Chapter 40: Universal World War!

“Oh? why is that, why shouldn’t I be able to communicate with you?”

” You don’t need to tell me, I just have to view your world and time through your eyes” The elusive and commanding tone resonated throughout Fang Tien consciousness.

As an intense feeling of danger covered Fang Tien his Vision once again shifted, what appeared before his sight was a scene of a boundless universe, countless worlds could be seen scattered throughout it, beings could be seen roaming throughout the galaxy as creatures as large as stars drifted about.

Within particular space scenes of war and bloodshed could be seen, as countless broken limbs littered the void, a world could be seen in a state of destruction as parts of it completely destroyed and ruin drift about in the outer reaches of space.

This scene was terrifying to look at, multiple worlds could be seen destroyed, even rips and tears in space that seem permanent, chaos could be seen everywhere as rivers of blood seem to flow throughout the universe.

In this Chaotic void, a lone figure could be seen, surrounded by countless cultivators, within these countless cultivators one stood out, as he was donned in Holy golden aura, his existence seem bring Hope and strength to cultivators and mortals alike, it was as if his presence was the strength that held their world together.

His sacred aura radiated throughout this chaotic and blood-filled space, purifying every cultivator’s mind, his holy aura seemed to cover the universe as he shone like a beacon of hope in this desolate and turbulent universe.

“Its the Supreme saint of the world Orifiel!”

Cries and cheers resounded throughout the crowds of the universe, life had been brought back to this colorless world it was as if the universe rejoiced at the sight of the supreme saint.

“Why have you ravaged our universe and destroyed countless worlds in your warpath with no end?” A gentle voice resonated throughout the universe, reaching every world and cultivator and mortals ears.

It was the voice of the supreme saint!

within an area in the universe, a veiled figure could be seen standing atop a colossal serpent this snake appeared as large as the stars as it shuttled within the void. large amounts of blood qi trailed behind this figure as a river of blood filled corpse could be seen flowing behind them.

Haunting cries resonated through the void as if coming from the rivers of corpse this scene was terrifying to witness.

As the supreme saint voice resonated throughout the world the Veiled figure could be seen looking up with a sneer it replied ” Do I need a reason to conquer by killing your world? Subjects of this universe this Empresses has decided either surrender or be suppressed and killed”

“Any nonsense protector or Deity you believe in shall be executed, as I alone shall be revered”

An elusive sound boomed in the hearts of each being, regardless if one were young, old, just born or even a weak mythical beast this sound resonated within the hearts of every living being.

This voice carried such arrogance and a commanding tone as if every word spoken was law and the only universal truth, rather than allowing one to decide for themselves this voice seemed to be full of tyranny as multiple mortals and cultivators not being able to handle the pressure brought forth kneeled and worshipped towards this sound.

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