Chapter 41: It Would Be Better To Straight Up Die

Qin Yuan was collapsed on the ground. He was unable to speak or move; as if he’d lost all of his strength along with his lost blood. He felt himself on the verge of death. However, even in such dire conditions, he was somehow astonished. Even though his life was endangered, he was in shock; because the shadow was truly too quick.

He merely saw a flash and the shadow had drifted past him. The shadow seemed like the dark night; being anywhere and everywhere in the darkness.

In the blink of an eye, the shadow arrived behind the other two masked men. They hadn’t even completely turned yet.

Everything had happened so quickly that by the time Qin Yuan and the black-clothed man had collapsed, the shadow was already behind the other two masked men.

As soon as they turned their necks, they were greeted with a flash streaking across the darkness of night.

In addition to being quick, the shadow was decisive, precise, and its every movement seemed precisely calculated beforehand. Neither was anything superfluous nor deficient; everything had been accomplished with perfection.

Along with the flash, blood sprayed in the air, and one of the two black-clothed men collapsed before even being able to completely turning his body.


The word valued the most by the City Master Mansion is ‘Efficiency’. No matter what they do, they always emphasize the ‘efficiency’ heavily. This, of course, includes killing as well.

Within an instant, among the three black-clothed individuals, only one remained alive. And that was only because the City Master Mansion required him to be alive. If not, he would have also suffered a similar fate. It wasn’t difficult for the shadow to take care of him with another strike.

The shadow finally stopped its movements after all of this. He was wearing black attire as well and had his face covered. He was standing still, extremely still; as if the night itself.

Although everything happened extremely quickly, no one made any sound except for Qin Yuan shouting that ‘wrong’ word. No one else was disturbed. Everything was quiet except for a few occasional hoots of nightingale birds, just as before.

The last black-clothed man suddenly found himself surrounded. Two more individuals appeared from nowhere and blocked his right and left paths.

Wei Ming and Wei Yang; The black individual recognized these two. They matched with the intelligence he’d received. However, the third guy, who was also dressed in black like him, was not mentioned in the intelligence at all. This one link, which was completely out of expectations, caused the complete destruction of their plan. They didn’t even have time to speculate on what was going on. Two strikes and two dead bodies; the efficiency of killing was truly frightening.

“You….are….Wei Ying…” Black-clothed individual’s voice was coarse. Their intelligence on the City Master Mansion was extremely detailed. They even knew Wei Ying, about whom even Xia Feng institute’s Dean, Baliyan, had never heard. The only thing they didn’t know was that the former would also be here.

This lack of knowledge was undoubtedly fatal. Wei Ying had absolutely no interest in entertaining his doubts.


At this point, a somewhat weird sound echoed. It seemed as if something was bumping against the ground; however, the weird part was that the sound seemed to be getting closer at a very fast rate.

A group of four individuals appeared soon after; three males and one female. Among these, one was sitting in a wheelchair. The sounds just now were produced due to the wheelchair.

The group had not approached too close yet. Very soon, they stopped and looked towards the tent. The guy with a straw hat pointed towards them and said: “See, this is precisely what I said when we were eating. Rashly acting without properly knowing opponent’s strength? Straight up dying would be better than that.”

The black-clothed individual had an extremely miserable expression; this straw hat guy’s words were extremely true. Their today’s fail was due to not being completely aware of the opponent’s strength.

’ Straight up dying would be better’, this was a pretty good suggestion. However, did he really have no other choice but to take this step? He certainly didn’t come here with the determination to die. If even a trace of a chance at life exists, he was willing to strive once again.

Just at this moment, a few noises could be heard coming from the tent behind.

The black-clothed man quickly saw his opportunity; he turned his body around, stepped forward, and reached out with his hand. This instant, he was equally efficient, as City Master Mansion’s Wei Ying was a moment ago. Qin Zhen, who was still drowsy, didn’t even have the time to ask what was going on before he was taken as a hostage.

“Wu……Wu….” Qin Yuan was struggling on the ground. Due to his windpipe being wounded, he couldn’t speak no matter how he tried. Blood was continuously flowing out from the opening between his fingers that were covering the wound on his neck. His eyes were filled with hate and desperation.

Just now, the black-clothed man had been surrounded. Wei Ying, Wei Ming, and Wei Yang, the three experts of the City Master Mansion had cut off all of his escape routes and had been keeping a close eye on his every movement. However, when the black-clothed man rushed to take Qin Zhen as a hostage, they didn’t even budge from their positions.

Every single one of them had the opportunity and the ability to obstruct the black-clothed man. However, none of them did anything; they only watched as the black clothed man took Qin Zhen as a hostage.

Because they knew that the person inside the tent is not their young master Wei Tianqi. The emblem of Wei family appeared on the tent, because, they had deliberately done so.

When they decided to substitute Qin Zhen for Wei Tianqi, the former’s life was possibly being subjected to danger; but they didn’t even bother to make a sound about it beforehand. When Qin Zhen was subjected to danger, they had the opportunity to intervene, but they didn’t even try to move from their positions.

Since they didn’t intervene, they naturally won’t have any concern for Qin Zhen’s safety now. And because Qin Yuan was extremely clear on this point, he was feeling anger and despair. Yet he couldn’t do anything, not even say something about it. He could only powerlessly struggle on the ground.

