Chapter 39: Wilderness Camp

Xia Feng mountains cannot be considered as too high, however, due to continuous up-downs, crossing these mountains in a short while is absolutely impossible. Regardless of what time one starts his journey, spending a night in the mountains is very hard to avoid. People crossing the mountains would usually operate in groups and mutually coordinate with each other. After all, the probability of the ferocious beasts inside the Mountain Forests hurting the travellers is definitely not low.

However, the students of Xia Feng didn’t find it challenging at all. Although, their age was small, they were cultivators after all. As long as one had even a little bit of realm, dealing with the ferocious beasts would not be an issue. Students of the first grade might have some difficulties due to their relatively low realm, however, during this journey, they could rely on their companions. What ordinary people considered dangerous, was not even worth mentioning for the students of the institutes.

Students of Xia Feng didn’t care about this problem even more so because the City Master Mansion’s delegation had numerous experts.

A short while after the start of their journey, colour of the sky gradually began to darken. Choosing a spot to settle down and spending the night inside the mountains are matters that requires preparations beforehand.

Family Guardians of the City Master Mansion didn’t forget to exercise caution even though a forest didn’t pose much problems for them.

Wei Ming carefully surveyed the surrounding region and returned back to report to Wei Tianqi. Wei Tianqi subconsciously heard it. He wasn’t paying much attention because he was very clear that Wei Ming reporting to him was only for the formalities; because he was their in-name Young City Master. His father Wei Zhong was an extremely efficient person. Although he was the son of the City Master, he’d not gone through many experiences. He was far too immature to take the charge by himself; naturally, him being the young city master couldn’t compare to Wei Ming being efficient.

“These are the surrounding conditions.” Wei Ming concluded his report.

“En.” Wei Tianqi absent-mindedly replied. He was looking towards Wei Yang. Wei Yang, who had always been covered with smiles, couldn’t smile anymore even if he wanted to. He was wearing a fastened skeletal mask, looking awkward and ugly. Neither was he able to speak words, nor was he able to produce any expressions. The only thing revealed on his face was a pair of eyes, in which, the only emotion to ever flicker occasionally was resentment.

Wei Yang was fixing a tent and other things required for their group to spend the night. Wei Ming went over to lend a hand after he’d reported to Wei Tianqi. As for Wei Ying, Wei Tianqi only knew that he existed. From the very beginning, the guy never rode in the coach with them. After walking up the Mountain Road, Wei Tianqi did see his figure several times, but it was nothing more than a glimmer. Even now, he didn’t know where that guy has ran off to.

“I am going for a walk.” Wei Tianqi, feeling a bit bored, got up and thought about taking a stroll. All around him, students of Xia Feng were preparing to sleep. He was completely familiar with the third-grade students.

“I will accompany you.” Wei Ming immediately set down his work and went to Wei Tianqi.

“No need.” Wei Tianqi immediately said. When Wei Tianqi was near Wei Ming, he always felt as if he couldn’t even breathe. He wasn’t fond of this feeling in the least.

“It would be better to be a little careful. Although nothing in these mountains pose a threat to you, however, there are some people…….” Wei Ming insisted on coming along as he reminded him.

Wei Tianqi immediately realized what was Wei Ming referring to. He looked all around him. The four individuals of the Zhai Feng were nowhere to be seen. However, looking at Wei Yang’s wretched appearance, he eventually agreed.

Wei Ming left following Wei Tianqi. However, before leaving, intentionally or unintentionally, he shot a glance in a certain direction.


Wei Ming faintly smiled.

The coachman Wei Meng was a Linked One of the Sound’s Soul. He’d already informed Wei Ming about his encounter with Lu Ping at the Northern Entrance using his second grade ability: “Sound Transmission”.

However, Wei Ming had no intention of accepting Lu Ping’s apology. Is it possible that his mistake of offending City Master Mansion could be washed clean with a single apology?


As Wei Ming was glancing towards that direction, his eyes were filled with disdain. He is clever person; what he hated the most were Morons. He had even lost his interest in taking action against Lu Ping. This kind of a moron could just be casually dealt with. He was not worthy of making he, Wei Ming, personally take action.

Sure enough, a moment after Wei Ming left together with Wei Tianqi, Lu Ping appeared in the direction Wei Ming had just looked. Su Tang was right beside him. Lu Ping quickly scanned his surroundings and spotted the eye-grabbing Wei family’s emblem on the erected tent.

Wei Yang, who had been raising the tent from inside, also happened to stick his head out of the tent and spotted Lu Ping. Immediately, his vision turned blurred with deep resentment. His right hand, which was measuring the ground, fiercely penetrated the soil and mushed a small patch of grass up to its roots.

In the end, he didn’t move. Because, he was very clear on the huge disparity between them at present.

