said, “True. But I am worried about his sect. If we suppress him too much, he may go back to his sect for help. Then we will be in trouble.”

Hao Tian Shangxian laughed, saying, “Easy. Give him some hardships so he obediently stays on Shangxian Mountain. You are the prince of East Yue Wu, and a disciple of the Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect. We have every reason to turn East Yue Wu into a dependent kingdom of Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect. We also have reasons to stay here forever.”

In fact, Yuan Chen and Hao Tian could just go back to Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect. But since Yuan Chen has royal bloodline, and Hao Tian Shangxian had a complicated connection with East Yue Wu, they were not willing to be supervised by Wu Yu. The only way was to suppress Wu Yu and let him be obedient.

“Is there any way that we can just kill him?” Consort Xi asked.

“Stupid. The Sword to Heaven Sect is not a sect to be taken lightly. If their disciple dies, East Yue Wu will be in trouble.” Hao Tian scolded her.

Yuan Chen said, “Dad, don’t blame mom. It is actually quite easy. You can fix it. Plus, I was with Senior Brother Jiang Junlin this time. He wants some fresh air after staying a long time in the sect. As long as he is here, we can handle a ten thousand Wu Yu’s.”

“Jiang Junlin!” Hao Tian Shangxian had to swallow nervously when mentioning this name.

He clapped Yuan Chen’s shoulder and said, “The biggest surprise you ever gave me is your connection with Jiang Junlin. He is Sect Master’s son and disciple. He will be the future sect master. Yuan Chen, remember, always say yes to Jiang Junlin no matter what he wants.”

Yuan Chen smiled slightly, saying, “Don’t worry, dad. We have a very good relationship. Otherwise, he wouldn’t give me a magic weapon.”

There was a bit of sweetness in his words indeed.

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