“No one moves!” Although the black-clothed man knew that the hostage was in no way Wei Tianqi, it ought to be a bargaining chip at least. This gave him some hope for survival.

“Moron.” Wei Ming said with a disgusted face. This guy thinks he could hold some random guy as a hostage and make the City Master Mansion listen to his arrangements? This kind of thinking, in Wei Ming’s opinion, is utterly moronic; so moronic that it disgusted him.

Completely ignoring the black-clothed man, he began to stride forward.

“I said, no one moves!” The black-clothed man once again shouted loudly. The dagger in his hand, which was pressed against Qin Zhen, sliced the latter’s skin. The black-clothed man himself was also a very decisive man.

Wei Ming coldly laughed; He didn’t even feel like talking to such a man. He continued on without the slightest of hesitation.

Qin Yuan was desperately looking all around. Then he saw Lu Ping and the rest. At this moment, he couldn’t bother about the identities of them; they were his sole hope as of now. Unable to speak, he could only plead them with his eyes.

“He wants us to help the guy.” Xi Fan was indeed an expert in reading all kinds of expression.

“Guys of the City Master Mansion don’t care about the hostage at all.” Mo Lin said.

Thereupon Lu Ping moved forward.

“Hey…” Mo Lin shouted. For Lu Ping to move forward so rashly, was no better than what the individuals of the City Master Mansion were doing. The desperation in the eyes of Qin Yuan intensified even more.

“Stop!” The black-clothed man was desperately shouting. His eyes also had an expression of desperation; because, he’d discovered that the hostage under him didn’t hold the least bit of importance. Without any better options, he waved his dagger to kill Qin Zhen. However, the movement he made with his dagger was too big. Because he still hadn’t given up. He’d subconsciously made a bigger movement so as to provide space for the other side. He was hoping that the other side would call him to stop at this point.

Xi Fan didn’t miss any of his expressions. He immediately recognized his thoughts.

“Wait for a moment!” Xi Fan immediately shouted.

For the black-clothed man, this shout seemed to be sent from the heavens. In the end, he’d won…..

However, he suddenly discovered that this shout was a complete fake; because the very next moment a fist rushed at him.


The fist was very quick and very heavy.

He was thinking about getting rid of the hostage in his final moments, but found himself already flying away from his hostage.

Wei Ming?

No, it wasn’t Wei Ming. Wei Ming was still walking towards him. Wei Ming also intended to act. Of course, not for the sake of Qin Yuan; he was just doing what he’d originally intended. However, in the end, the fist turned out to be extremely quick; the black-clothed man had no chance to guard against it. He felt that even if Xi Fan hadn’t yelled, this fist would have been sufficiently quick to obstruct him from killing Qin Yuan.

Who was it?

He turned his head and was once again astonished when he saw Lu Ping. ‘Just a moment ago, this youngster was so far off, and yet his fist has struck me the very next moment? In the end, how many experts has the City Master Mansion brought along ? Who is this guy? I don’t have a single clue…..’

However, this fist was truly heavy. He felt as if his entire body was exploding apart. He heavily fell upon the ground without a single ounce of strength left in his body.

He saw Wei Ming increasing his speed he as approached the former. He was very clear on what awaited him next. He recalled the previous words of the guy in the straw hat.

‘Straight up dying would be better.’

Dying would truly be better than getting captured alive by the City Master Mansion; directly dying would actually be a blessing.

However, he suddenly discovered that he was even unable to take his own life, because, he couldn’t lift his hands. A single fist of Lu Ping was so heavy that he wasn’t even able to kill himself.

As expected of the City Master Mansion; a fine method indeed…..

He gave up all hope. However, as if making one final attempt in his desperation, he looked towards the youngster in front of him and pleaded:

“Kill me.” He said.

“All right.” Lu Ping happily accepted his request and reached out with his hand to choke his throat.

The black-clothed man never expected that Lu Ping would respect his request. Isn’t this blessing too abrupt?

“Thank You…” He happily said from the bottom of his heart.

“No need.” Lu Ping said as he applied strength through his fingers and snapped his throat.

“What are you doing? Who allowed you to kill him?!!!” As Wei Ming saw Lu Ping applying strength through his fingers, he suddenly lost all of his previous elegance and advanced to stop Lu Ping while furiously shouting. However, by the time he arrived, the man had already taken his last breath.

“He.” Lu Ping, however, replied Wei Ming’s question by pointing towards the corpse.

“Lu Ping. Come over here.” Su Tang’s voice came from the other side. Lu Ping immediately ignored Wei Ming and left hurriedly.

“What do you understand! idiot; moron. Who asked you to interfere? Who gave you the authority?” Wei Ming was still angrily cursing. His anger was naturally justified. This was his meticulously arranged plan to make the snake come out of its hole. He was originally expecting to catch a guy alive and then follow the vine to find the melon. However, he didn’t expect that his plan would be slashed apart by Lu Ping, and his final captive would be killed.

“I will deal with you later!” Wei Ming fiercely glared at Lu Ping’s retreating figure once, but then quickly resumed his original cool. Although the guy was dead, who said they couldn’t dig out any clues out of the corpse. He still had to take care of an urgent matter; he didn’t have the time to bicker with Lu Ping at this moment.

“You two, protect the Young City Master.” After reminding Wei Ying and Wei Yang, his figure immediately disappeared into the darkness of night.

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