Chapter 41: Bone Flame

It was good that Wu Yu suppressed his anger. With that man here. If Wu Yu started a fight in the capital, he would have probably been killed by now.

Apparently, he was a genius from Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect.

“Senior Brother Jiang, please take the seat of honor!” Hao Tian Shangxian and others welcomed him with respect. Yuan Chen even walked before him, showing him the way. They looked at each other and smiled. Then that tall and big Senior Brother Jiang walked to the central seat and Yuan Chen followed him…

“Pour some wine.” He commanded Yuan Chen with his attractive voice.

“Yes, Senior Brother Jiang.” Yuan Chen slightly smiled.

Pouring and drinking.

“Sun Wudao, let me introduce for you. He is the disciple as well as the son of Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect’s Master, Jiang Junlin Shangxian! You should extend your greetings!” After the man arrived, Emperor Yuan Hao became arrogant, and even called Wu Yu’s name directly. His eyes were full of aggressiveness.

No wonder he was so majestic. He was the son of Zhong Yuan Daoist Sect’s Master… His status was higher than Su Yanli. At least, Su Yanli had no blood relations with Feng Xueya.

Yuan Hao’s words reminded Jiang Junlin. His starry eyes looked at Wu Yu, saying, “You are the disciple sent by the Sword to Heaven Sect to supervise East Yue Wu. It is funny that those stubborn masters of the Sword to Heaven Sect even accept a disciple who doesn’t use swords.”

Talking arrogantly like that, it was of course because his status was higher than Wu Yu.

But Wu Yu had the Sword to Heaven Sect behind his back, so he didn’t need to fear him or be humble. He said, “Senior Brother Jiang Junlin, I’ve long been looking forward to meeting you. As for which weapon I am using, that’s my personal thing.”

Now that Jiang Junlin was here. It was more difficult for Wu Yu to take revenge!

Wu Yu had be strong enough before he could kill Hao Tian and Consort Xi.

Seeing Wu Yu was tough, Jiang Junlin laughed, asked Yuan Chen to pour some ‘Monkey Wine’ for him, and looked up at the decorations of the ceiling. He put out a finger, laughing, “Recently, I cultivated a Dao skill named ‘Bone Flame’. It is very fantastic…

While speaking, his finger suddenly pointed at Wu Yu.


Suddenly, an unbelievable thing happened. A wave of cool blue flame coming from nowhere started burning on Wu Yu’s skin, from chest to legs, arms, and head. In a second, Wu Yu was almost swallowed by the cool blue flame. More horribly, the flame was not only burning his skin, but also numerous sharp flame spikes stabbed into Wu Yu’s body and tried to worm towards his bones.

He had a premonition that once the flame stabbed into his bones, he wouldn’t be able to get rid of it for the rest of his life.

This was the ‘Bone Flame’

On their first meeting, he used a Dao skill to attack him. Obviously, he wanted to suppress him. Luckily, Wu Yu’s Indestructible Vajra Body had the strongest resistance against fire, so that ‘Bone Flame’ didn’t pierce his skin.

But luckily he didn’t use his full strength. If he did, Wu Yu would not have able to resist.

Hua La!

When Wu Yu was clenching his teeth to resist the ‘Bone Flame’, Hao Tian Shangxian played a technique. He drew a water dragon from a nearby pool. The water dragon crashed against Wu Yu, making Wu Yu look like a drenched chicken.

He was soaked in water.

The mortal water was not able to put down the ‘Bone Flame’ at all. But at this time, Jiang Junlin took back his finger, and the ‘Bone Flame’ was put out.

The fire and water messed up the whole ‘Tian Wu Palace’. But the most messy one was Wu Yu. Although he was not injured, he was gravely insulted.

“So sorry. I just learned it. I lost my control of it. fortunately Hao Tian summoned the water dragon in time and put out the fire.” Jiang Junlin said lightly.

Hao Tian Shangxian laughed, saying, “Junior Brother Sun will understand it. After all, your Dao skill is really powerful. No one can control it perfectly. It is normal that accidents happens. Of course, this has relations with where you stay. If Junior Brother Sun stays on the Shangxian Mountain and do not meddle in East Yue Wu’s affairs, then our Dao skills won’t hurt you accidentally, right?”

He said their intention indirectly. Obviously, they were asking Wu Yu to leave East Yue Wu alone. Even though he was the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor, he had no right to meddle.

With Jiang Junlin’s Dao skill and Hao Tian Shangxian’s hint, Wu Yu should understand what to do next.

“Sun Wudao, my brother Yuan Chen has just returned now and he is going to stay here for a long time. Although you are the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor, but I don’t think you will try to make them leave. You know how to behave properly, right?” Emperor Yuan Hao laughed. Now he didn’t fear Wu Yu anymore.

