Chapter 40: Devil Dao

In the capital of East Yue Wu, two celestials were just fighting.

Having been through this earthshaking moment, the whole capital city was like an over-excited beast, which was sleepless even in the late night.

In the streets, people were rushing about telling the news. Bustling had never stopped in the tea shops and taverns.

People couldn’t help but look in the direction of the Royal Palace with their eyes full of happiness.

The welcoming feast was being held in the ‘Tian Wu Palace’, which was the highest ceremonial honor since the establishment of East Yue Wu. Because the attendants were celestials and a  mortal Emperor, so even the maids who were serving guests were picked from the most beautiful girls, among whom, some even knew martial arts.

When Wu Yu arrived, Consort Xi, Yuan Hao and others all stood up to welcome him. It had been a long time since he was this near to Consort Xi. From time to time, his eyes fell on this beautiful-but-venomous ‘woman’.

Because of the mask, they couldn’t see his expression, otherwise everyone would see his cold look.

“You can leave.” After Wu Yu took a seat, Consort Xi waved to indicate the maid to leave. She lightly held her luxurious flagon with her pinky up. With her graceful figure, she came close to Wu Yu, poured his glass, and said, “Sun Shangxian, please try our East Yue Wu’s ‘Monkey Wine’. This Monkey Wine…”

She also introduced a lot of other things, but Wu Yu didn’t listen. After all, he was familiar with everything in East Yue Wu. He used to come to ‘Tian Wu Palace’ quite often. He was the master before, but a guest now.

It was strange that the host seat in the center was empty. Hao Tian Shangxian and Yuan Chen were sitting on each side, while Consort Xi and Yuan Hao were on lower seats. Besides the four of them, there was one more person present, Princess Wu You, who was in Wu Yu’s thoughts day and night. She was quietly sitting in the corner, looking at table.

With her beside him, no matter what would happen tonight, Wu Yu still felt at ease. This was a habit formed since childhood. She was an older sister who gave him a sense of safety.

Hao Tian Shangxian lifted his glass, saying, “Junior Brother, let me introduce for you.” Then he introduced Consort Xi, Emperor Yuan Hao and princess Wu You to Wu Yu. When he mentioned Wu You, Wu You nodded her head and made eye contact with Wu Yu.

Unlike before, her eyes were dim now. Eyes were the windows to the soul. In that moment, Wu Yu felt like her expression suddenly changed, and he knew she started suspecting his identity. He quickly looked away because he didn’t want Wu You to recognize him here.

When speaking of Princess Wu You, Emperor Yuan Hao suddenly laughed, saying, “Sun Shangxian, besides you, there will be more guests coming in a few days. They are all of high status.”

Yuan Hao was always eager to show off since childhood. But he was always suppressed by Wu Yu. He had been keeping mute for a long time, so he must be really eager to show off now.

“Oh, is there anyone competing the position with me?” Wu Yu’s eyes penetrated through the Demon Monkey Mask to Yuan Hao’s eyes. Yuan Hao suddenly felt a horrible suppression.

“That…that is…you may know East Divine Kingdom in the East Sea. This is a happy event between our two kingdoms. The Emperor of East Divine Kingdom is going to marry Princess Wu You and Princess Wu You will become his queen. He will come to pick up Princess Wu Yu in a few days with their Imperial Protector Shangxian…”


The golden glass in Wu Yu’s hand was smashed into several pieces of gold instantly.

In fact, when Wu Yu heard this news, he really wanted to use his staff to smash Yuan Hao into mincemeat.

Now, since the real Sun Wudao had departed, Wu You was who Wu Yu was now most concerned about. First, obviously, this was a political marriage. Second, he knew the Emperor of East Divine Kingdom more than anyone else. His previous army had been fighting against the pirates from the East Sea. That Jiu Shijun was a monster who slaughtered people without batting an eyelid. There were hundreds of thousands of people killed by him unjustly.

Those pirates cut off the business route in the East Sea, and even came on shore to rob and kill from time to time.

Wu Yu once swore to himself that he would kill those pirates after ascending the throne. He didn’t expect that Hao Tian Shangxian was going to marry Princess Wu You off to Jiu Shijun. They were sending her to a fiery pit.

He was extremely angry!

But another voice in his heart suppressed his anger.

That was reason.

“No matter what, I am back now. Sister will not be married off to East Divine Kingdom, and even less get in contact with this Jiu Shijun. Bad things haven’t happened yet.

If he was late a few more days, he might have to go to East Divine Kingdom directly.

Since the bad things had not happened yet, he should not let anger surpass reason. Hao Tian Shangxian was stronger than him. If he messed up and exposed his identity, not only would his life be in danger, but Wu You also would not be able to escape a miserable life.

He could never let that happen to Wu You.

“Sun Shangxian?” Hao Tian Shangxian saw Wu Yu smashed his glass, so he was confused.

