Chapter 42: I Helped You

Many students began to wake up at this point. They were completely stupefied as they saw the two corpses.

“What happened?” They began asking around.

At this moment, Qin Zhen was collapsed on the ground. He hadn’t been subjected to any injury, just some intimidation. Although he was a Perceiver, until now, he’d only been cultivating inside of the institute without any worries. Even though he wasn’t clear on what future awaited him, this time’s encounter of brushing against death was too abrupt for him. The moment the black-clothed man was punched by Lu Ping, his legs gave away and he collapsed on the ground.

However, soon afterwards, he spotted his elder brother collapsed nearby. Although the latter’s eyes were filled with a gratified expression, he was clearly suffering.

“Elder brother!” Qin Zhen’s body was still shuddering, but even he himself didn’t know where he had obtained the strength from as he rushed towards his brother rolling and crawling on the ground. As he got closer, he became even more frightened. Qin Yuan was completely immersed in a pool of blood; his face resembled white paper and his lips were constantly shuddering. It looked like he wanted to say something but was unable to produce any sounds.

“You don’t need to worry.” From the side, Xi Fan conveyed Qin Yuan’s thoughts by looking at his lips and expressions.

“Since when can you interpret like this as well?” Su Tang said to Xi Fan.

“Ah…..This is my speciality….” Xi Fan said.

“Don’t worry! He won’t die!” Mo Lin was crouched beside Qin Yuan. In his right hand was a corn he’d taken out of nowhere. While chewing on it, he pulled Qin Yuan’s right hand away from his neck with the other hand and checked the latter’s wound.

“Lots of rest and lots of water, and he will be fine, right?” Su Tang asked. Clearly, after the incident of Su Tang’s injury last time, no one believed in these words of Mo Lin anymore: ‘One who can poison can also heal.’

“I think drinking water won’t do, no? It would leak out from this wound!” Mo Lin said.

“Can you be a bit serious?” Su Tang said.

“Which part of me doesn’t look serious to you?” Mo Lin said.

“What are you holding in your right hand?” Su Tang asked.

“Corn? Do you want to eat it? Then just take it.” Mo Lin, as if being impatient, passed the corn towards Su Tang. Su Tang, deciding to ignore him, looked towards Lu Ping who had just arrived. Although Lu Ping also didn’t know anything about medicine, his random words would still make her feel a hundred times better than relying on Mo Lin.

“You guys have anyone who knows about medicine over your side?” Lu Ping asked Qin Zhen.

“Hey hey….” Mo Lin felt deeply hurt. Everyone is so distrusting towards him; he’d just made a mistake once, no?

“N….no we haven’t..” Qin Zhen was extremely panicked. He took a while before answering Lu Ping’s question.

Soul’s Power was not for the battle purposes only. However, in order to differentiate occupations according to the Soul’s Power, the minimal requirement was the realm of Linking Of Souls. Linked Ones chose the occupation that corresponded best to the ability they trained in, or they chose the occupation and then bitterly trained in the ability that was required for that occupation. However, all the students of Xia Feng were in the realm of Perceiving of Souls. This phase for them was akin to learning the basics. Hence, it was unlikely for the students to possess abilities related to the medical field. However, the students who were predetermined to pursue this field might have some relevant knowledge.

“I will go and ask Lu Qing.” Qin Zhen, who had already denied a moment ago, suddenly sprang to his feet and sprinted away to look for the guy.

More and more students were waking up. The nights in the mountain forests were tranquil, but this wasn’t the case at this moment. Students were discussing the incident in groups of three or five, though no one dared to approach the corpses. Even though some students did dare to advance, they were immediately stopped by a strict gaze from either Wei Yang or Wei Ying. After carefully inspecting the three corpses for any possible clues, the two of them were giving a meticulous report to Wei Tianqi who had finally come out.

Wei Tianqi was absent-mindedly hearing them speak, as he did during Wei Ming’s report. Most of the time, his gaze was fixed on the seriously injured Qin Yuan. After hearing the report, he didn’t comment anything either. Because he knew, the only power he possessed was that of being aware of the situation.

“What happened to Qin Yuan?” He asked. The report surprisingly didn’t include a single word about the guy who had been seriously injured as a result of all this.

“He led the assassins, and moreover, after looking at our arrangements, he even tried to warn the assassins.” Wei Ying said.

“Our arrangements, huh?” Wei Tianqi looked towards the emblem that originally should have been upon his tent. He wasn’t aware of these arrangements at all, but he knew Wei Ming certainly would have a very good justification as to why he hadn’t been informed. And as before, he wasn’t fond of this feeling in the least.

However, the only thing he was displeased with was this feeling, nothing more. He didn’t find anything inappropriate with these arrangements at all. He was the successor of the City Master’s position; his safety obviously exceeded everything else.