But very soon……

His eyes, which were unwaveringly staring at Lu Ping filled with hate, were suddenly full of longing.

Lu Ping, however, only gave him a slight glance, and then started to look all around.

“Wei Ming?” Lu Ping asked.

Want to look for trouble? Wei Yang thought in his mind. He was actually very glad that Wei Ming had just recently left. Otherwise, Lu Ping would have been just casually dealt with by Wei Ming. If that happened, then who would he, Wei Yang, look for revenge?

He ignored Lu Ping. Lu Ping began to look on his own. The area was only so big; Lu Ping very soon discovered that Wei Ming was not in the vicinity.

“Where did he go?” Lu Ping asked.

Wei Yang casually pointed towards a direction. He didn’t mind playing few tricks on Lu Ping at all.

“Thank you.” Lu Ping said, and went towards the direction pointed by Wei Yang. Wei Yang truly didn’t think that Lu Ping would be this easy to trick. His only regret was that he was unable to laugh at this moment.

Lu Ping left and went along with Su Tang in the direction pointed by Wei Yang. Students of Xia Feng could be seen everywhere. They seemed mutually compatible as they walked about while joking and laughing among each other; walking amidst them, Lu Ping and Su Tang seemed somewhat odd. Everybody’s vision on them felt as if the former were looking at a ferocious beast.

The two individuals, while being subjected to such stares, made a full circle back in search of Wei Ming. However, they were unable to spot Wei Ming. Their stomach began to make noises.

“Let’s return first!” Su Tang said.

Lu Ping didn’t oppose. He wasn’t pressed for time.

Both of them returned to the camp they had prepared. It was right at the periphery. Clearly, they didn’t wish to get too close to the students of Xia Feng.

Upon returning, they spotted Xi Fan, who was seated in his wheelchair, roasting meat above a bonfire.

“Mo Lin?”

Xi Fan, who had an extremely concentrated expression, didn’t bother to look up and pointed in a certain direction with just his head.

Lu Ping and Su Tang looked in that direction. They saw there was another bonfire. However, the people seated around it were the students of Xia Feng. Mo Lin had actually blended himself amongst them. He was laughingly talking with a group of students. After spotting Lu Ping and Su Tang, he made a greeting with the surrounding students. He stood up while fastening his straw hat and began to walk towards Lu Ping and Su Tang. Those Xia Feng students were actually somewhat reluctant to part with Mo Lin. As they watched him walking towards Lu Ping and Su Tang, their faces were covered with an expression of lament that said: Casting Pearls Before Swines.1

“You also have this talent?!” Su Tang couldn’t help but exclaim in praise.

“Being able to blend anytime, anywhere, and within any group of people, is an essential trait…” While speaking, Mo Lin pointed towards himself and continued: “…for an assassin.” After saying these words, he raised the chicken, which he had brought all the way back from the other side, and blew on it.

“You guys eat. I’m more or less full.” Mo Lin said while pointing towards the roasted meat over the rack. His meaning was he didn’t require that meat. He had already eaten his fill over there.

The other three also weren’t courteous with him as they sat down encircling the bonfire and divided the meat into three parts.

Mo Lin, with both of his hands and mouth covered in grease, casually asked while munching on his chicken piece: “What about Wei Ming? Is he dead?”

“I don’t think so.” Lu Ping said.

“Why are you uncertain?” Mo Lin was puzzled.

“Because I didn’t see him.” Lu Ping said.

“You are pretty careful.” Mo Lin praised. Since he hasn’t seen, he didn’t rashly commented on the life and death of a guy, even if that guy is Wei Ming; This type of attitude…..

“I think you have the potential to become an assassin!” Mo Lin said.

“In order to convince you to kill Wei Ming, how much would money would be required?” Su Tang asked.

“Why the hell would you ask this question?!” Mo Lin immediately went on high alert.

“Just Curious!” Su Tang said.

“Oh.” Mo Lin let out a sigh of relief. Then, after a bit of consideration he said: “I won’t accept money, instead just directly die in front of you.”

The rest three laughed.

“Acting without knowing opponent’s strength? It would be better to just die straightaway!” Mo Lin said.

“Can you make out Wei Ming’s realm?” Xi Fan asked Lu Ping. He wasn’t able to determine Wei Ming’s realm. However, Lu Ping was much stronger than the rest of them.

However, in return, Lu Ping shook his head.

“In my present condition, I am somewhat lacking with respect to perception.” Lu Ping said.

“Then, in which respect are you strong?” Mo Lin said.

“Explosive power.” Lu Ping said.

As Mo Lin recalled the two collapsed Soul’s Towers, he nodded and said: “I trust you.”

  1. Idiom meaning: Not recognizing someone’s worth.

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