Chapter 40: Night Watch

As the night deepened, the Mountain Forest regained its former tranquility. Students were soundly asleep inside their tents. The only sounds that could be heard were a few occasional hooting of nightingales perched atop trees.

Over the side of Xia Feng, some students had to be on the night watch according to the arrangements. Although the forest didn’t have anything that could pose a threat to them, however, having someone to warn beforehand would allow the rest of students to sleep better.

However, since the night watch didn’t seem too necessary, the students who had to stand guard were not particularly serious; they quickly found locations to sneakily doze off. However, there are always some people who are serious by nature and take the responsibility upon themselves.

“Hey, hey. Stand up, watch for a moment. I am going to toilet for a bit.” Qin Yuan was kicking his companion who was lying down under a tree.

“You want to go again!?” His companion was not in a good mood after his sweet dreams were disturbed. Since this was already happening for the fourth time, he was particularly irritated.

“I can’t do anything about it. I drank a bit too much of malt wine in the evening.” Qin Yuan said while stroking his belly.

Malt wine primarily uses big wheat buds as its raw material. One can’t get drunk by consuming it. Although Qin Yuan had drunk a lot of wine, he wasn’t intoxicated. However, his stomach was at the point of bursting out, which was causing him to repeatedly run for toilet after a short interval of time.

“Just go!” His companion got up and sat against the tree. His eyes were still half opened as he urged Qin Yuan to hurry up. In the end, he also didn’t complain much either. Qin Yuan had been seriously standing guard, while he had been sleeping. Qin Yuan didn’t urge him to do anything and had just merely awakened him occasionally. What could he say?

“You, keep watch!” Qin Yuan, however, was still urging him.

“I know….sigh. Just hurry up!” He reluctantly opened his eyes and watched Qin Yuan leaving. He was truly planning on keeping watch. However, just three seconds later, his eyelids once again heavily dropped down. He was unable to open his eyes anymore.

Qin Yuan walked towards the region he’d been coming during this entire night to relieve himself. He was looking all around him as he walked; Not a single one of his companions who were supposed to stand guard were in sight.

Qin Yuan felt somewhat helpless, but he didn’t entertain the thought of waking everybody up either.

‘It’s not like there is some danger involved, I, by myself, would be sufficient’.

His thinking was as such. Qin Yuan possessed third Heavenly Layer Infusion’s soul and fifth Heavenly Layer Sound’s Soul. This was very apt for the night watch. On top of that, he was also a member of Xia Feng institute’s Defense Squadron; he was duty-bound for this kind of affair.

After arriving at his familiar place, he delightedly let go while vigilantly looking all around at the same time. However, he never expected that without him being able to feel anything, he would suddenly feel an icy chillness pressing down his throat. Before he could react, a big hand tightly covered his mouth.

“If you want to live, then be good.” A voice lightly sounded near his ear. Immediately afterwards, Qin Yuan felt that ice cold object scratching his neck, followed by a sharp pain. Qin Yuan’s face immediately lost all of its colour due to fear, and he nodded at once. Following which, two men, who were dressed in black, appeared in his front; one from his left-back and the other from his right-back. The huge hand, which had been covering his mouth, was also gradually pulled back.

“We haven’t come for you. So cooperate a little; it will be good for everyone.” The left guy in his front started to talk in soft voice.

Qin Yuan’s right hand immediately covered his recently scratched neck. He didn’t dare to speak, and just nodded his head.

Thereupon, they also got straight to the point and asked: “Where is Wei Tianqi?”

Qin Yuan suddenly realized; As expected, the only son of the City Master is truly a heavy target. However, he was also very clear that he was meant to help the other side. If City Master learned this fact after the event, that certainly wouldn’t produce anything good for him.

“You have one minute to lead us. If we find there is even a little bit of trick involved…..” Ice cold dagger was once again placed upon his neck, and without the slightest hesitation, it inflicted another blood opening on his neck. As the other side saw Qin Yuan being a little hesitant, they suddenly increased their intimidation by one step.

Qin Yuan had no other choice but to lead the way for the three men.

Deliberately delay so that someone else could discover?

Look for an opportunity to give off some hints?

It wasn’t that such thoughts didn’t cross Qin Yuan’s minds; However, the other side had much deeper foresight. The time limit was set such that there would be no opportunity for any tricks. With strict monitoring on top of it, Qin Yuan had to give up on all such ideas.

He was very regretful: Why didn’t he have some principles? Why didn’t he insist on waking up all the other students who were supposed to be on the night watch. If even a single one of them hadn’t run off to sleep, then the situation probably wouldn’t have turned out like this.

Qin Yuan despaired very soon. Even the companion whom he’d woken up just before leaving was nowhere to be seen at this moment. Clearly, he’d fallen asleep as soon as Qin Yuan left.

One minute. Without delaying, without dropping off any hints, Qin Yuan lead them to the location where Wei Tianqi’s group was residing. The Wei family’s emblem was eye-grabbing even in the darkness of the night. Moreover, all of these individuals had realms in the Infusion’s Soul. For such individuals, the darkness of night didn’t hinder the line of sight at all. Qin Yuan wasn’t required to point towards Wei Tianqi’s tent; The three individuals had already exchanged a glance with each other.

One individual continued to restrain Qin Yuan while the other two moved forward at a lightning fast speed. Wei Tianqi possessed sixth Heavenly Layer Qi’s Soul, but this fact was clearly disregarded by these two individuals.

However…..something’s queer.

Qin Yuan was unwaveringly staring at the apex of the tent. The emblem was indeed that of Wei family, however, the tent wasn’t of Wei Tianqi at all! Qin Yuan could only recognize this because this tent was his family’s! The person sleeping inside the tent must be his younger brother Qin Zhen! A third grade student at Xia Feng institute like him. Though, Wei family didn’t mind mingling in the tents of other students, but why Wei family’s emblem had also made its way upon the tent of his younger brother?

Qin Yuan faintly realized something. However, at this moment, he couldn’t dwell on this. He wasn’t clear on the objective of the intruders; whether it was to abduct or assassinate. If it happened to be assassinate, then the one lying inside the tent is but his own brother!

His concern over the safety of his younger brother exceeded everything all. Without any thoughts regarding his own safety, he daringly cried out: “It’s wrong!”


Equally daringly, blood also bubbled out from his throat along with his shout. The other side didn’t lie. As soon as they felt he’d some other plans, they ruthlessly acted against him. However, the two words had already been spoken out loud. After a moment, the other side also realized that this was apparently a useful information for them. Within an instant the knife was pulled back. Although the cut was deep, but it had yet to be deep enough to threaten Qin Yuan’s life.

The individual holding the knife was about to ask the reason, however, without him being able to hear a single sound, he suddenly felt a chillness piercing his neck from behind. His eyes moved downwards and saw a portion of blade sticking out from his throat. He had threatened people in this way countless times, but he had never seen the point of blade sticking out from this point of view.

He opened his mouth, wishing to say something, however, no sound came out. The only thing that came out was a mouthful of blood. His one hand was still firmly holding Qin Yuan, but his body slowly began to move downwards.

Both Qin Yuan and the black-clothed guy fell together. Qin Yuan was covering his throat; he didn’t know how serious his injury was, and was even more unclear on what had occurred behind his body. As soon as he turned, he saw that the black-clothed man was lying next to him, with eyes wide opened. There was a hole in his neck, from which, blood was still slowly flowing out.

Beside their bodies, a shadow flashed past and charged straight ahead to kill the other two black-clothed masked intruders.

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