“So?” He continued to ask.

“The possibility of him being a spy cannot be ruled out.”

“Don’t you guys know that this tent actually turned out to be the tent of his younger brother by chance? The reason why he warned the assassins is obvious, no?” Wei Tianqi said.

“That may be so, but the possibility still can’t be ruled out.” Wei Ying said.

“That’s true. In that case, what did Wei Ming tell you to do?” Wei Tianqi asked.

“Closely monitor his actions.” Wei Ying said.

“Very good. I am going to monitor him a bit.” Wei Tianqi said and began to walk towards Qin Yuan. Wei Ying and Wei Yang exchanged a glance and didn’t stop him, though, they did follow closely behind him. For them, the safety of the Young City Master came before anything else.

Many students had been gathered around Qin Yuan; as they saw Wei Tianqi coming towards them, they immediately moved aside.

Qin Yuan looked at Wei Tianqi; he didn’t bother to conceal the hatred in his eyes at all. Even though his younger brother was finally safe, but this could not change the fact that this guy had completely disregarded the safety of their younger brothers and sisters. Qin Yuan felt that he was definitely going to die in a few moments; at present, he wasn’t afraid of anything.

“Everybody move!” At this moment, Qin Zhen’s voice sounded from outside the group surrounding Qin Yuan. Eventually, he was successful in finding Lu Qing and bringing him back. Lu Qing was an extremely ordinary student of Xia Feng institute’s third grade. He didn’t have any special achievements with respect to Soul’s Power, however, he was a son of a doctor, and moreover, he was also determined to carry his father’s legacy. Therefore, he was relatively knowledgeable in the medical field.

However, as they came out of the crowd, they saw Wei Tianqi standing in front of Qin Yuan and calmly speaking:

“I will not blame you.” This was the first line that came out of Wei Tianqi’s mouth. Afterwards, as Wei Tianqi saw Qin Zhen coming out of the crowd, he pointed towards him and continued:

“After all, he is your younger brother. Your mentality of not wanting any harm coming his way; I can totally understand.” Wei Tian continued.

“However, did you lead the way for these assassins?

“Because your life was in danger, you decided to betray others without any hesitation?”

“It’s still not that bad since I have special protection; however, what if some other fellow student was in my place? Wouldn’t he have died already at your hands?”

“That is true….” Some people amongst the crowd, under some unfathomable thoughts, actually made sounds of agreement.

“If it had been us, we truly would have been killed by now, right?”

“Qin Yuan truly is…”

Apparently, some people were deeply aggrieved; not because of his injuries, but because of his actions.

And the rest of the students, who didn’t share these views, did not dare to say anything and persevered silently.

However, Qin Zhen couldn’t endure anymore. The person collapsed on the ground was his elder brother of flesh and blood. The latter was on the verge of death and yet had to face such comments of other people?

City Master’s son? Influence of the Wei family? Completely disregarding such things, Qin Zhen was about to rush forward.

However, someone’s movements were much quicker than him.

A fist!

Bringing along an extremely intense air turbulence and a whistling sound, a fist was aimed straight at Wei Tianqi’s face.


Wei Tianqi was only able to produce a frightened shriek. He’d never expected that someone would actually try to hit him. He thought about dodging, but in his flustered state, he was unable to move his legs.

Fortunately, a shadow timely covered his front. Wei Ying’s movements were always very quick and very precise.


This was the explosion due to the punch. As Wei Ying was stopping this fist, his figure fiercely shuddered. He hurriedly took a step back and stabilized his figure. Behind his body, Wei Tianqi only felt a strong current of wind grazing past his cheek, immediately followed by a sharp pain. He moved his hand to check and surprisingly found that his face was covered with blood stains. Just the wind of this punch had actually scratched his face.

Lu Ping?

In his opinion, apart from Lu Ping, it was impossible to think of a second person who would dare to hit him. However, after his vision made its way past Wei Ying’s body, what he saw was a girl with a furious face.

Su Tang!

The one who had swung this fist was Su Tang!

Wei Tianqi was astonished, so was Wei Ying. Apparently this girl had Strength’s Soul sixth heavenly Layer; she was just a Perceiver so how could her fist be this powerful? The right hand he’d used to resist her fist, and afterwards, the right leg he’d used as a support to stabilize his body, both were somewhat numb.

Su Tang withdrew her fist, and her expression was also much more tranquil than before.

“I am helping you!” She said to Wei Tianqi behind Wei Ying’s body:

“If he’d acted instead of me, you would have already been dead.”

The ‘he’ she was referring to was obviously not Qin Zhen. Behind Su Tang’s body, Lu Ping was also very eager for his turn!

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