Chapter 41: Universal World War!( Part 2 )

Separated by countless space, The supreme saint and the veiled figure could still communicate easily, their every word thundering above the skies, it was as if the heavens were talking as mortals and cultivators within each world shivered in fright.

“Extremely ignorant, I’ve Long since heard of your sins, you travel across cosmos conquering and laying waste to universes killing countless souls as you do.”

“You’re also known as the Lunatic Empress, do you know who’s universe you’re invading, why not wash yourself of your past sins and begin anew?” with a calm and reprimanding tone, the supreme saint sounded as if he was teaching a child who behaved badly his holy light shining throughout.

A strong smell of blood slowly invaded the air of the countless cultivators surrounding the Supreme saint, this bloody smell seemed to appear out of thin air

“My Sins? who decides what my sins are? there doesn’t exist a being that could judge my actions,”

The Lunatic Empress said.

“Your universe creator, I heard it was the world tree? even if it were reincarnated to its peak state I would same suppress and kill it, what thing is the world tree to my Dao of slaughter?” The Lunatic Empress chilly voice reverberated, chills running down the spine of each creature.

“I can foretell of a grim future for you if you continue to carry this out nothing good will com…mhmm?!” the supreme saint could be seen looking into the starry sky in surprise as a black abyss appeared within the once void space.

“And I can foresee your death” a chilly voice resonated from Within the abyss, inside a light shone, but one would later realize that this light was actually a great pupil, this eye gazed at the countless cultivators as if it was a God viewing its subjects.

“Haha, Oghis a feast!”


Sounds of laughter could be heard as a tear the size of a star appeared within the space, followed by a colossal serpent as it slid through the crack in the space, a veiled figure could be seen on top of the enormous serpent.

This serpent appeared to radiate a chilling aura as its shiny black scales seem to absorb all light, its blood-red eyes piercing to look at as if they could swallow one’s soul whole, standing erect on its forehead a large horn could be seen this horn seemed incomparably sharp as if it could penetrate the greatest of shields, its great length towered overworlds as it looked greedily at them as if looking at its next meal.

Standing on this great mythical beast a figure could be seen this figure seemed neither male nor female as their body was covered in a large black cloak, even though its face was covered by a black veil it seemed to look down upon the world with the same eye that appeared within the abyss, bloody mist filled the space as a large river of blood filled with countless corpses flowed behind them the figure.

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