Chapter 4: Past,Present…Future?

“Bang!” cracks could be seen appearing within the starry sky, it was as if the skies were made of shattered glass as the sky began to fall, along with all the stars in the space.

Darkness returned to all Fang Tien Could see, it was as if all the sun, moon and stars in the sky were destroyed!

“Drip…Drip.” the sound of water could be heard deep inside the darkness, where shadows once covered there was now a speck of light shining through a tiny seed inside the darkness. soon this seed brought light to the entire world!

Golden and sacred light emitted from the seed, covering all the land and scattering the darkness. Such light seemed as if it had existed since ancient times, as if it could give hope to countless creatures, it was as if this light could shoulder all the fears and anger in the world! One look at this light would instantly purify one’s mind and dao heart, cleansing it from all evil intent.

Slowly within this holy land, a parallel world appeared in the sky, seeming to mirror the holy land, except the radiant and holy seed was now a young budding tree! this tree could be seen surrounded by numerous mythical beast with their heads lowered.

It was as if they were worshiping this tree, its light covering the whole land as a seed, seemed to have been more reserved and aloof now, its once pure and all-encompassing radiant holy light now held an otherworldly and arrogant feeling to it.

“I understand!” a spark of enlightenment flashed a crossed Fang Tien’s mind, this seed, and holy radiant light gave Fang Tien a feeling as if, not even a Du clan elder would not be able to resist it, such a light was too powerful! and it was emitted from a tree.

Fang Tien began to earnestly study and deducing this light, pondering over its true source and why it came to be, gradually he slowly became fascinated, as hours passed by, which turned into days!

“Crack!” suddenly within the holy and radiant seed world, a crack appeared below the ground, slowly space became disrupted as another world reflected below! Akin to the parallel space world in the sky this world there towered a great tree, this Tree seemed to be surrounded by countless tribes of humans and even beast alike! On bended knees as they seemed to be worshiping this great tree, Holy light covered this world, shinning eternally, this light seemed as if it had shined since the beginning of time, its light bathed all, any insect, life or object covered by this light seemed as if it would be converted, arrogantly this light seemed to cover all corners, leaving no space for any shadows.

While the radiant and holy light from the seed gave one a pure and innocent feeling this light seemed as if it controlled this world, arrogantly, as if it was telling the world “Only I alone can revere”

Time seemed to be fast-forwarded as Fang Tien saw the development of the world. The once small human and beast grew, temples were built close to the Holy Tree and over time the area became a restricted land.

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