Wu Yu knew he couldn’t expose himself, so he thought of ‘Atlas of the Dongsheng Divine Continent’. He deliberately spoke coldly, “This so-called East Divine Kingdom should be newly established? It can’t be a celestial kingdom. Then where is this Imperial Protector Shangxian from? As far as I know, East Sea is controlled by  ‘Devil Cultivators’. This Imperial Protector Shangxian is a Devil Cultivator?

Devil Cultivator.

From ‘Atlas of the Dongsheng Divine Continent’, Wu Yu learned that apart from Dao Cultivators and Demons, Devil Cultivators was the third dominating power.

It was said that the world’s creatures were classified into five categories: Ying, Yu, Mao, Lin, and Jie. Ying meant humans. The rest of the four categories referred to birds, beasts, fish, and insects respectively.

Apart from humans, the other four types would become demons if they had good luck. Grass, trees, mountains, stones and another other inert thing were the same, becoming demons. While those mortal humans who cultivated Dao would become Dao Cultivators — Celestials.

However, the so-called Dao could actually be classified into two types.

One was orthodox Dao, named Heavenly Dao, which was allowed by the heavens. Cultivators of Heavenly Dao could become celestials. What Wu Yu had met before was mostly of Heavenly Dao. It could be called Celestial Dao.

The other type of Dao was the Evil Dao, the Dao of Robbing. Cultivators of this Dao disobeyed the heavens in order to pursue power, regardless of morals and virtues. They could even do things against reason and nature in order to achieve power. This Dao is called the Devil Dao.

It was said that one could become a real celestial once he cultivated Heavenly Dao.

While if one cultivated Devil Dao, no matter how hard he cultivated, he would go to hell to go through numerous tortures and hardships, not returning for an eternity.

But these were stories.

In order to be powerful, some Ying creatures, which were mortal humans, were willing to cultivate Devil Dao. They lived in the dark and were very evil. Compared with demons who ate people, they were more hateful.

Cultivators of the Devil Dao were called Devil Cultivator.

There were many islands in the East Sea. It was said that on the horizon, where the sun shined the most, there were four giant islands. These four islands were as large as one-tenth of the Dongsheng Divine Continent. They were called the East Sun Islands and were the base of Devil Cultivators.

Celestial and Devil Cultivators were all Ying creatures, humans.

Demons were the remaining four types.

Devil Cultivators and demons were enemies of Celestial Dao cultivators.

So when Wu Yu heard that the East Divine Kingdom had an Imperial Protector Shangxian, he knew what it meant. The Sword to Heaven Sect and Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect were all orthodox sects. So it was understandable that when he heard the news of Devil Cultivator, he smashed his glass.

When in fact, the reason why he smashed his glass was Wu You.

Hao Tian Shangxian didn’t suspect that, but laughed, “Junior Bother, you worry too much. He is not a Devil Cultivator. Don’t overreact.”

“Good.” Wu Yu didn’t care who he is. He wouldn’t let him take Wu You away.

He looked at Wu You. Seeing her blank, dull look, it seemed she had accepted her fate. But Wu Yu knew her personality well. He guessed she must have been prepared to suicide.

“Since I am back now. I must save her.”

After a while, Yuan Chen suddenly laughed, saying, “Senior Brother Sun, I will introduce a big figure to you today. Don’t be scared.”

Big figure?

How could a big figure show up here?

In a place like here, they were big enough.

This thing did exceed Wu Yu’s expectations. But he knew this feast was never simple. It seemed they were up to something. It must be related with Yuan Chen returning home.

At this moment, Hao Tian Shangxian and the other three people all stood up and welcomed someone with a smile. Wu You saw this and hurried to stand up.

“Junior Brother, I suggest you’d better stand up.”

Wu Yu wanted to know who was coming. When he stood up, a figure arrived outside the Tian Wu Palace. In a blink, that figure stepped into the palace and became the focus of everyone’s attention instantly.

It was a tall man. His height and figure was about the same as Wu Yu’s. He wore a bright silver coat, with a beast fur cloak. On the upper area, there was a piece of fox skin, including a fox head, which leaned on his shoulder. Looking up, he had straight eyebrows, tiger-like eyes and long hair. His face was really manly and majestic. He had a dignified appearance. His every movement was regal. Although Yuan Hao was the Emperor of East Yue Wu, compared to that figure, he was like a rice grain to a bright moon.

His bright eyes were like the starry sky. His evil smile was full of aggressiveness. His big paces all screamed the word: Sovereign.


Wu Yu had cultivated the Indestructible Vajra Body and Visualized the Monkey in the Heart, so his perception was like a beast. When he encountered a dangerous enemy, he got feeling as a cat who’s hairs stood up straight. This evil and majestic young man in front of him gave him a deep feeling of danger.

“I didn’t expect that there were people like Senior Sister Su and Senior Brother Mo in the capital!”

Wu Yu was surprised.

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