They were all waiting for Wu Yu’s response.

Wu Yu’s body was hot. His body heat quickly dried out the water. He picked up his staff, looked at Jiang Junlin, and said, “I understand. My intention is to concentrate on cultivation. Since Yuan Chen is the Prince here, you can certainly stay in East Yue Wu.”

He Stopped for a while, and said, “If there is nothing more, I am leaving.”

Empress Dowager Xi laughed , “Shangxian, you will be lonely on the mountain. How about I arrange a few beauties for you?”

Yuan Xi’s words were the most annoying. She actually wanted Wu Yu never to leave the Shangxian Mountain.

“No need. Goodbye.”

Wu Yu turned around.

“We won’t send you off!” Emperor Yuan Hao thought they had given a lesson to Wu Yu, so he felt very satisfied. But he was still not mature. He was very excited and even wanted to laugh out.


Burning shame.

Wu Yu went out of Tian Wu Palace, rode on his roc, and flew away.

In the night wind, he cooled down and organized his thoughts.

“Jiang Junlin’s appearance was out of my expectation. My revenge is more difficult now.”

“Today, they suppressed me because they didn’t want me to be the Imperial Protector Shangxian. Hao Tian Shangxian didn’t want to leave at all.”

“But I don’t want them to leave.”

“Maybe I can take revenge after Jiang Junlin leaves?”

This was too long for Wu Yu.

Today’s ‘Bone Flame’, insult, and Yuan Hao’s arrogance were all stuck in Wu Yu’s mind. This experience only made Wu Yu resent them even more.


The most difficult thing was not the revenge. If it was just revenge, Wu Yu might be able to wait. It was never too late to take revenge. But he was worried about Wu You.

Now, Jiu Shijun and Imperial Protector Shangxian were coming to propose the marriage. With Jiang Junlin and Hao Tian here, it was really difficult to stop it. If he didn’t stop the marriage, Wu You will be miserable!

“Hao Tian, Consort Xi, Jiang Junlin!”

“And East Divine Kingdom!”

On the Heaven Cloud Roc, Wu Yu clenched his fists. He was so anxious now.

“The most urgent thing is to stop sister’s marriage to East Divine Kingdom.”

Before he left, he saw that Wu You was going to leave too. She should be back at Wu You palace soon. Wu You Palace was in his path on the way back to Shangxian Mountain. So he decided to stay in Wu You Palace to wait for Wu You. For the next few days, he won’t go to Shangxian Mountain but stay in Wu You Palace.

“Now i’m facing a big difficulty. I can’t lose my temper. Once I make a small mistake, everything will be ruined. Sister’s life and happiness depend on me. I must be calm.”

“Maybe, I should discuss with her…”

Actually, in his first 15 years, Wu Yu did many things only after discussing with Wu You. She often had better solutions.


He suppressed his anxiety and turned his direction to Wu You Palace.

At this time, he smelled something rank.

“This is not like shit or piss, nor decaying animals bodies. It’s a beast…it’s a demon!”

He smelt it!

In a corner of the capital.

After confirming it was a demon, Wu Yu laughed.

“Demon! Demon snake! Wan Qing!”

Wu Yu didn’t know Wan Qing’s identity before, that she was actually a demon. But now…

Wan Qing didn’t hide in the palace but wandered in the capital. Obviously, she was going to do some evil. In these past years, there were so many people that went missing in the capital. So many wronged spirits! How could he forgive that!

“Wan Qing…”

Wu Yu lowered down the roc, and got off from it. He let the Heaven Cloud Roc go back to Shangxian Mountain alone. He became a golden light flying through the streets in the capital.

“Closer, closer…”

The nearer the demon was, the more Wu Yu wanted to kill him.

Even hiding behind his mask, people could still feel his killing intent.

Now, it was the late night.

Such late at night, only some whorehouses were still lit up. Wan Qing’s smell was right in that direction.

“This is demon qi..”

When Wu Yu reached Celestial Transformation Phase, he was able to smell the unique smell and aura of demons. It was rank, evil and made people manic.

Ka cha, ka cha.

Around the corner of the intersection ahead, he faintly heard the sound of a beast walking.

Demon qi was everywhere.

“Snake tail!”

Wu Yu saw a giant snake tail going into the dark.

He found it.


That demon snake Wan Qing was completely unaware of Wu Yu’s arrival.

When Wu Wu approached behind her back, her giant snakehead was about to devour a drunk man.

“Wan Qing.”

Wu Yu took off his staff from his back and stood behind her. In this position, he could clearly see her scales.


The demon snake shivered when she heard her name. She was in her original appearance. Only few people knew she was Wan Qing. She turned around, and saw Wu Yu.

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