Chapter 39: Mysterious Ancient Era

Beside the throne where the veil user was seated, Fang Tien vision focused on the two enormous mystical beasts that laid beside them.

These beast true forms were unimaginably large as the world-devouring snake was said to be able to grow the size of a small world, these beings were unfathomable at their true heights but their sizes currently have definitely been suppressed.

Fang Tien glanced at the Deity beast Winged-Tiger, This creature had the face of a Bird and the body of a tiger, two massive wings could be seen closed tightly on its back, it was believed that its wings could cover the sun and the moon, such a concept was foreign to Fang Tien as he still believed the ancient clan books to be largely exaggerated.

While this was the first time he had seen the deity beast Winged-Tiger he had already seen the World devouring serpent!

This demonic serpent had appeared within a fragment of time, seeing eating a whole city whole, trillions of life vanishing within the perpetual flow of time, such rich murderous intention and pure gluttony had left a brand mark deep within Fang Tien soul.

While the Deity beast Winged-Tiger was no pushover, it largely remained in its territory but the World devouring serpent was known as a lunatic, as it craved for fighting and had an unquenchable thirst, it’s gluttonous side was feared by all as it would wake up and devour towns and cities, overnight one might notice that their childhood town has vanished.

What was even more dangerous than its greed was its ability to escape, being inborn linked with the dao of space this allowed the World devouring serpent to shuttle back and forth between voids being almost impossible to kill.

One could imagine the shock Fang Tien would feel by seeing these two mythical creatures not only at the same time but being submissive to the same master!

“Which era is this, I’ve never seen records of a winged tiger and the world-devouring serpent appearing in the same era” Fang Tien thought aloud this had truly confused him, what type of veil could be worn by such a character? Fang Tien speculated that they must have been at the immortal rank!.

“Bang!” Fang Tien felt as if the world had faded to black before the light was restored, his vision shaken from the sudden change an immense aura covered his soul before locking onto his eyes, Fang Tien could feel as if this was caused by the Veiled figure staring directly at him.

This feeling was comparable to being crushed by the sheer pressure of the sea at its deepest levels, it was as if he was being viewed and judged by a deity slowly he felt the vision scanning everywhere inch of his body before finally stopping at his eyes.

“Oh? such strange eyes” an elusive but commanding sound resonated throughout Fang Tien’s soul, this sound carried an immense pressure and dignity as if regardless and who this voice talked to they were always the superior.

“Who?” Fang Tien asked in shock, not daring to believe his suspicions

“How are you viewing me? your distance seems so remote, I can’t find your karmic threads, very strange” This sound was very intriguing sounding neither male or female.

“My eyes can penetrate all, there exists nothing in this realm or universe that could block my vision, its almost as if you’re separated by an inexhaustible time, this feels more than a few eras away, where are you?” The mysterious sound reverberated within Fang Tien soul, obvious signs of interest could be heard in its voice as it questioned Fang Tien.

“Impossible, you shouldn’t be able to communicate with me” Fear ran through Fang Tien as his greatest fears had been realized, he had always thought of the possibility of a being strong enough to react to his existence while exploring the rivers of time but never did he think it would happen so soon.

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